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10 Things I Hope Stay in the Diablo Series

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by ScooterMcGee, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. ScooterMcGee

    ScooterMcGee IncGamers Member

    Jul 14, 2006
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    10 Things I Hope Stay in the Diablo Series

    1. Runes/Runewords/Gems... As long as duping isn't prelevant :( NO ENIGMA PLZ, they could even combine Runes/Gems for a Rumword(wow i'm a loser for coming up with that)
    2. Ethereal Items... Amazing idea imo, a useless item being amazing because of #1
    3. Set Items... I'm assuming this is a given, hopefully they can be balanced more, in terms of worthyness of a multitude of sets.
    4. Chance on Hit Procs... With updated graphics these could be a thing of beauty as long as they aren't worthless. Imagine a HFT proc that wasn't worthless and on updated graphics, leading me too...
    5. Uber Trist... I loved it sorry :) I love the way it was done too. Would love Keys to drop of random unique bosses. Think of the possibilities they could come up with now.
    6. Useful Mercs... I liked D2's idea, they could make it even better and expand upon it.
    7. The Cube... Makes crafting not really crafting. Love all the stuff it does. They can even make it better.
    8. Gambling... Expand on it a little more but there nothign like gambling an amazing item. Leading too...
    9. Decent Randomized Loot... I actually would like Uniques to be great not subpar to runewords etc. But I like the idea of finding a Amazing rare with mods. I like the mod system, hopefully they can keep it and update it so we don't feel like u need to be Runeworded up, I like the idea of not having the have all item. But I do want uniques to worth using not just a few.
    10. Diablo... Game's named after him he's got to be a Boss fight(sorry was kinda running out of things need 10)

    There's a ton more I can't pull out of my head atm, that I hope make it into the game... There is also a few things I hope don't cough... Enigma... cough.

    Feel free to add anything:)
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  2. Thunderchild

    Thunderchild IncGamers Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Re: 10 Things I Hope Stay in the Diablo Series

    1- The randomness of things. However I would suggest restricting this randomness to places that are worth exploring.
    The maggot lair was damn annoying and for no good reason, same goes for the flayer dungeon.
    Make it hard, make it huge- that's all fine by me, but keep it interesting- make me want to keep at it.

    2- Character customization. Personally I loved all the colors and stuff, your avatars could look cool. However I think that they can do a better job- a good proof of that is the ancients- the red, flaming sword wielding dude was quite awesome.

    3- The druid's elemental skill concept- I just loved it. It's all a matter of making it useful. Ooo and the summons too! only thing is they sucked hard in D2

    4- Tristram and the old cathedral has to play some part in this, along with the original music... ahhh, Nostalgy

    5- The mage from D1, without a doubt.

    6- The large open spaces- like the bloody foothills, the jungle of Kurast... just make it less a maze and more a large open space.

    7- Mini quests- more of them(like the butcher from D1, or the tower in act 1 D2). Maybe making dozens of random ones, that can be found in specific difficulty levels and places... spicing up the game and adding to the re playability.

    8- poison damage- but there's no need for the whole screen to go green, and I hope they turn it into something usable. In D2 it simply didn't cut it.

    9-The cinematics rocked.

    10-Runewords/charms/gems- but in regards to runewords... please, I implore you, quality over quantity. The amount of useless runewords was quite immense. And those that were worth anything were insanely hard to get.

    *- just as a side-note, I see no merit in the whole ethereal thing. Just plain annoying

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