100 bestselling PC games


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100 bestselling PC games

Linked here is a list of the 100 most bought PC games since 2000, compiled by NextGen. Surprise surprise(/sarcasm) at what is in the top 5, but damn did it ever get whooped by The Sims.


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I read the first page, and wow, those are some obscure games. I didn't continue because I didn't see a link for the last page. What a terrible design.


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Many of those I haven't heard of, probably heard of 25-30 out of 100. I've only played like, 6 out of 100.


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LOL d2 pwned WoW? and d2 got pwned by THE SIMS? I always found the sims an idiotic game... omg, go have a REAL life. Anyone noticed the garbage even after nr.22(?) Counter-Strike? SpongeBob`s dont-know-what, train simulators and stuff like that. Max paine and AoMythology well deserved tho imo.


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Ze Site said:
Here are some notes on how this list works.

* Stats, ordering and research: thanks to game publishers, retail analysis sources and NPD data.
* Games are ranked by units sold; then by revenue generated. This tends to favor games released earlier, rather than later, and games which have spent a long time at a lower price point have also done well, but we wanted to reward longevity and popularity across all audiences, not just hardcore.
* In the event of a tie, games are then ranked by 'most recently released' and then by Gameranking average review scores. Special thanks to Gamerankings, just for being an exceptionally well produced resource.
* Games are ranked according to the highest selling SKU only. Otherwise the list would be full of sports iterations and big brand spin-offs and sequels. In the case of a single intellectual property being used in multiple genres of game, however, each genre’s top SKU will be represented – we want to reward taking risks with IP.
* Compendiums of disparate older PC games and shoveled shareware are not included in the list either, as we feel their success does not reflect any interesting or useful market data.
* 21st century precursors or sequels are included under the 'franchise sales' but do not affect overall placing.
* This list is for the U.S market only.
* This list only features games released since January 2000 for Windows PCs.
* Other Franchise Hits qualify if they use the same IP or character in broadly the same genre, and if they managed respectable sales of (roughly speaking) above 100,000 units./li>
* Franchise sales include sales of top selling sequels and predecessors.
* Revenues from subcriptions are not taken into account.
Only games since Jan 2000 (felt sure that D2 was before this, but that may just be my lunch), and in the case of HL2 does not include sales through Steam (and also thus much of EP1 sales no doubt) which explains why it is beaten by Doom3. Still, Blizz really kick butt in that top-10, even if it is pwned by The Sims (which is mainly because it is the only game to ever appeal to US women on the mass market). Also, US sales only, but I am not sure that makes a huge difference in terms of the placings, just the hard numbers (given that SC is still a no-no due to it being pre-2000, aswell as Civ2 etc).


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ael said:
LOL d2 pwned WoW? and d2 got pwned by THE SIMS?
A) WoW is a niche market game. MMORPGS have probably the most specific player base of any type of game, whereas Sims attracted nearly everyone.
B) Sims has 4 YEARS MORE of sales than WoW.

B also explains why D2 beat WoW. And A explains why Sims beat D2. So there you go.


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That page navigation is annoying. A one-page list with hotlinks plz. Yeesh.

P.S. If this included the money made off monthly fees I'm pretty sure WoW would annihilate all of them.

LonghornRob said:
since 2000
I lost interest right there.

Well, that's not really true - this is just populism so it was never going to be very revealing. Heaps of legendary games didn't do that well - Underdogs 4EVA!

LonghornRob said:
Surprise surprise(/sarcasm) at what is in the top 5, but damn did it ever get whooped by The Sims.
Cross-demographic appeal, my friend. That's why Titanic is still among the highest-grossing movies of all time.

Stoutwood said:
What the hell? Starcraft isn't on there but WC3 is?
Starcraft = 1998. Yes, it's that old.


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According to wikipedia, there have been 3.5 million copies of StarCraft sold worldwide as of 2006 (1/3 of those being in South Korea).