1.14 – 1 of 7: Matriarch Seeker, Sparkling BlizSpiker


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Matriarch Seeker, Sparkling BlizSpiker.

Level: 89

St – 70 (70)
Dx – 25 (45)
Vt – 380 (420)
En – 60 (100)

HP 1191
Mana 508

Charged Blot: 85 – 93 per bolt
Bliz: 2062 – 2197
G.Spike: 447 – 477


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


C. Bolt: 20/26
Bliz: 20/25
G. Spike: 20/25
C. Mastery 12/17
L. Mastery: 7/13
Lightning: 6/12
Ice Blast: 6/12

Telekinesis, Teleport, Static Field, Frost Nova & Ice Bolt 1/7
Warmth: 1/6


Weapon 1:

“Sanctuary” Gothic Shield

Weapon 2:

Rare Kite shield – with pdiamond

Peasant Crown
Skin of the Vipermagi
Rare Greaves (resists and %MF)
Rare ammy with resists
Nagelring & Rare ring with resists

Merc (Act 2 – Prayer)

Guillaume’s Face
“Insight” Thresher

Random musings:

It’s been a couple of years since my last mat/pat and with the creating is the Bliss Version Changer that allows me to play 1.14 without it dicking around with my save folders (thanks again FB) I am embarking on my eighth patch sept (an oct of septs?).

Where possible I try to avoid the characters resets, so I planned the build to be a quick starter with the Charged Bolt of early to mid game use then to switch over to Bliz and GS as I get deeper into the game. The combination worked very well with the cold spells as my go to attack with CB in reserve for CI, but it did mean going through a shipload of Mana potions until I got “Insight” into the merc.

I played a considerable time with a “Spirit” Crystal sword, but had to settle for the Occy to help with the resistances and the MF. As usual, the CTC teleport on the Occy was a pain in the arse; being bounced around the screen like a pinball by ranged attackers is not my idea of a good time.

I usually complete a character at around level 85 but I have spent a considerable time MFing, thus the level 89 completion. Even with the time I spent doing AT, Meph and Pindle runs (and getting over 40% of the way into a new grail), I really did not find a number of items that I would have liked to have had for the character; as you can see from my equipment list.

So, that’s it – one down and six to go. After complaining about some of the modern games that fill the screen with garbage spell effects, I play a character that uses Blizzard and Charged Bolt… Go figure!


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I’ve never really liked Occy because of the random Teleport. The stats are so awesome, but I just do not like the chance of dying on a high level character after getting randomly ported into the middle of a cursed pack.

How did this build do on p8 settings in Hell?


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Congrats, and good luck with the rest of the characters in the Sept. Do you have the other 6 characters planned out already?


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@darkstarhub As a starter character, I never intended her to play on /players8. The older I get, the less patience I have, so I doubt I'll ever struggle through Hell on /players8 again.

@T72on1 I've got a few ideas; a pure elemental Druid, a singer Barb and a Hybrid trapper. Perhaps a boner Necro and smiter/charger Pally. I've got no idea about the Ama yet; if I can find a Windforce, maybe a strafer.


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I think the random teleportations are doing more good than bad in the distribution of areas in the game (which you visit when questing, for example), but in selected areas for loot or XP, it could be the other way around. It's probably a matter of selective memory as well.