1.14d on High Sierra (works for me)


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Hi All,

Thought I'd post this, as I had some issues running D2 on High Sierra, and from googling most others have as well: I have it running on High Sierra now. I am starting it from Terminal:

/Applications/Diablo\ II/Diablo\ II.app/Contents/MacOS/Diablo\ II

Then the D2 icon is jumping up and down, for a few minuts, nothing happens. Don't touch it. After a while, the icon stops jumping, and the app seems stuck. Instead of killing the app, simply leave it for another few minutes (in my case, about 5-6) - and out of nowhere, the game starts.

(Note: Sometimes I still get an error message on launch, and have to restart - this has always been the case, even before High Sierra)

Really annoying, but at least it works. For me at least, YMMV.

BTW: This is from an install created on Sierra, updated to High Sierra later. I don't know any solutions to installing on High Sierra if you do not already have it installed.