1.14d Questions about RWM


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Please excuse me if my question was answered elsewhere, I looked through the other thread and tried googling it and couldn't find anything.

Does runeword mod work in 1.14d? Does GoMule work with 1.14d? I'm assuming people here have tried it out already. If I don't hear anything back about it, I'm just installing it and going with it because right now my game is launching fine and everything seems to be in order.

My second question is about -direct -txt. RWM says it requires them, and I am curious what exactly these two commands do. I am also running -3dfx because of the wrapper, but I know what that does.

I'm installing Diablo 2 once again. I still have my old huge wealthy stashes and characters from the days of old but I thought it would be fun to start over and I am going through the process of making sure I've done everything correctly before I dig in. So Hi to any of you who remember me! Get ready for some newb drops I would never have posted with my old stashes, because nothing feels better than getting your first set of junk after you've started over.

Edit: Oh and is playing 1.14d and posting about it accepted here? I don't wanna get smacked around by Thyiad if he's still around ;)
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I play 1.14d and i have RWM, although i haven't tried to make a ladder runeword since updating from 1.14b.

1.14d is certainly allowed in all aspects.


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Welcome back (I saw some of your posts here and on Reddit slashdiablo :D)

I have also had a restart in1.14d recently. Yes, both GoMule and RWM work in 1.14, and all your character will be saved in C:\users\$username\Saved Games\Diablo II

Good luck!


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Welcome back :).

I think the rest have covered your questions. So all I can say is: we have some neat tournaments going on or about to start. If you fancy going all the way to 99 with a new, untwinked character, you might want to join us on our quest :). If you want to take one of your wealthy characters for a spin, there's another MFO about to begin in a few weeks time.

Just sayin' of course ;).


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Welcome back @NorthDakota.

Thy is still around but irregularly (she is still a she too :p) Most people are still on 1.13d as there is no new content and multi instance does not work.


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Alright cool thanks guys. I'll probably play an untwinked to 99 just a sorceress, so that's boring but whatever. Probably blizzard and then transition to lightning as a tribute to my last 97 sorcy "Sage". Dunno if I got the guts for it. I was there with my perfect setup but it took way long to grind out an infinity in LK (seriously so many runs, took up an entire summer for that thing). And I was using the pheonix shield I don't even remember the runes for that anymore but it's not going to be pretty getting that all again. Then I remember trying to grind out just 98 and not having the guts for that either.

Weird that I didn't know Thy was a she. Smacked me around when I first joined because I was using a unapproved something that I won't mention here since I don't want to get smacked around again. It really ruined me for a while, I got pretty down about it since I was so into the forums around that time (although new). But I got a fresh start after my suspension, not sure if anyone even remembers THAT happening. So silly now obviously since I can't imagine even playing any other way than with what we use..

How about RRM and CRM? Anyone tried those out? Game is running great now but I'd like to get one of the two if either work.


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As the runes are now orange in the 'vanilla' game, then RRM is a bit ... pointless unless you seriously dislike orange. As for CRM, no clue. I liked the idea but not enough to use it myself.

Oh and most of the stuff after my uncle's death has calmed down now, so I'm around more. I'm just often around in invisible mode. Muhahahahahahaha!


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@NorthDakota Did you play in 1.13 before, or an earlier version? Getting the runes for Infinity shouldn't be too hard these day. Certainly not an entire summer with some dedicated running. Also, you're not in a rush if you are playing a Blizzard Sorc. You can use that until 98 and then switch to Lightning for the last level, like many of us plan to do. For Blizzard, you don't need Infinity, and with a bit of luck, you'll have those two Bers drop anyway.

CRM might be useful if you want different colours for different runes. Or indeed if you dislike orange. But other than that, there is no need for it.

@Thyiad I'm glad you are around more often now. At least I think I am ... ;).


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Patchlog 1.15:

-Ladder RWs are now available in SP
-Ubertristram and Worldevent are now available in SP
-Multipage Stash with shared Stash is now available even in Bnet to reduce "Mules"

One can dream...