[1.13d HC FAM FTS] ISO: Min Damage Jewels


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[1.13d HC FAM FTS]

Ok everyone, its been a while since I've posted one of these, but with phar's giveaway I am close to accomplishing one of my build goals, but I need some help from the remaining HC community here.

I'm looking for the best Min damage based jewels (magic or rare) that you are willing to part with to be used for a Min damage griz avenger. I have a limited amount of jewels of my own so I'm looking to gather a couple more that may be better than what I already have.

Highest priority:

Min Damage with IAS


Min Damage with decent other adds


Plain Min Damage

I'm willing to trade a variety of things for them, although I'm not sure of their worth. I have some high runes, most unique and set items (except for the really difficult to find ones) as well as some interesting caster crafts. Just ask and I'll dig through what I have.



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I know no responses so far, but I'm also expanding this ISO to include Griswold's weapon with 4 sockets, that has a higherish ED% (mine is only 206 in a range of 200-240). Willing to swap out mine for a different one + extra if that is your preference as well.


Do you have any orts? I'm mainly into collecting orts these days.

I have a few hundred jools to sort through - I'll check them out tonight and see what you might be interested in.