[1.14d SC FAM] ISO Zon items


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[1.14d SC FAM FTS]

ISO rare/magic items with these charges:
Inner Sight (1)​
Amulets(18)[30/6], Amazon Weapons(18)[30/6], Circlets(18)[30/6], Gloves(50)[20/4]
Multiple Shot (6)​
Amazon Weapons(18)[30/8], Bows(18)[30/8], Crossbows(18)[30/8], Gloves(63)[20/4]
Charged Strike (18)​
Amazon Spears(33)[60/5], Spears(33)[60/5], Gloves(68)[20/3]
Freezing Arrows (30)​
Amazon Bows(50)[30/4], Bows(50)[30/4], Crossbows(50)[30/4], Gloves(94)[20/2]
Wraith Claw
Leather Gloves
Defense: 42
Durability: 11 of 12
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x254850e1
Item Level: 58
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+40 Defense (Based on Character Level)
Cold Resist +18%
Fire Resist +7%
20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 2 Inner Sight (25/25 Charges) <------------
I took a look through my stashes, and couldn't find much with these charges. Anybody have some lying around that they'd trade?


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[1.14d FAM]

here are some items I do not need

     Hailstone Claw
     Defense: 23
     Durability: 23 of 24
     Required Level: 42
     Required Strength: 60
     Fingerprint: 0x49f147f3
     Item Level: 82
     Version: Expansion 1.10+
     +45% Enhanced Defense
     Lightning Resist +26%
     Poison Resist +15%
     Half Freeze Duration
     24% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
     Level 3 Inner Sight (27/27 Charges)     

     Bramble Finger
     Defense: 28
     Durability: 24 of 24
     Required Level: 55
     Required Strength: 60
     Fingerprint: 0x2931aa08
     Item Level: 87
     Version: Expansion 1.10+
     +20% Increased Attack Speed
     +77% Enhanced Defense
     +39 to Mana
     Cold Resist +13%
     Repairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds
     Level 3 Multiple Shot (27/27 Charges)


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Sweet @drmalawi! I knew I'd seen Multi on gloves before, but I probably had just gotten rid of them. I could certainly use those. Can I send you some pgs for them?

The Inner Sight, I am hoping to find something lower level than mine (42). The numbers above in parenthesis indicate ilvl, right? Any idea how low req lvl you could get for each one?


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@DiabloTwoinDC Pgems will be just fine :)

I guess you can get those charges on any kind of glove. Perhaps you could gamble?

I will keep an eye out for the other charges, I am doing LK this week and possibly next week too.

What is the time-span for your project, when do you think you will start?


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Good idea. I will try some gambling. Time frame is looong.. probably wont start for 6+ mo. Im sure it will be a multi-year project.


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Good idea. I will try some gambling. Time frame is looong.. probably wont start for 6+ mo. Im sure it will be a multi-year project.
Gamble with chars with several levels. I would have done that.

Then I will try to remember to keep an eye out for several years ahead ;)


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Tried gambling a bit, that seems like it may take a while.. But, I feel pretty lucky with a couple of drops while questing:
Gale Circlet
Defense: 54
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Level: 23 <---------------
Fingerprint: 0xc66522f2
Item Level: 71
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+103 to Attack Rating
3% Mana stolen per hit
+75% Enhanced Defense
+13 to Life
Fire Resist +27%
Level 4 Inner Sight (45/45 Charges)

Cruel Needle
Stag Bow
Two Hand Damage: 16 - 29
Durability: 30 of 48
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 30
Required Dexterity: 45
Fingerprint: 0x5c97b3b4
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
131% Enhanced Damage
+2 to Maximum Damage
+51 to Attack Rating
Adds 1 - 19 Lightning Damage
+14 to Mana
Level 3 Freezing Arrow (41/41 Charges) <---------------
Freezing Arrow was the one I thought would be difficult to find. But, this was only the second Zon Bow drop that I checked. Perhaps it is much more common than I realized, and just never bothered to notice.