[1.13d SC FAM] ISO: goldfind gear


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[1.13d SC FAM FTS]

Hello. This is me and I am seeking your help.

I'm in desperate need to farm some gold, so any help is well appreciated. What I had in mind are those items as ISO:

Classic boots with 100+ GF and movements speed + additions (the more GF the better).
Classic belt with huge GF (additions are welcomed)
8+ fcr amulet with 2 sorc skills and big goldfind + additions. Must beat 2/8/56gf/[email protected]
2sorc/20fcr/2 os or 2/20/gf circlet of some kind if you have some
10 gf + 16-17 mana SC
10 gf + 11 literes SC
Chilling skillers with greed, 38+ goldfind roll.

FT: I'm pretty rich poor guy, ask and you might be awarded.