1.14d patch deleted ALL of my brother's single player characters! how to recover his characters?


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so my brother and i were about to finish the game...we were about to defeat Baal.

I accidentally clicked Battle.NET instead of multiplayer, and the game downloaded the 1.14d patch right away. it downloaded successfully despite me having no Battle.NET account. and when i entered the game, all of my characters were still there, but we couldn't connect via LAN due to having different versions of the game (his was still at 1.13 prior to updating).

so i suggested he update as well so we could get this over with, but he couldn't because apparently "version is different" or something like that. so i told him to download a 1.14d patch from this site ----> gamepressure.com/download.asp?ID=36576

and so he did. after updating we decided to play. upon joining my game, he was shocked to see that his characters were gone from the list! like, ALL of them! he couldn't even find it on the save folder (which apparently changed location due to the patch). why is it that when i updated mine, my characters were still there? but my brother's characters were totally wiped out the face of the Earth!

how do we fix this? because honestly, i feel guilty that he lost all of his characters...


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They should still be there, but probably just in another location.

Btw, didn't you have a backup? It's a good thing to make regular backups of everything, and surely everything D2 related. Found it out the hard way myself when I had win issues, setting me back a month or so, including finds of a full MFO and progress on a lvl 98 character.

I hope you'll be able to sort it out.