101 Hell Countess Runs


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101 Hell Countess Runs

So, I decided to document the results from 101 hell countess runs, during these runs I lvled from 80-87. Please keep in mind that I included all runes that dropped during a run in the tally, not just what the Countess dropped. It took me 2 weeks to finish these runs, and after doing almost nothing except countess for 2 weeks I can safely say that it's not worth it to run just her. However it is worth it to run down and kill her occasionally. About navigating the tower, all left hand turns seems to get you to lvl 5 the fastest 95% of the time.

1. El
-Shako; Suicide Branch; Nokazan
2. Tal
3. El, Thul, Eld
-Cathans armor
4. El (best run so far)
5. Io, Eld
6. Ral
-Warspear Gothic Staff
7. Ral, El, Eld
-Langer Brasier
8. El
-Dangoons Teaching
9. Dol, Tir
10. Tal, Eth
-GC +1 Combat Skills (pally)
11. Thul, Tir, El
12. Amn, Nef
13. Ort, Ort, Amn, Eld
14. Eld, El, Ral
-Rare Tiara +2 druid skills, 8%LL, 24%CR
15. Dol, Nef, Nef
16. Eld, Amn
17. El, Eld, Ith
-Griswolds Heart
18. Tir, Tir
19. Eld (got bored in this game so I did the malus quest, the armoror was kind enough to drop nothing)
20. Ort, Tal, El
-Woestave (ick)
21. Eld, El, El
22. Tir, Ort
-Aldurs Jagged Star
23. Nef, Amn
24. El, Eth
25. Nef
26. El, Ort
27. Tal
28. Lum, Ort
29. Ith, Tal
30. Amn, Dol, Eth
31. El, El, Eld, Tir
32. El, Thul
33. Ort, El
34. Tir
-Blue ammy +3 P&B skills 10% FCR
35. Ith, Ral, Eth
-Trangs Wing (chest in tower cellar lvl 5)
36. El, Ith
-Sanders Gloves; GC +1 lightning skills (sorc) 24% extra gold; Rare Gloves +1 passive/magic skills, 20% FR, 11% PR 20% IAS
37. Ort, Ort, El, Tir
38. El, El, El (New best drop ever!)
-Deathspade Axe; Hand of Blessed Light Divine Scepter
39. Tal, Eld, Eld, Tir
- Tals Mask; Angelic ring
40. El
-Manald 4%; Cathans mask
41. El
42. Tir, Nef, Amn
- Cathans ring
43. Nef
-Angelic armor, Death sword
44. Eth, Eld, Ort, Ith, El
45. El, El, El, El (new best drop ever!)
46. El
-Blood Crescent Scimitar
47. Tir
48. Tir, Ith, Eth
49. Tal, Tir
-7%mf sc
50. Eth, Amn
-The Patriarch Great Sword
51. Ral, Ith
-Bloodletter, The Ward
52. Nef, El, Ral
-Rattlecage, Sigons gloves, Tarnhelm Skull Cap
53. Ith
55. Amn
56. Nef, Eld
-IK boots; Zakarums Rune Scepter
57. Eld
-Rare +2 WC, 14 Energy, 16 mana, +5 all resists, half freeze, poison length -75% ammy
58. Eth
59. Pul
60. Tir, Tir, Tal
61. Tal
-Cleglaws sword
62. Tir, Eth, Thul
-Cathans Ring
63. El
64. Eld
65. Ort, Ith, Eth
66. Tal
67. No rune again, bogus
68. Ral, El, El
-Endlesshail Double Bow; Venomward
69. Amn, Nef
-Whitstans Guard
70. Amn, Tir
- Plague Bearer
71. Ral, El
-Green Crowbill
72. El, Tal, Tir
-Gore Shovel; Sigons gloves
73. Ral, Eld
74. Eth
75. Eld
76. Sol, El
77. Eth
79. Tal, Tir
-Isenhart Armor
80. El
-Arcannas Flesh; Haemosus Adamant Cuirass
81. Ral, Thul
-Haemosus Adamant Cuirass (these things must be failed isenhart rolls or something) =[
82. Nef
-Green Crowbill, Ichy Crossbow
83. Tal, Ith, El
-Sanders Wand, Cleglaws sword
84. El
-Razortine Trident; Berserker Helm
85. Tal, Tal, Ral, Ral, Nef
86. Amn, El
-Rare Jewel 6 max damage, 23 max sta, 28 CR
87. El, El, Tal
**. Amn, El
89. Ort, Ith, Eth
90. Amn
91. Lum, Amn
92. Eth
- Crescent ammy, Ichy Crossbow
93. Tir
94. El, Eld
95. Eth
96. Ith
97. Shael
98. Tal
99. Nef, Eth
100. El, Dol
101! Hel

Finally over, look forward to 101 Hell Andy runs.


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Wow, when I read the thread title I wondered how long that must have taken you... I doubt I would have had the patience. Thanks for the info, now I know that doing Countess runs isn't good for me. :lol:


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Wow, congrats on the effort!

You will find that Hell Andy is much more likely to drop nice items. In the many times that my friends and I run by her she tends to drop a bit better than the Countess.

Unfortunately, her rune track record is not as good...


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having helped in about half thoes runs all I can say is yippee thier over. The good thing about andy is it takes a whole lot less time to reach her. Looking forward to those results. :) .


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annr said:
your first run you found a shako? awesome cool:)
Yeah it was actually on the way there, think it dropped in either cold plains or black marsh. Just got a Gheeds from Andy, 19th run, 118/15/38. ^^


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Good job! I'm looking forward to the 100 Andy runs. I think you'll get better results, as far as equipment is concerned. I'm also curious, how much magic find are you using?

Finally, if I need an El or and Eld rune, I know where to go!



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At the start of the runs almost no magic find, now using around 280 on switch. But resists drop down to 50's, so I try to only do it on bosses.
Hmmm... I think I'll do 100 Andy runs and see what happens. I just did about 15 alternating drops with a BO bard (my sorc isn't good enough to tele solo in Hell) and the only good things were Wizardspike (which I gave to Matt) and Dwarf Star (which the barb got). I tink I have 262 MF.


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Then there is always Mr. Meph. On my first 13 runs with my new sorc he dropped andariels visage, arkain valor (+2) natures piece and a bunch of lesser uniques.


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I was there when the 4 EL's dropped.

At that point I asked, why don't we just do a game in normal?

Also Tral's Cantor dropped from on of the armor stands. AnubisXy was happy to add this to his collection



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So if I disregard the other items you found there (or on the way there), I see:

Pul, Lum, Hel.

Wow, I'm glad I've only done 1 hell countess run (for quest, dropped really poorly). Several nightmare runs (25+) and nothing better than Ral, although my friend got abou 5 amns in the same number of tries (in NM).

I've heard that NM countess is more productive than Hell countess, because she's safer/faster, and the odds of her dropping the mid-runes (i.e. higher than Ral, but lower than Lum, etc) are about equal to hell countess. Hell countess CAN drop higher, but it doesn't mean she WILL.

I think a far more productive way to get runes is rush character to NM hellforge, or even hell helforge (if you have a character to swing the hell rush). NM hellforge has basically dropped all my best runes. (I'm still working up to mule farming Hell hellforge).


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Looks like you could have stopped after the first two runs and not missed much...




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Believe me, i tried to talk him out of doing more like after 20. Anubis is a very stuborn man. A great person to play with but very stubborn.