[1.14d SC FAM FTS] ISO Jav Skillers


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[1.14D SC FAM FTS]

Looking to get some jav skillers (say 3) for the upcoming tourney. I have Um, Mal, Gul's & Vex's for trade, or lots of items if you let me know what you're after?

*** Traded for all the Jav GCs I need now, thanks!
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Only ones of those I have are three lightning skillers with a good bit of life on each, which I was planning to use in later legs of the tourney. But I'm still not quite sure what char/skills I want to run in legs 2 and 3 TBH. I plan to level my L94 sorc to L95, right now she's still pure Blizz, but since I made Infinity I was planning to respec to Light at some point. I dunno.


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[1.14d SC FAM FTS]

Hey there! Always good to see another 1.14d trader.

Harpoonist's Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x4d5c042
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+38 to Life
I'm looking for Lo for this one (or the equivalent of Lo like 4 Vex's, I don't mind cubing them up).


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Hmm. Pricey. I'll think about it, I guess I do have 2xGul+3xVex available but that's a huge investment for 1 java GC for me. Was sorta just hoping to grab a few plains if they're out there.


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Hmmm. I don't technically need them anymore, because I traded for some. But I will still do this trade because I'd like to have the option of 2 more Jav GCs if I want them. So that's fine. :)
Ok, well I think I keep them in case I wanna do some cows with my Java :)