[1.13c] iso various items, reaper's, arachnid's, mara's, torches, etc


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I've been farming for ages and cannot find these for the life of me. I'm open to most of the higher end items, and can offer gems, runes, some uniques/set items, etc. the main things i need are reapers toll, druid torch, maras amulet, arachnids mesh, andy's visage, anni, treks, and some good charms. I'm hoping to fing higest end versions of all these, and eth where applicable.

I'm new to the forums, coming here as a last resort before i go insane farming, so hopefully there are enough people still playing to help me out in my sp crisis


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Hi and welcome!

Please have a look at the stickies. You'll need to make a trader profile etc. before members will trade with you here.
Also note that a torch and anni are not available in Single Player. Being able to acquire them would require thrid party software which is not a Forum Approved Mod (FAM).