[1.14d HC FAM] ISO Homunculus


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Hi, it's been a while :)

Looking for a Homunculus in HC 1.14d or previous, FAM

Can offer pgems or items. Whatever you want that meets the value :)

I am only looking for a homunculus that originated from you and was not obtained through trading, will trade with people using FAM but I reserve the right to only trade with someone I really trust, I hope these aren't too limiting restrictions in this day and age, it's always been how I've done things here.

Edit: I read the rules again since I guessed something may have changed. There's a new one since I last traded - No bringing items from FAM to Vanilla.

So for all intensive purposes I have upgraded to FAM.

I also haven't yet upgraded to 1.14d, still 1.13c. But I saw this as restricting the odds of finding a trader so I will upgrade if the item turns up from someone I trust on 1.14d! Confusing? =]
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