[1.14 SC FAM P] Potential FT Zod Rune


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I have read the rules of the forum, and realize that I am not allowed to trade for at least a week. I also realize that no one will believe that I found a Zod rune in a legit manner, because it is a Zod rune. Still, here goes.

I did find a Zod rune earlier this week during a P5 chaos run with my hammerdin. Although it is amazing to find a Zod it is relatively useless to me. I would much rather have the runes to make an Enigma, since my paladin and other non-sorcs are limited to walking.

Since I am new to the forum, how are runes usually determined to be legit? I am trying to play without cheating, and I wouldn't feel right trading a Zod for duped Jah/Ber even if it would get me my Enigma.

Last question, is it at all realistic to wait to find the Jah/Ber myself? Like I said above, I do P5 chaos runs, typically for around 4-6 hours a week. I have already found a Sur, so I am at least half way to a Ber. Since the rune drops changed post 1.13, I know I have a better chance. I would like to find everything myself, but don't want to grind for 12 months if I can trade for the right runes now.

Thanks for anyone who gives advice and input. Also, feel free to mercilessly mock the new guy with the ridiculous trade offer out of the gate. I can handle it, and I realize how fake this must look.


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Welcome, smloeffelholz!

That is one doozy of a first post. Typically, it's best to introduce yourself in the main Single Player Forum and give folks a chance to get to know you a little better before starting a trade thread - let alone trading the rarest rune in the game! It's not that we don't trust newcomers here, it's just that everyone has to exercise some degree of caution before potentially tainting their hard-found gear. And that of course goes both ways - you don't really know anyone here either yet.

In the SPF, high runes are documented through screenshots of the drop (since the runes themselves don't have a unique "fingerprint" when viewed using SPF-approved muling applications like GoMule or ATMA). It's not entirely fool-proof but it's the best we can do under the circumstances.

If it's high runes you're after, then your time is going to be best spent running LK at P7/8 or Trav at P3.
  • LK is best for Ber runes and below (Jah and above cannot drop). Here's a good guide but the basic gist is to gear up a 200% fast cast Sorc, roll a map with 2 campfires near the wp, and open the nearby hut chests until your eyes bleed.
  • Trav is best for Jah and Cham. Usually, you start out running LK to round out your initial runeword collection (Grief, Fortitude, Infinity) before moving here. The recommended build is a basic WW barb with max Find Item and then go about your business of mowing down the Council over and over.


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Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for being over anxious about the trade. I just didn't know any other way to try to start this process. I will head over to the other forum and start a thread to say hello.

While I am here, I will post the screenshots so that people might take the post more seriously.

Just so you don't think I'm the luckiest person alive, that is a Rockstopper and a white diadem for Charsi quest.