1337 postz


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1337 postz

I ju57 [email protected] to 7311 3v3ry 1 how 1337 7hi5 po57 i5

yes my friends, for post number 1337 I will once again taunt the forces of "1337ness" everywhere.

history of 1337 speak (1337 speak is evil)

the first known instance of numeric writing was in ancient Rome. Greek slaves were used to tutor roman children but were not able to talk freely with one another. The greeks used mathmatical code to send messages to one another. The link to math is my first evidence of evil.

During World War 2, the ****s tattooed numbers into the jews. what many don't know is that these numbers contained key information about the person much like a bar code does. Thus, 1337 speak has oppressed the Jews.

Even more recently terrorists have been using text messaging to coordinate attacks. Take a wild guess what they are writing their messages in.

Haxors in *edited for crowbar* are the current group to weild 1337 speak for the forces of evil.

Hence, 1337 speak is evil.

Post your own reasons why 1337 speak is bad.

If you want to verify these statements read them here

Or check out this referance

or look here
l33t speak is evil because everytime I read it I becomes dumber. Thats why I stopped playing D2, I was on the verge of retardation


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its stupid because you have to spend all that time reaching over for the 3's and and pressing shift + 2 for the @'s when you could otherwise type normal and not look like a fool while at it.


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1337 speak makes me want to gouge my eyes out with unsharped pencils.

General thought process while reading 1337:

"1? Is that supposed to be an 'I' or an 'L'?"


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1337 is stupid because nothing good happened that year. Some cows were raised, some fedual lords went to war, some peasants died of the plague. Stupid boring year. Now 1336, that was a party year...


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masterazn said:
My pants just broke because of that.

*naked man runs by with officer hot on his trail.
"Who was that, did you see?"
"It was a naked DUDE! I didn't look!"
"you protecting him is just as bad as if I wasn't trying to catch him"
"fine, but I'm still not going to tackle him"