[1.14d HC FAM FTS]


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I need quite a bit of gear for many different projects.

Plain Warcry Skillers
30+ life Cold Skillers
30+ life Elemental Skillers
30+ life Javelin Skillers
Plain 20 life small charms - paw graphic only
Plain 7% magic find small charms - paw graphic only
Magic +3 cold skills / 10 FCR amulet
Death's Fathom - 25% or higher cold damage
1.07 Eth Thresher - 4os
1.07 Eth Thresher - 5os
1.07 Eth Balrog Blade - 4os
+3 Grand Matron Bow - 4os
+3 Grand Matron Bow - 5os
Perfect Viper Magi
15% Nightwings Veil
Ral runes
Ort runes
Perfect Amytheists
Perfect Rubys
2x15% IAS / 15% All Resist Jewels
2x +2 Assassin / +3 Lightning Sentry Greater Talons - can be 2os or zero sockets
Griphons Eye

2x Sur runes
1x Ber rune
1x Cham rune
7x Um runes
8x Mal runes
5x Ist runes
14x Pul runes
11x Gul runes
1x Vex rune
Hundreds of P. Gems

I have screenshots of all my rune finds including Pul/Um/Mal/Ist/Gul.

I don't think too many people play HC but I'm tired of farming.


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[1.14d HC FAM FTS]

@MizzouFTW Still up for trading? Sorry to necro thread if not.

I’m starting to dabble into the world of HC, so probably only crafting mats on my end for now.

Let me know if your ISO has changed.