1.14 – 3 of 7: Patriarch LoudestHeard, the indecisive


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Patriarch LoudestHeard, un-Wolfbarb

LoudestHeard started his life as a Singer Barb, but, after finding Wolfhowl, I decided to go down the Wolfbarb route. The problem with that is Wolfhowl cannot be equipped until clvl 79 and by that time he got there double swing was working so well that I decided to keep going: so here he is, LoudestHeard, the almost-Wolfbarb!

Level: 84

St – 140 (175)
Dx – 50 (110)
Vt – 315 (347)
En – 10 (10)

HP: 3064 (after BO)
Mana: 267 (after BO)

Def: 10,272 (after Shout)
AR: 8,075/7910 (after BA and Enchant)


Double Swing: 996 – 1955 / 1249 – 1867


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Bash: 20/24
Mace Mast: 20/22
Shout: 20/22
Battle Ord: 20/22
Battle Cry: 4/6
Nat. Resist: 4/6

One each in Double Swing (6), Increases Stamina/Speed (3), Iron Skin (3), Howl/Taunt/Battle Command (3)


Weapon 1:

Baranar’s Star
Nord’s Tenderiser

Weapon 2:

Upped “Shael” Ribcracker (297%ED – juicy!)

Arreat’s Face with +12% Resists jewel
”Duress” Scarab Husk
Lava Gout
Gore Rider
Verdungo’s Hearty Cord
Atma’s Scarab
Manald & Raven Frost

Merc (Act 2 –Blessed Aim)

“Treachery” Chaos Armour
“Obedience” Thresher

Random musings:

For a great deal of this build it was a walk in the park. I started with a point in Bash, a few points in Mace Mastery, then a point in Double Swing and I was off. In used dual Civerb’s Cudgel all the way from clvl 9 to 42, then dual Aldur’s Rhythm until Baranar’s Star; pumping up MM all the way. Shout and BO kept my HP and Defence on the up and up, and the Merc’s BA kept the AR solid too; especially with the minor boost from Enchant. Once I was able to put Atma’s Scarab on and Amp Dam started to kick in, things rollicked along. I was well into Act 1 Hell before I reached the level requirement for Wolfhowl and I though “what the hell, this build is good enough already”. The points that I had been saving I pumped into Bash (a damage synergy for Double Swing) and the train kept a’roll’n. There was no stopping the build until I hit the Crystalline Passage and rescuing Anya. Four deaths in 20 minutes rocked me; two in the CP, one getting Anya, and even Pindle got me. They were completely bizarre deaths too! I drank a fat purple, I heard the sound of the potion being taken and I had a single hit point left when the death screen appeared! The Replenish Life +11 on Verdungo’s?? Being totally pissed off at this stage I made straight for the Ancients and kicked their arses, then kicked Baal bony butt too. In the end I never really used my juicy Ribcracker, Bash worked well enough but Double Swing was so much better. An inauspicious end to a character that was going so well; other than the changes of mind that is!!!


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Congratulations on the Patriarch!

Nice to see some old school level of equipment - Seems more 1.11b than 1.14 :)

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