100% Dmg goes to mana?


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100% Dmg goes to mana?

Hi Guys!

Hi tought about an idea:

What about maxing Energy and get like 3k mana:
then use items to reach 100% damage goes to mana or near it:

fort(25 fcr great deffense and res)
tal belt..

and more..

then using energy shield at high level u will get no hits

for shield: pheonix to gain mana fast and

Insight merc?

any thoughts?


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Re: 100% Dmg goes to mana?

No, not possible. Reason:

DTM works AFTER every other modifier. Meaning if you have 95% ES, you will have to have 2000% DTM to fully regain mana. If you in addition have resistances, it gets even higher: 8000% for a sorc with 95% ES and 75% resistances.

DTM gives you mana back based on actual damage you took. Since ES cuts most of it down, there is almost no damage done to you -> almost no mana regained.


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Re: 100% Dmg goes to mana?

I think you're misunderstanding how dtm works. If for example 10% of the damage you recieve goes to mana, you don't actually get damaged less. you just gain extra mana. if a monster hits you for 200 damage, your life drops by 200, and your mana is healed by 20. So dtm doesn't increase your surviving skills, only helps you regain mana