1 pt Armageddon


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1 pt Armageddon

Ok hi all i dont post much but i wanted to introduce myself first...i have been playing Diablo 2 since its release date (or day after i cant remember) with only minor lulls in game play despite one rather long tenure playing other games. I have tried many builds (23 now, not all finished) but this one build is bothering me. Its a Fire Druid here is the plan:

Str: 156 (for SS:cry:)
Dex: (Max block?)
Vit: Remaining
Eng: None


20 Firestorm
20 Fissure
20 Volcano
1 Armageddon
1 (18 at lvl 87) Molten Boulder
10 Dire Wolves
1 Grizzly
1 Oak Sage
All Remaining into Molten Boulder until maxed and then into Dire Wolves
7 in Perquisites


Hoto/+2 Druid Skills club on switch Mang Song’s/Arioc's Needle
Ravenlore(Fire Facet)
StormShield(Fire Facet or Pdiamond?)
Upped Vipermagi(Res Jewel)
Upped Magefist
Arachnid’s Mesh
Waterwalks/Res Boots

I play single player only and i dont trade because i dont want duped runes and such, everything i have i have found except my only 2 SOJs (when i first started they were GIVEN to me). Also i only went with 1 point in Oak Sage (dumb and die too fast) and then pumping up Dire Wolves for my Grizz. This will also lead me to have very low life when my oak sage dies but i will have max block and pdr. So on top of any suggestions you may have I want you to let me know if you think that i 1 point Armageddon with the synergies listed and the plus to skills be worth the meager 6 point investment...mind you i dont expect it to kill but rather supplement my total damage.


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Ok come on Druid experts i could use your help...side note: if i dont get armageddon i am going to add the points into molten Boulder(2) and Dire Wolves(4) to pump up the obvious and my Bear...also not sure what to use in between Fissure cast, i want to use firestorm but the stupid casting delay ruins that and artic blast is too weak and mana intensive Tornado and Twister are oppositions but in that case i should still get the Armeggedon


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if u use it just to suplement you shouldn't use it at all.....armageddon is a do or die skill.........if you don't synergyze it it is a waste........


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but it will be synergized...it will have all synergies at lvl 20 except Molten boulder (at 18 until i level past 87)


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I'd pump up the summons to have stronger minions.

good luck and good hunting!