[1.14d SC no mod] Massive ISO


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It seems like trading is very slow on this site so I wanted to make one post with all the things I am looking for! If you have any of them please post and I am sure we can figure something out! I have an almost complete holy grail sorc so I have every unique besides Tyreals might, Deaths fathom, Earthshifter, and mang songs staff! I also farmed Baal to get my sorc to lvl 99 and rerolled the GC's so I have plents of awesome GC's--none are perfect mods except one stupid 15 all res. But I do have some decent life skillers or frw/fhr and I also have plenty of res charms. I also craft blood rings/belts/gloves and caster ammy/boots so I have something for everyone!! (Besides runes I have very few and I need them lol)

ISO: deaths fathom, p rubies, p ameths, a decent grifs helm, cold skiller with fhr/frw/decent life, any cool crafted gear or jewels. I am a collecter so if you have any decent rares or high stat items, please post up! I want to get some trades going so really just post wug!

FT: As said before, please just lmk what you want besides high runes. Of note tho, I have skill GC's with good mods in almost every tree, Deaths web, grif helm, coa, bk rings and soj's, dungos, a medium roll of eth treks, shakos, occy, 40 mf chancies, a medium roll gheeds, 49 mf war travs, an andy helm non eth 10/29 with an open socket, and many crafted items. Just post the kinds of things you are looking for and we can try to make it work!

Please if you have any of my iso or just something cool or high rolls that a collector may want!

Thanks everyone :)

Edit: I believe I may use the RWM but I'm waiting on a response
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I play 1.14d also and use gomule. I also use the RWM. I couldn't tell from your two trade posts if you use it or not.

I just found a Death's Fathom a couple days ago, though. I surprisingly found my first Death's Fathom after playing this game for a million years and don't yet have a lot of easier to find gear that I need for my blizzard sorceress. I lost all my old single player stuff from a hard drive crash, so I don't have much time put into my new go at it yet :p

If you are wanting to trade with someone who uses the RWM, let me know.