105 Countess Runs 1.10


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105 Countess Runs 1.10

1.10 Countess Runs

SET A (41 mins) 56 runes

1 eth
2 shael el ort
3 nef
4 el eld
5 el dol
6 ith ort
7 tir
8 thul eld
9 tal nef
10 eth
11 el Io
12 amn ral
13 sol
14 amn tir
15 el el eth
16 eld nef
17 el ral
18 ort el
19 el el tir
20 el el eld
21 tir
22 tir thul
23 eth nef
24 ral nef
25 el ith nef
26 eth
27 tir tir
28 tir
29 tir
30 tir ort

SET B (43 mins) 64 runes

1 ith
2 tir nef el
3 eld eld ral
4 el
5 el mal
6 el tir tir
7 thul el eth
8 tir eth
9 el el eld
10 el tir tir
11 ral tal
12 eld dol
13 el ort thul
14 el eth amn
15 tir ort
16 tal amn
17 ral
18 tir ral el
19 eth
20 eth ral
21 el
22 amn
23 tir tir eld nef
24 el
25 tir tir
26 eld thul
27 ort
28 amn ral
29 tir nef
30 el el amn

SET C (19 mins) 27 runes

1 sol
2 amn
3 nef
4 tir eth dol
5 tir eth
6 el tir ral
7 eth eth
8 el el
9 el ith tal
10 thul fal
11 tir
12 tir hel
13 lum
14 nef
15 el el

SET D (18 mins) 22 runes

1 el ort
3 eld
4 tal fal
5 tir
6 nef ral
7 tir
8 eth
9 el ral
10 el
11 eth ral
12 sol
13 el tir
14 eld ith
15 el el

SET E (18 mins) 29 runes

1 ko
2 el dol
3 thul hel
4 nef thul
5 eld lum
6 el thul
7 ral ort amn
8 eld
9 el tir tir
10 eld tal
11 tir sol
12 eld tal
13 eth fal
14 el
15 tir thul

RUNS : 105 runs
TIME : 139 minutes (1 minute and 19 seconds /run; including load time)
TOTAL : 169 runes (1.6 runes/run)

SUMMARY: From Sol to higher runes

Sol = 4
Shael = 1
Dol = 4
Hel = 2
Io = 1
Lum = 2
Ko = 1
Fal = 3
Lem = 0
Pul = 0
Um = 0
Mal = 1


Settings: Players 1

Character: Chainlightning/Orb Sorceress
Weapon: Isted Oculus; Lidless Wall
Weapon Switch: Lvl2 Lower Resist Wand; rhyme grim shield
Other Gears: +skills; +FastCastRate

Sorcs are best for countess running mainly from her
teleport skill, and a mercenary is mandatory for tanking.

Countess Runes Finds 1.10 (Unlisted runs before above; about 100+ runs, >200)

(Below Io were not listed)

Io = 3
Lum = 2
Ko = 1
Fal = 1
Lem = 3
Pul = 2
Um = 0
Mal = 1
Ist = 1

So... Its up to you guys to do some countess running,
I summed up my running to help you to decide,
since legit runes are in demand nowadays :D

BTW, in 1.09, i found an ist and vex from the countess,
Maybe thats the motivating factor why i also run in 1.10.
And also to provide a concrete analysis on her.
It was all found by my javazon. About 200+ runs.
No teleporting.. just +run/walk :D
But I assume you know how much smaller the tower map
in 1.09 than in 1.10.

Crazy Runner Guy

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Very nice data, and the first of its kind in the SPF. my recent finds have been an Ist and Pul, but nothing else above lem.



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So after two-plus hours, what rune are you able to cube out of all those beauties? (Assume you have all gems you need.)


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Ive looked up the drop probabs on each rune, but anyway is it just me or does everyone seem to think that of all the mid-level runes, Lem seems to drop a lot less - above data - Lem=0. Ive only ever found 2 Lems, but a lot more Um's


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MF doesn't matter when running countess correct? So maybe switching to PvP able gear, my sorc will be able to run her without pheer. :scratch:


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I play a trapsin without teleport so my runs take alot longer. However, I have noticed that I pick up as many runes on the way down to the Countess as I do facing the Countess.


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tentpeg said:
Ist + 2 Mals = Gul
ummm... actually, i think that in the 2 hours he kept track of the rune drops, his highest rune was a mal, but the highest he can cube is 3X fal => lem... his highest rune he can cube after an undetermined number of countess runs in 1.10 is 2X pul => um. he did manage to find one ist and one mal though w/o any cubing.


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Kyrandia said:
I thought all higher rune-cubing recipes were ladder only, or am I missing something?
on the realms its ladder only, but in SP you can do every thing execpt kill uber diablo..
if somethign is ladder only, SP can do it as well, that only refers to realm playing.
and i meant to ask, why did you do 105 runs? was that a counting error, or on purpose?


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Hmmm, for running the countess 105 times, spending 139 minutes in the most monotomous play you can imagine, I find the rewards a bit disappointing. I think that if you spend the same time repeatedly clearing the flayer jungle (on players 8 if you're powerfull), you might find even better runes (and jewels, charms, uniques).


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Hmm, I've picked up 2 Ums from countess as well but I've never seen a Ko, or a lum off her. Countess runs also take longer for me since I kick every barrel I see on the way to her. Good analysis, I'm just disappointed at the "low" number of thuls, shaels, and amns since I use them most often for cubing. Just cubed a lum completely from thuls. :lol:


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cryist said:
on the realms its ladder only, but in SP you can do every thing execpt kill uber diablo..
Dude! now you tell me :lol:
This opens up a whole new world of possibilities :idea:


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lol! That is why SP is pwnage - no ladder seasons, no Hacks (if you don't want them - millions of them if you do however), and everything minus the Annihulus (sp!) charm