100 countess runs: yet another unique thread


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100 countess runs: yet another unique thread

ok, i know it is getting old, but i will post my stats anyhow.
(this is the continuation of my older thread, so no i haven't found another Mal rune, that is still the same one)

countess 1-100
el: 34
eld: 38
tir: 17
nef: 15
eth: 21
ith: 8
tal: 10
ral: 7
ort: 8
amn: 5
shael: 4
thul: 9
sol: 3
dol: 4
hel: 6
io: 3
lum: 1
ko: 1
mal: 1
total: 195 runes

I was not taking notes of the rest of the drops, especially because part of them were not dropped by the countess (including a mighty el rune dropped by one of the carvers). I remember finding an IK Maul, War Travs, Goblin Toe, bunch of rare rings and amulets (very few useful though), and a number of other things i had perfectly no use for, but had pretty colours.
The last 40 or so runs were done with a very nice map seed and they were going really really fast.
All in all, I think for someone like me with very little runes, running the countess is sort of worth it, since i still dont have enough shaels or crafting runes (sols for ex. for blood rings) and those can be realistically found. It's probably a waste of time for people who have been collecting runes for a long time.
What i need the most at this point is a Pul (upgrading), and she didn't drop that, but i guess i can't be too unhappy with the stats above anyhow.


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countess is great to get runes for crafting, especially rals, amns and sols. you'll get some semi rare runes too, and some nice uniques. and if you're patient and lucky, she will dropp you an ist or even two...

countess is fine :thumbsup:


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ok...you not gonna' believe that. after posting i decided to do a few more...and on run #123 another mal drops!
of course i would be happier with a pul...but still, wicked luck, isn't it?


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Don't say that its getting old bro. I live off of these threads. This is what gives me the motivation to do it myself. My sorc did one experimental countess run last night. I am not ready to run her yet. My sorc is only level 68 right now. 8 More levels and my merc can use the Reapers Toll I found.

In the attempt I made last night, I had to use a LOT of evasive manuevering to keep from getting swarmed and killed. My sorc has 125% FCR, so they couldn't touch me, but when I stop to cast....well thats when things start to get hairy. My merc can't hold them back yet. He is wearing Duriels shell, Blackthorns mask and some rare pike right now.

Keep up the runs, and maybe by the end of this weekend I will have my own data to add!

Thanks for taking the time to keep notes and posting them, and congrats on the new MAL rune!


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Chimaira said:
Congratulations:) That is indeed wicked luck...You go girl!

Are you going to make an Ist??
Likely, yeah. I can't think of anything to do with a Mal without having even more high-runes, and an Ist would be cool. Either for my mf-ing purposes or making a delirium helmet. I would really like to try how the confuse effect works with a ranger merc. (or possibly a bowazon if i ever start one)

Oh and whoever told me it would take me 3k runs for my first Ist...well...here it is!:)

And btw it does not really take time to make the stats. I just count the runs and throw the runes into a separate atma stash. than i count them when i am done.