1. paintball 2. tanks 3. ???? 4. profit!!!


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Oh I dunno, I sorta enjoyed the thrill of getting shot a dozen in a half times from people all around me...though the prospect of hunting down my prey while surrounded by enough armour that it can stop bullets and shells is intriguing.:scratch:

If only they had that here...

From The Article said:
The first attempt blasted a ball into orbit. Jez lost sight of it after a mile-and-a-half when it passed the church spire. It also sent a small potato through the sound barrier. Over time, he calmed it to a legal and relatively modest 200mph


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I am always thinking of ways to spice up my local field, but this is a bit over the top. However, my brother has consented to give up his old, busted Blazer so we can make it into a tank. I have seen a few tanks, and I know that this (http://cdpaintball.com/) field has some, but I havn't seen anything on this scale. I'd love to be there.


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There was a paintball field over here that used to do a two day, non-stop, war game, and they had a few cars with mounted paintball guns. I never actually participated (only played paintball a few times), but it sounded cool.