[1.13d SC FAM P] ISO: 2x Stone of Jordan & etc.

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[1.13d SC FAM P]


- 2x Stone of Jordan

- Circlets (must be Circlet base and rlvl 30 or lower)
+2 Jav & Spear/30% FRW/stats/life (vs. Peasant Crown)
+1 sin/30% FRW/stats/life (20% FCR is a bonus) (vs. Peasant Crown)

- Jewels (rlvl 30 or lower)
+15 max to +24 max
+15 max
+15 max/ +15 res all
+ min/max jewels
20% enhanced damage/str or dex
ED%/-req jewels

- Claws (rlvl 30 or lower)
+2 Martial Arts/IAS &/or Amp magic or rare (2os) Blade Talons
+2 Shadow Disciplines claws (pretty well any type)
+2 Shadow Disciplines Hand Scythes (+Venom, +Fade, 2os etc. is a bonus)

- Charms (rlvl 30 or lower)
3/xx/15 SCs
15 life/12 mana SCs
15 life/any good mod
FRW/any good mod

- Artisan's Tower Shield of Deflecting

I'd love to see any items close to these! I love finding these items myself but it's a long road ...

I can't find the rules on it, but I'm fairly certain I am in probationary trader status for about a week or so.

I am most happy to pay in runes, but may have to run LK over the next week to get screenied runes. Since I didn't think I would be getting back into the game, I haven't been screenshotting HR drops but have been running a LOT of LK over the past couple of months and have runes from Vex through to Ber. At this stage, only screenshot/reported is 1x Vex.

I would be happy to pay in other items if needed, but I'm not very rich, just let me know what you are after and I may have it!

Note that I would also be happy with items in [1.14 SC FAM] status as I plan to update soonish. Thanks!
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