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1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by Tidolwav, Jan 10, 2010.

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    1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    1.13 ZEALOT

    Don't understand a term? Click here or here.

    Preferred Completed Level - 90+
    All Skill Quests Done - 12 Extra
    All Stat Quests Done - 15 Extra
    End Game Gear
    PVP/PVM Interchangeable

    Topics Covered in this guide:
    • Respecification
      Instructions after you're all grown up.
    • Stats
      This is where you'll learn how to appoint stat points and where.
    • Skills
      This topic explains what skills and why.
    • Items
      This section covers all the gear you'll need
    • Death vs Breath of the Dying
      Compares and contrasts the two, the winner... go see.
    • Your Overall Goals
      From FHR to Open Wounds this topic explains what you need and how much of it.
    • Dueling
      Strategies for your duel games.
    • Ãœber Strategy
      As it says, just a simple, fast, and effective way to kill in the Pandemonium event.


    1.13c brings a new option, if you have already done Akara's Den of Evil quest go back to her and she will have a new option for you, this resets your skills and stats (no it does not delete them). When you're respecing I would advise you to get the best Annihilus and Hellfire Torch that you can find (highest stats). Respec with Akara! Follow the stats and skills typed out for you below. Just like any other time you have gear set aside for your growing character, start placing strength points in your gear, you'll most likely be able to wear your Raven Frosts and Highlord's Amulet right away, so put those on first, put Dracul's Grasp on when you reach 50 strength, if you have perfect Anni and Torch you'll have reached it already.

    Depending on what your Enigma and Fortitude are in (armor), Dusk Shroud is STR Req: 77 and Archon Plate is STR Req: 103, you'll wear your Fortitude not your Enigma at this time. If your Gore Riders are upgraded the strength requirement is 156, if not then they're 94. Verdungo's Hearty Cord is at 106 required strength. You should have Dracul's Grasp, 2x Raven's Frost, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Gore Riders (if not upgraded), Highlord's Wrath, and Fortitude equipped. If your main weapon is eBoTDz (111 STR / DEX 48) put it on now, if not then don't worry about your weapon just yet. This next part depends on your main shield. Mine is Exile (Ethereal Vortex Shield STR Req: 138) if you're wearing Alma Negra that's 109 for strength, if you're wearing Herald of Zakarum that's 89 for STR Req (142 if upgraded), with HOZ you'll have 20 additional points in strength, so adjust accordingly. Place the rest of your strength points in to equip Crown of Ages and Gore Riders (if upgraded) and if you plan on using Steelrend's (185) take your Dracul's Grasp off now and pump your strength up to 185. There are ways around this, but if you want the most comfortable fit for you this is the way it has to be.

    You should have everything equipped except for your weapon. If it's eDeathz put it on now. If it's Griefpb place your dexterity to 136. Put all your skill points in now. Now put your CTA and + skill shield on and cast Battle Command and Holy Shield with your CTA out, switch to your main weapon/shield and hover over your defense in your character screen. You should have somewhere around 45-54% Chance to Block, put points in dexterity until you reach 75%. You'll probably have about 181 points in dexterity. Now hold shift and click Vitality stat increase button. You will most likely have 2.2k life, if you have 3/20/20's (see below). Once you cast Battle Orders you will most likely be sitting around 3.6k life.
    Congratulations you have just successfully respec'd.


    510 Stats Total - Stats for PvP and PvM are absolutely interchangeable so don't worry about it.

    Strength - Enough for Gear
    Preferably with 20/20 Torch and Anni.

    Dexterity - Enough for Max Block (with Holy Shield activated)
    With your main shield.

    Vitality - The rest of points in here
    You should have somewhere around 3,500 life, roughly.

    Energy - None, respecify if you put any in here


    107 Skills Total - Skills for PvP and PvM are absolutely interchangeable so don't worry about it.

    3 Extra Skills Left Over

    Combat Skills
    20 - Sacrifice
    Synergy for Zeal.
    20 - Zeal
    Your main attack.
    e1 - Vengeance
    If you prefer to not use a skill point for this skill, I listed three weapons you can use instead, and I compared them to each other in the Weapons section.
    1 - Holy Bolt
    You can use to heal other party members. Although the heal isn't significant if you wait about 10 seconds you can probably get 2/3 to almost full life on a 3,000+ life character.
    1 - Blessed Hammer
    1 - Smite
    More about this in the dueling section.
    1 - Charge
    More about this in the dueling section.
    20 - Holy Shield
    This is how you get max block and extremely high defense.

    Offensive Auras
    1 - Might
    1 - Blessed Aim
    1 - Concentration
    20 - Fanaticism
    This is your speed/enhanced damage/attack rating!
    e1 - Holy Fire
    e1 - Holy Freeze

    Defensive Auras
    20 - Defiance
    The reasoning behind maxing defiance instead of blessed aim is because the defense given from defiance is much greater than the attack rating given from Blessed Aim.
    When/if you hit level 99 you will have 3 skill points left over after all skill quests, you need to decide what to put those into.

    e1 - Salvation
    This is your ward against heavy elemental attacks aura, use it when you feel you're being overwhelmed. Or to help other players if they have fanaticism on, or any other aura that adds damage.
    You'll have 1 skill point left over if you decide to place it in Vengeance and Salvation. Or choose to get Holy Freeze which would mean you either don't get Vengeance or Salvation. You could use HF to flash other players/monsters. I would recommend the Salvation and Holy Freeze route.


    -- Helmets --

    Crown of Ages (Double Ber'd) vs Melee
    The double Ber runes give you undeniably great Damage Reduction in this helmet. This makes melee monsters go "WTFZOR!?" when they try and hit you.

    Kira's Guardian vs Elemental
    Ladder Only
    Very nice resists and Cannot be Frozen means the Raven Frosts can be switched to something else. Socket it with an Um rune if you want more resists, but pretty open since it's not your helmet of choice. Elemental monsters such as, Souls, Skeleton Mages, or Bat Demons to name a few won't do much damage to you. You can also just use a CoH when you're PvMing.

    -- Armors --

    Ladder Only
    El + Sol + Dol + Lo
    Adds Defense and Damage plus the Chilling Armor is a nice bonus. Has a small resistance bonus as well. Overall just a well rounded piece of armor.

    Jah + Ith + Ber
    Teleport, Strength, Life, Damage Reduction, and FRW mods are excellent.

    Chains of Honor
    Dol + Um + Ber + Ist
    Use when you're dueling elemental players/monsters and you don't have Kira's or in conjunction with Kira's. Probably the best melee PvM armor for you.

    Shael + Thul + Lem
    Treachery has a higher level fade then Last Wish. Has venom if you need it as well. I won't list it in the dueling section, use it as you please or don't use it at all.

    -- Weapons --

    Ethereal Breath of the Dying Berserker Axe
    Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth
    The 30 to all attributes, 60 Increased Attack Speed, Indestructible, Enhanced Damage (415% max), just makes it a great weapon. The difference between Phase Blade and Berserker Axe is the range. Zerker gets 3 while Phase Blade has 2. Meaning you can hit your opponent from further away (i.e. WW barbs). This or Grief are wonderful PvM weapons, hands down.

    Grief Phase Blade
    Ladder Only
    Eth + Tir + Lo + Mal + Ral
    Hits harder then Ebotdz. You can use it against smiters if +Damage is high enough. You won't always win though, so don't expect it. Ignore Target Defense works WONDERS against monsters.

    Silence Berserker Axe
    Dol + Eld + Hel + Ist + Tir + Vex
    Use this only vs charged strike or sorceresses. This in conjunction with Chains of Honor, 100+ Sanctuary, and an Um'd Kira's Guardian will make it seem like you're absorbing. You can stand in 20 casted Hydras and still live with all those, I'm not joking, it's that serious. Assuming you're using perfect torches/anni and have done Anya's quest (assuming you haven't died), you'll have 305% all resistances in Hell, yes that's with the -100% penalty. You'll be doing decent charge damage too, so sorc's are a joke (except Blizzard).
    Ethereal Death Cleaver
    Ladder Only
    If you're a Deadly Strike fanatic. Can be a nice charge weapon if used with Highlord's.

    Ladder Only
    Hel + El + Vex + Ort + Gul
    Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow are helpful here.

    Demon Limb
    Level 23 enchant for prebuffing vs various opponents. I won't list it in the dueling section, use it as you please or don't use it at all.

    ----------------Death vs Breath of the Dying----------------
    If you can't see the comparison correctly zoom out with Ctrl+scroll. Best viewed with 1440 x 900 Resolution.

    Similarities Between Death and BOTD
    Requirements -20%
    +1 To Light Radius
    7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    +50 To Attack Rating

    What Makes Death A Good Weapon?
    20% Bonus To Attack Rating
    50% Chance of Crushing Blow
    100% Chance To Cast Level 44 Chain Lightning When You Die
    +(0.5 per Character Level) 0.5-49.5% Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)

    What Makes Breath Of The Dying A Good Weapon?
    +60% Increased Attack Speed
    50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy
    +350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    -25% Target Defense
    12-15% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    Prevent Monster Heal
    +30 To All Attributes

    I played with Death some more and had a nice conversation with one of the members here. Death's redeeming factors are the Crushing Blow and the Deadly Strike. When you're using Death, (eDeathz preferably) you will single-handedly beat eBoTDz's damage. When triggering enough Deadly Strike you would be able to beat a Breath of the Dying wielder. A big fight, but who ever hits more wins. It's your choice if you want to use it or not, they're both equally good weapons.
    You'll need to sacrifice your Steelrends and Dracul's Grasp gloves for some 20% IAS and +STR gloves if you're using the Death runeword. You can use Nosferatu's Coil for your belt, you get +15 to strength and 10% increased attack speed, but you lose 15% damage reduction. Nosferatu also has 10% slow, which may make other people upset when pvping. Use Laying of Hands gloves for your 20% IAS, it also has 50% fire resist which is nice. That's 30% IAS without sacrificing too much gear. Put Highlord's on and you have 50% IAS total. It almost matches up to eBoTDz 60%. You can call it good or put a 40/15 (40% Enhanced Damage / 15% IAS) Jewel in your HoZ if you please. This shield and weapon do nothing for you if you want to fight Ãœbers, switch to Exile and Grief Phase Blade if that's the case.

    Passion vs Kingslayer vs Azurewrath
    Overall they're almost equal in damage and since you'd be going at a fast pace you probably won't be able to tell the varying differences of damage. If I had to recommend any though it would be Azurewrath for the simple fact that you can use zeal to destroy physical immunes. Thus not wasting any points in Vengeance. The other weapons are nice, but Azurewrath's sanctuary aura and magic damage make it a superb weapon of choice.

    -- Shields --

    Ladder Only
    Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah
    I apologize for adding this shield in so late in the game, my mind has been elsewhere and I've been learning new Paladin builds (new to me at least). This shield + fortitude have the potential to cause massive destruction when used against your opponent. This would be a good shield if perfect 400% with the 65% ED from the base shield effectively giving this 465% ED with 121 AR.

    Exile Vortex Shield
    Vex + Ohm + Ist + Dol
    Amazing shield with great stats, Defiance helps immensely, some consider it BM, because of the life tap. An "ethereal bugged" armor uses a cube recipe exploit. Try to find a Vortex shield with Attack rating and Enhanced Damage on it. 121 AR and 65% Enhanced Damage is max. This or Herald of Zakarum is probably your best PvM shield.

    Ethereal Alma Negra
    A very well built shield I must say. I would use Herald Of Zakarum over this, try to find a near perfect one. There are way to many variables on this shield though.
    Herald of Zakarum
    Um or Ber
    The bonus to attack rating is nice, and the +STR/VIT, the resistances are nice as they don't vary. The + skills help a bit, not by much though. This is a good shield vs sorcs or trappers. OR V/T | T/V when you're using smite. This is your vs elemental and V/T | T/V shield. Upgrade it if you can! This is a good shield when it's a perfect ethereal and up'd.
    Sanctuary Any Elite Paladin shield with Resistances
    Ko + Ko + Mal
    Try and find a 3OS Paladin shield, preferably one with 40+ to all resistances. That's 110 to all resistances, if it's a perfect sanctuary. Would be perfect vs elemental.

    -- Gloves --

    Dracul's Grasp
    Great + STR, life tap helps, the open wounds are good, gloves considered BM.

    Nice Enhanced Damage and + STR.

    Laying of Hands
    20% IAS (only if you're using Death) and the 50% fire resistance is excellent! If you're going against an ele sorc it's good to have this in junction with - Silence|CoH|Kira's!

    -- Belt --

    Verdungo's Hearty Cord
    Hands down best belt for melee, you need the damage reduction!

    Thundergod's Vigor
    +20 Lightning Absorb vs Lightning elementals + Resistance gear = God mode. If (for some reason) you're hurting from lightning still throw on some Wisp Projectors, they have a -20%- lightning absorb.

    -- Boots --

    Gore Rider
    Great mods, upgrade if you need to, not a requirement though, DS, OW, and CB are wonderful though. See below for reasoning behind Deadly Strike/Open Wounds/ Crushing Blow.

    -- Rings and Amulet --

    Highlord's Wrath + Raven Frost x2
    Using 3/20/20's and 2 Raven's I can achieve 10k AR, you'll miss and you'll hit, when you hit you'll devastate.

    Angelic Wing + Angelic Halo (Use two Halos with Kira's Guardian)
    Sometimes you can't sacrifice the dexterity given by Raven Frosts so just keep one if that's the case. You won't need Angelic's attack rating when vsing monsters, so keep Highlord's and Raven Frost rings on.

    Ladder Only
    This amulet has very nice mods, I recommend you only use this vs casters though. The attack rating bonus is nice if you're going to charge a sorceress, the resistances always help and are better then Mara's overall resistance, the defense helps in that you can change your shield from ethereal exile to let's say Herald of Zakarum (or a shield with resistances)
    -- Switch Weapons/Shields --

    Call to Arms
    Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm
    Preferably a scepter with +3 to Holy Shield! Please get a 6 bo/6 bc CTA...

    Spirit LL Paladin Shield
    Ladder Only
    Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn
    +2 to skills and fcr are nice to have when casting bo, the faster you can cast it the faster you can start dueling or if someone is trying to "bo-jump" you.

    -- Charms --
    Overall you're looking for life, attack rating, and max damage charms. I'll list some popular charms.

    3/20/20 x 37
    20 to life, 20 to attack rating, and 3 to max damage make this a great charm. Side note - it's important to understand that 3/x/x will do just fine.

    102 to attack rating and 40 to life. These are grand charms and take up a lot of valuable space, you can get Twenty more life from three 3/20/20's, but less attack rating.

    Paladin Hellfire Torch
    It's necessary to have this, 3 to skills, 20 to stats and resistances, if perfect it helps stop putting valuable stats into strength.

    20 to stats and resistances if it's perfect. The experience is nice when leveling up, try to find a 10% to experience gained. Or use Ondals Staff (has +exp mod).

    ----------------Your Overall Goals----------------

    -- Increased Attack Speed --
    What is it? It makes you hit faster! That's what zeal is all about hitting fast and hitting hard!
    Your goal is to hit 60% with Berserker Axe.
    With Phase Blade you really don't need IAS mods with your fanaticism aura on. Use Weapon Speed Calculator for other weapons.

    -- Faster Hit Recovery --
    What is it? Increases your recovery from attacks faster (Faster Hit Recovery), it also helps with stunlock.
    48% and 86% are the most reasonable FHR bps to hit.
    The list goes as this:
    0% FHR 9 Frames
    7% FHR 8 Frames
    15% FHR 7 Frames
    27% FHR 6 Frames
    48% FHR 5 Frames
    86% FHR 4 Frames
    200% FHR 3 Frames
    4680% FHR 2 Frames

    -- Attack Rating --
    What is it? This is CRUCIAL, if you can't hit, you can't win.
    Your goal is to reach above 10,000 AR, with angelic amulet and ring you can easily reach 15,000 AR with said gear above.

    -- Defense --
    What is it? This is undoubtedly one of your highest priorities, higher defense means less hits.
    You need to reach around 30,000 to 50,000 defense.
    If you're dueling a barbarian with ungodly high AR and two weapons, you're in for a challenge. You need as much defense as possible, find ethereals and zod them if need be. Upgraded Ethereal Zod'd Herald of Zakarum shield is nice, or Exile with the defiance aura. For this reason adding points to Defiance is much better then Blessed Aim. If you get 10-15k AR, you'll be fine so stress defense more then hitting. As a Zealot you need as much defense to stay alive as life, you're a sitting duck without it.

    -- Damage Reduction --
    What is it? It's important that's what it is! It reduces the damage you take when you're hit.
    The maximum cap for DR is 50%, That's your goal. This should be easy with said gear above (i.e. Double Ber'd COA and Dungos).

    -- Damage --
    What is it? Death!
    Your damage is "teh beastie", with high damage you're able to kill players with 1 zeal attack if you land successful hits. My current damage "unenchanted" is sitting around 4,000 - 10,000.

    -- Deadly Strike --
    What is it? It doubles your zeal damage.
    With a hypothetical 5,000-15,000 zeal damage, if your deadly strike activates in a zeal hit you can be doing 10,000 - 30,000 damage. You don't need a Death Cleaver to achieve good DS%. With Highlord's + (0.375 Per Character Level) 0-37 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level), Gore Rider's 15% Deadly Strike, and a level 90 Character you have 48.75 Deadly Strike percent. That means you basically have a 50% chance to activate deadly strike, good enough for me.

    -- Open Wounds --
    What is it? Makes the other guy bleed!
    The player stops bleeding after 8 seconds, unless reactivated. The amount of life taken away by OW's:
    Character Level 1-15: 25 * (9 * Character Level + 31) / 256
    Character Level 16-30: 25 * (18 * Character Level - 104) / 256
    Character Level 31-45: 25 * (27 * Character Level - 374) / 256
    Character Level 46-60: 25 * (36 * Character Level - 779) / 256
    Character Level 61-99: 25 * (45 * Character Level - 1319) / 256
    Courtesy of Extreme-Gamerz - cauhtemoc

    -- Crushing Blow --
    What is it? When activated it has a chance to decrease your enemies life by a certain amount.
    Crushing Blow can decrease another players life by 1/10th in a hypothetical situation, if a player has 2000 life, and crushing blow is activated you'll do 200 damage, plus your Zeal damage.

    -- Blocking --
    What is it? This is how you use your shield to full effectiveness and stop hits all together. You'll hear a "ting" sound when you block and see a small animation.
    You are trying to achieve 75% Block, hover over your defense on character screen to find out what your block is. Remember to activate your holy shield before you start adding dexterity.


    Some people have requested to me to add this section on here. Although I can't stress enough that you find your own ways to duel, I'll give you what I found to be most effective when dueling.
    Tip 1: You won't always use Zeal to defeat an enemy, switch from smite and charge accordingly.
    Tip 2: When dealing with Elemental duelers, it's okay to switch to COH/Kira's and Um'd HOZ, really, they won't hurt you that bad.
    Tip 3: Say go, if they don't like saying go then be on your guard at all times, I say be defensive until they hit you then attack or if you die say go again, if they still haven't learned then jump them.
    Tip 4: You won't always win, so don't think "Oh my OOBERZEALZORS IS GONNA BE DA TIS R BEASTIE".
    Tip 5: Charge, charge, charge sorceresses, you can't tele/zeal on them unless they're just standing around.
    Tip 6: When facing a modder, if you know when to play defensively and offensively, you'll win most of the time.
    Tip 7: Dealing with a farcaster? Fine, put your COH, Kiras, Um'd HoZ, and grief/silence on. Give them the time of their life.

    Make use of Antidote and Thawing potions. They're there for a reason you know, not to make Akara look sexy. If someone is using tap, don't complain about it, put it on yourself. If someone is naked killing you S/E grab your body and try again, no e-pride please. If someone is modding then bm them, this is about fighting fire with fire not about fairness anymore. It won't make them turn their mods off, but maybe they'll understand how bad mannering works, when they get a taste of their own medicine.
    (I do not encourage modding whatsoever) I say if you can't duel right then don't duel at all.
    Don't put gear on after you die, because if you die again and save and exit you lose it.​

    Skill Setup
    I use Fx keys. I assume a, b, and c keys are easier.. oh well, I use X and V for my sorceress, but that's a different story.
    F1 Zeal F2 Charge F3 Smite F4 Fanaticism
    F5 Teleport F6 Holy Shield F7 Battle Command F8 Battle Orders


    With successful Zeal hits you'll eat right through their energy shield and life. It may take one to three zeals, but if they're quick zeals you'll be successful. A Max Block ES sorc is a tank and a nuisance. Kira's/Coh and HOZ work well. Silence with Kira's, CoH, and Sanctuary do you WONDERS! You don't even need to absorb with those four items on. Charge them.
    You'll have a hard time with these sorcs, they love it when you charge into one of their casted blizzard spells, especially when they've got you name locked. Attempt to break the name lock as best as you can.
    If she is casting Blizzard on herself I would urge you not to charge into it unless you like being a kamikaze. Wait until she either stops moving and tele/zeal on top of her or hope you can charge her before she can spam Blizzard/Ice blast.
    If they get a max lightning on you you're toast, attempt to confuse the sorc and wait for her to start spamming lightning in one spot. Get close enough and tele/zeal on them or charge and hope for the best. Highlord's/ Kiras|COH/ and HOZ work well with them.
    These buggers are hard, especially bolt since it's faster then ball. Same thing as above wait for them to stand in one spot and spam fireball and then tele/zeal you'll probably die, but I'd recommend smiting bring your grief out. Same gear Kira's/COH and HOZ.


    These guys can be annoying at times, especially if they have wolf summons. You need to decide when to be aggressive and when to be defensive. When they're all about teleing on someone and spamming Tornado shift Zeal them, sometimes the nados completely miss you, if you have max damage reduction you'll cut 50% of their attack down, since it's pure damage. If they like to tele near you and spam nados then tele on top of them or behind their nados and Zeal. Sometimes they like to tele away when you teleport on top of them and continue to spam tornados, so my best advice is to make him chase you. Hope you can catch him off guard or have him teleport on you. Max Block and Max FCR druids are next to impossible to kill though, try smiting.
    Fireclaws can be annoying, but they're rare. Best advice is to hold a position and Zeal all werewolf/bears. You'll hit them more times then they'll hit you. Rabies can be annoying, kill them quickly, you need attack rating for faster kills, don't sacrifice defense for attack rating though. Fury druids are easy as well.


    They're annoying! Hammerdins that camp in one spot and spam hammers are easy though, tele in the blind spot of the hammer swirl (south/east) and zeal them. Some may have ridiculous defense and life, which you may need to do multiple times, but one successful zeal attack should be enough to get their life down enough, some hammerdins won't know what to do and continue spamming hammers, end 'em. The ones that tele away and repeat what they did, tele/zeal kill them. Desynchodins are next to impossible to kill with a zealot, don't even try. Some hammerdins like to catch you off guard and teleport on you. If you're fast enough you can move in the blind spot before they spam hammers on you and end 'em. Walk don't run down there. Zeal or smite works best on these guys. So switch your gear according to how aggressive they are. Extremely aggressive Hammerdins are the ones who continually teleport on top of you. Which ever works for you the most. Usually the best maneuver is to name lock smite as he teles on you you'll usually win, shift smite with the hammerdin namelocked and he'll most likely tele on you, then smite until he gets kb'd then let go of shift and finish him. They'll usually continue to spam hammers like an idiot... Another way is to look at their concentration aura and match up your teleport to it, if they stand still that is. Here are three pictures that show the different locations where you can stand and be safe... South of Him, Closer South, South East of Him.
    Time to get that Phase Blade Grief out, switch from your angelics and put different jewelry on. You're not going to need attack rating for this guy. My zealot has had some successful encounters with smiters. Switch to smite and give it a go. The shield you want to use is up to you. First one to hit usually wins. Most of them have a lot of life and smite damage though, so don't expect to win ever.
    Your friend and your enemy. Some zealers believe wearing leviathan or other unique armors are worth it, which they're not and they'll quickly find out why. Switch to fortitude, your main weapon, and angelic set up or highlords and ravens. Don't BM Zeal duels, it's stupid and doesn't prove your worth. Say go and kill him.
    T/V | V/T
    Almost interchangeable, V/T focuses on smite more, and T/V FoH more. Use your Herald of Zakarum and Kira's (or COH), for some nice stacked resists, slap your highlord's on and your pb grief. When he starts FOHing you, you should be able to tank two or three, but not much after that, get in there and charge/smite him. If he starts running after your first charge (he should be kb'd if you hit or not) then do it again, just remember to land a hit before you switch to smite or you'll be in CL and unable to attack unless you press W twice. They'll still most likely be able to outsmite you.
    Pretty much the same thing with T/V, except you don't need to use smite, put HOZ and Kira's on. Put enigma on and tele zeal him, you'll get him pretty quick. You can of course charge him down as well, but high defense fohers are pretty much going to laugh at you. They like to run a lot as well make use of this, time it so you can tele in their running path and then zeal while they're running, you'll end 'em quick if you catch them running! They can be tricky if they have high enough FOH damage and are hard to catch.


    I've noticed that a lot of Barbs are using a lot of poison charms lately. Carry some antidote potions if you want, or use half melee half resist gear vs heavy psn hitters. You'll need a lot of defense still otherwise whirlwind will hurt a lot.
    Your greatest enemy. You'll have a hard time against a BvB or BvA. I recommend you don't even try especially if they're using Doomz, but it is possible to kill them even when you're frozen. BvC are much easier to beat IMHO, of course. Don't chase after their ww's, walk don't run. Tele by their WW path, try to guess where they're going to WW to and be there zealing them. If they like to WW on top of you constantly, try grief/smite. Barbs that dual wield are simply too fun to duel, encourage them to put a shield on, because you'll win. They like to tri-ww around you get in their line of ww and just zeal them, your high defense should be able to tank it, make sure you tele away from ww and make their ww come to you, not you tele on their ww. You'll get hit otherwise.
    Switch to smite and bring your grief out. If they're built right they'll screw your zeal up before you start attacking. You can attempt a tele/zeal. Put on as much AR as possible with your tele/zeal attack.
    Some are easy some aren't. High AR conc barbs are evil to you. Put your angelics, Fortitude, eexile and rends. If they call bm when you put your exile on encourage them to tap you to make it fair. BM vs BM is fair right? You'll need as high defense as possible, if you're solely against exile then put your alma negra on for better AR or HoZ.
    Laugh in their face when they have 0 defense and you end them with your fatal zeal attacks.


    Assassins love the mindblast skill. The one thing to do if they've got you stunlocked with mindblast is to rapidly press 'w' (your switch skill) and get the heck out of there. Come back with a charge or tele on them (assuming you've got enough resists to counter their traps) and zeal. If built right they're a tough opponent. I don't even duel assassins anymore, most of them run around their traps or ww away from you or just mindblast you to death, it's not fun anymore.
    These guys are tough if they have perfect gear, they're tough, but not as tough as a BvB, if you tele right you'll eat 'em alive. Try to tele in the path of their ww, hope your defense stands and zeal. They also love venom, which is terrible for you, I recommend half melee half resist gear if they have a lot of venom since it'll drain you fast. You can carry antidotes as well.
    Most of these sins are: Trap, Mind Blast, run, rinse and repeat. They're not even fun to duel anymore since so many are just cowards. Mind Blast ruins your zeal attempts, put your COH, Kira's, and Um'd Hoz on, charge them and hope you can zeal before they run and spam mb, smiting with grief can work. You can charge out of MB, but most will just run around their traps. These are the only players I make the exception to put absorb on, I find that most of them are made for grieving.
    Ghost sins
    These are tricky as they like to sit by their traps and wait until you come along, when you try to hit them they'll immediately start wwing away from you so you can't hit them. Tele by their ww path and attempt to kill them before their traps kill you. Some are ridiculous though, I've seen them with usually massive venom and bramble, they have traps and a lot of poison, and they have fade which gives DR%.
    Destroy 'em, they're junk with their current skill setups thanks to Blizzard.


    Charge down to where they're hiding and tele/zeal or just charge them, once you miss switch to zeal, they'll attempt to run away but charge them down, with high enough ar, they're done. Some like to use glitch arrows, meaning you can't see them, find out where they're camping and charge to them as fast as you can charge them and smite them, please use tap for g-arrows. Lately some bowazons have been using java switch when they run away and then they throw lightning javs at you and switch when you're far away, they make use of enchant and knockback, they're glass usually so they'll go down if you can hit them. They're a force to be reckoned with, but they're not impossible.
    Charged Strike
    Most of these zons are FCers, if you happen to meet one that isn't, be kind to them there aren't too many that don't mod. Slap on Kira's and/or COH and Um'd HOZ. Tele/Zeal or charge them and hope they don't hurt you too bad. CS doesn't have AR, so good luck. Grief + Smite works very well against farcasters, especially when you have stacked resists and highlord's on. You don't even need absorb for cs.
    Plague Zons
    Tele/Zeal if they're not standing in their poison cloud. These amazons are tough since your life will drop in a matter of seconds if you don't have PSN resistance. Equip Kira's and/or COH and HOZ. Charge them, they're using a javalin so they'll most likely have a shield with Max Block to go along with it.


    These guys can be tough if they use Iron Maiden not because IM doesn't really work vs player, but if you zeal their summons... Wait for them to tele ontop of you and zeal. It'll be just like fighting a swarm of monsters in PvM. Grief works well with it's ignore target's defense since it's on monsters not player. Some of them have bone skills to go along with the revives and summons, so I would attempt to get a nl charge on the necro if you can find him in the minions.
    Poison Nova
    Tele/Zeal or charge, either way kill them fast once they cast nova you'll have a few seconds before death, if they're built right.
    I've yet to successfully kill one GM. Hope they spam bone spear and tele/zeal, they have a tendency to cast bone prison, tele out of that, charge or tele/zeal on top of them. If they cast Bone Spirit most of them will come back and hit you while you're zealing, which can be like zealing in Chaos Sanctuary with Iron Maiden, in 1.12 and below versions.

    ----------------Ãœber Strategy----------------

    Okay so most people know that you collect three sets of three keys (Terror, Hate, and Destruction), create the portals in the same game, you get to fight Lilith in the Matron's Den, Ãœber Duriel in the Forgotten Sands, and Ãœber Izual in the Furnace of Pain. Collect the organs they drop and create the Ãœber Tristram portal. There you'll fight Ãœber Mephisto, Pandemonium Diablo, and Ãœber Baal.

    Easy, equip Chains of Honor, Herald of Zakarum, Dracul's Grasp, Raven Frost, and your Grief Phase Blade. You won't be zealing here, you can, but it's just so much easier when you don't have to worry about Attack Rating.

    This is really easy to do with your equipment. It may not even seem necessary to write this section in, but it really is this easy to do with your Zealot, really. Stacked resists? Check. +400 damage smite? Check. Lifetap? Check. Cannot Be Frozen? Check. God mode on? Check. You don't even have to worry about prevent monster heal, because you're doing this in one fell swoop.

    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    2310 Defense

    She's pathetic, she thinks she's tough and gozu, but she really isn't. Kill all of the monsters in the way with zeal, once you find her just smite her to death. Tap casts and she's dead from there.

    Ãœber Duriel
    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    2520 Defense

    He uses his infamous Holy Freeze aura still. But his attacks are so pathetic, I feel sorry for the maggot. Just smite him again, don't forget to spit on his corpse.

    Ãœber Izual
    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    2520 Defense

    This is a bit of a challenge now, getting there at least. There's a lot of Iron Maiden being thrown around in the Furnace of Pain. I recommend that you put enigma on and teleport to where he is, make a town portal in the corner some where taking out any monsters that cast Iron Maiden on you (not while you have it though). Izual himself is simple, just smite him (obviously not just once) and he's done.

    Ãœber Mephisto
    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    3360 Defense

    He's using conviction aura, take him out first. He likes to spawn skeletons that surround you as you fight him. He likes to move sometimes when you're smiting him it's best if you click and hold not shift and click. His charged bolt skill is deadly if you aren't wearing any resists, even with lifetap. It can OHKO you easily if you're not wearing lightning resistance. Find him, smite him, and take him out. If there are a bunch of monsters surrounding you after you finish him off switch to Zeal and take them out as well. Your lifetap will come in handy right about now. Next Ãœber is up to you.

    Ãœber Baal
    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    3150 Defense

    Just laugh in his face as you continually smite him. When your lifetap casts you're basically invincible. Finish him and take out any monsters surrounding you with Zeal.

    Pandemonium Diablo
    Level 110
    650000-660000 Hit Points
    2940 Defense

    Same thing, different boss. Take him out and claim your new Hellfire Torch and/or Standard of Heroes. I actually carry one SoH in my inventory at all times, am I the only one?
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2011
  2. taxcut

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    Oct 12, 2009
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    What about maxing Blessed Aim for the passive bonus to attack rating? I would rather hit with 4k instead of missing with 5k...

    Points in resist auras also passively raise your max resists...
  3. Buran

    Buran IncGamers Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Nice list. For PvM I'll suggest to put also hard points in 1 point wonders as Cleansing, Vigor, Redemption, Salvation.

    About the gear, Metal Grid amulet could be excellent, and asd weapon I would choose a eDeath (berserkser or ettin axe) followed by Grief. You can do the work with a runeword that cost 3 Guls instead of falling into madness searching for all those Zods. I known the guide is theoretical, but eDeath is way cheaper and more powerful than eBOTD.
  4. Rawness

    Rawness IncGamers Member

    Jun 3, 2006
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    I absolutely loathe people who mention perfect/ultimate in the guide, especially when there' such great deficits....
    Second, you go off talking about 1.13 "perfection". Who the **** is gonna care about this guide when the reset hits? This is awful for any beginner, and to any decent player - because he already knows that gear he would have. It's bloody useless, because it doesn't do anything that the other guides does, it fails ony every single level expect listing gear & stats, which is so tediously easy to do.

    If you're gonna do something ... do it right... don't utterly fail...
  5. KillaMike

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    i also love the fact that so called "perfect guide" writers usually got 1post as well. sooooooo awesome.
  6. Scudstorm

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    Apr 28, 2008
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Let's not be so harsh on the 1st timers... It may be arrogant to write stuff like "perfection" when he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about, but hey, at least he tried to help :)
  7. Tidolwav

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Yes this is my first guide, no I didn't mean it to be arrogant. I'm not sure what's wrong with my guide? I only say 1.13 because of the respecify option that I include. I figured Zealots are pretty well known by now that anyone can figure out you use Zeal for a primary attack. This was a guide for gear perfection not dueling perfection, everyone has there own little knicks and knacks for how to duel, but I figured out how to duel Hammerdins and thought I'd share that with you, Sorceress's are almost impossible to duel being that they Tele-spam all over your screen most likely killing you before you get to them. Please constructive criticism only.

    -late post- Don't pm me about this response people, I changed my guide severely.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
  8. Imapirate

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Maybe post another section for a 1.13 budget zealot?
  9. Tidolwav

    Tidolwav IncGamers Member

    Jan 10, 2010
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    (O) Posted mediocre zealot thread. Added additional information. Thanks for the tips.

    (O) Added more information + Dueling Strategies.

    (O) Added more information. Compared BOTD to Death.

    (O) Added more information to PVP, and Items.

    (O) Added more information to PVP.

    (O) Added more information to full guide, revised and edited, added Ladder Only and Runes to items.

    (O) Added more information, completed contents, and added Ãœber strategy section.

    (O) Added more information on the BoTD vs Death.

    (O) Recompared BoTD and Death.

    (O) Completed synopsis for the comparison. Cleaned up guide.

    (O) Edited Topic Headers to make them stand out more.

    (O) Revised sentences.

    (O) Revised and edited PVP Section.

    (O) Added more information to Paladin Duel section.

    (O) Fixed Skills. 107 actual points and 4 points left over not 108/3.

    (O) Added more information, edited and revised guide. Added Switch Weapons/shields.

    (O) Changed titles. Added more information. Almost finished.

    (O) Added new weapon. Added Blessed Hammer sweet spot pictures to VS Hammerdin section.

    (O) Added a few lines under VS Sorceress section.

    (O) Added more information under Dueling. Edited and Revised.

    (O) Added the Big D(iablo)ictionary link.

    (O) Added more to the PvP section (Barbarian and Assassin).

    (O) Added Laying of Hands to Gear section.

    (O) Added more information and compared Kingslayer, Azurewrath, and Passion.

    (O) Ongoing efforts are made to improve this guide, I'm still in limbo with rares, give it some time and you may see them.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
  10. Rawness

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    I am replying to a PM I Got a way back, and I am sorry for reviving this thread but it seems proper. First thought: it has certainly been redeemed from the ****ter; it's not the best guide out there, but not a piece of **** any longer. It shows some insights that is not obvious as day. Now I sound like a reviewer; all arrogant and... eee... But I'll continue with this tone.

    I'd mention throwing 1pt into Vengence. It makes PI's easy cake. Andys face should be mentioned when one uses that in combination with Death because of the IAS needed. Throw in the 33CB% and OW armour (dont recall it's name for an honourable mention), mention ethereal stormlash or Schaefers.

    Mention Phoenix as viable; and that it does not interrupt attacks in as annoying fashion as for everyone else.

    If one thing I’d mention Blessed aim as a 1-20 and defiance as 1-20…
  11. Tidolwav

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    To be honest I still think you're still being too hard; I did a lot of work on this guide and I've read the other Zealot guides. Not to toot my own horn, but I think mine is on the peak or next to it.

    Vengeance is an interesting skill, but the damage output is so ridiculous why waste that 1 point, when it can go into your Defiance? Physical Immunes are so few and far in between you can handle a few seconds of grinding one monster without it, plus you should have elemental damage from a few sources (e.g. Raven Frost). Now if it's PI and CI then just don't even bother if your only source of elemental damage is cold. What's one monster? If you HAVE to kill it, buy a mercenary and slap a radiance of elemental damage on him. Don't waste that precious skill point on a silly skill (unless they buff it in future patches).

    I do mention it and I'll quote it

    "The reasoning behind maxing defiance instead of blessed aim is because the defense given from defiance is much greater then the attack rating given from Blessed Aim."

    Trust me I've tested it before and it's totally worthless you're better off using Hsarus' Iron Heel + Hsarus' Iron Stay and two Angelic Halos.

    Here are some rings that you can use instead of wasting 1 point
    Raven Frost - Adds 15-45 Cold Damage
    Stone of Jordan - Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage
    Carrion Wind - 10% Chance To Cast Level 10 Poison Nova When Struck

    Highlord's Wrath - Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage | Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15
    The Rising Sun - Adds 24-48 Fire Damage | 2% Chance To Cast Level 13-19 Meteor When Struck
    Atma's Scarab - +40 Poison Damage over 4 seconds
    The Eye of Etlich - Adds (1-2) to (3-5) Cold Damage
    Nokozan Relic - Adds 3-6 Fire Damage

    Exile- Freezes Target
    Death- 25% Chance To Cast Level 18 Glacial Spike On Attack | Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
    Grief- 35% Chance To Cast Level 15 Venom On Striking | Adds 5-30 Fire Damage | -20-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (varies)
    Call To Arms- Adds 5-30 Fire Damage

    Vengeance - Level 1
    Fire Damage: +70 percent
    Cold Damage: +70 percent
    Lightning Damage: +70 percent

    Vengeance - Level 1 - With 1 point in Salvation/ Resist Fire/ Resist Cold/ Resist Lightning
    Fire Damage: +82 percent
    Cold Damage: +82 percent
    Lightning Damage: +72 percent

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  12. hubb

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    The elemental damage from those sources is laughable. With a high damage weapon, enough ias and only one point vengeance you will take down PIs with ease. Obviously "wasting" a point is not ideal if you only pvp but it's the best solution by several orders of magnitude. And skipping parts of the game hardly makes for a perfect build ;D

    I wonder how the berserk from passion will compare. Your ed from fanat will apply to it, unlike with vengeace.
  13. KillaMike

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    death is pretty much best weapon for a zealer, with grief being close to it ( well... both of them are pretty close to each other ) and BOTD is trailing behind, cause its useless ( dont bring up lying screen nonsense, damage on death > botd )

    i like exile, but for perfect builds, exile is a no no, if you ll go to ZvZ duels with exile, gg lifetapper. for pvm, sure, pretty good shield.

    funny that i cant see double upped goblin toes, those boots are a beast in pvm

    belts: why didnt you mention tgods?

    gloves: why no LoH? good damage boost, ias, fire res, those golves are pretty awesome to what they offer.

    i ll still hold to my opinion that torch is useless on zealer, anni as well.

    gear section: you got so much gear, you just listing it, there isnt a nice set. i know coh is good, and i know kira is good, so i ll go in zeal vs zeal with that. we both know that you are not getting extra damage from coh in PvP.

    still needs work on it, but now it... it is much better then it was before.
  14. Tidolwav

    Tidolwav IncGamers Member

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Funny thing is I've done so much dueling that Ebotdz isn't that bad of a PvP weapon, maybe I'll post screenshots/videos sometime. Why would you use Goblin Toes instead of Goreriders, what's 10% more CB? Minor variables are not THAT important. It's almost a waste of time to get every little detail perfect. The STR and VIT you get from TGod's is alright, but you can get the same from a PAnni or PTorch or 10 anni and 10 torch. Damage Reduced is much more important.

    I'm not sure if you understand that all the gear is for Zealot vs All, not ZvZ. Which is why (if you read it) I say CoH and Kira's are for vs Ele (say sorc or fire druid). Laying of hands is on my Mediocre guide. They're good, but definitely NOT needed for a zealot, unless you're using Death which I say "... for some 20% IAS and +STR gloves if you're using the Death runeword."

    -Edit- Also you must not be reading everything I wrote, because I have this as well "...Use Laying of Hands gloves for your 20% IAS, it also has 50% fire resist which is nice..." But I put it in the gear section to make you happy. Either way, read my whole guide don't skim, if you're going to give me a review. It's just not worth it to argue my case if it's already in the guide. With that I probably won't respond anymore unless it's actually a valid question/argument. Thank you. -Edit-

    +25 Defense - Worthless
    +20% Increased Attack Speed - Nice if you're using Death
    +350% Damage To Demons - PvM only
    Fire Resist +50% - Nice against fire sorcs
    10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Holy Bolt On Striking - Worthless

    Alright, you win, I'll add the gloves to the guide.

    Also Anni/Torch gives resistance which is nice for Sorcs/CS/Ele Druids/Avengers/ or any other elemental build
    the stats gained from anni and torch are almost reason enough to keep them. 'Nuff said.

    It was sarcasm in the form of seriousness! I was pointing out that you don't need to put a point in vengeance to get elemental damage to take out a PI.
    Actually you raise a nice question there, Passion doesn't have a high rune cost either. I'll test it later, thank you for pointing that out to me! I'll look into the Berserk.

    -Edit- Kingslayer adds +1 to vengeance... I'll test and compare the two weapons and make a decision, thanks for the ideas guys -Edit-

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  15. KillaMike

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    t-gods are nice for souls in wsk :unimpressed:
  16. Grapeape

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    Mar 18, 2010
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    pretty nice guide imo, not sure why alot of people seem to be disliking it. although the perfection bit is not really needed, seeing as one persons opinion will be different then the next (different play styles etc).

    anyway enjoyed the guide... was wondering if this could work with 2h, i've been dieing to try and make a 2h zealot for for the past few months, although havn't found much info on how to go about doing it.I'm not really concerned about the loss of defense from not having a shield and im guessing i could get some extra resists from other sources (charms mostly), this would be on hardcore SP btw.
  17. Davidus

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    Jul 4, 2003
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    "3/20/20 x 37"

  18. Tidolwav

    Tidolwav IncGamers Member

    Jan 10, 2010
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    Of course absorbing lightning is fun, but one thing you have to realize is this: The gear I've chosen all have PvP details underneath them. Which gets me thinking, maybe I should include PvM material in this as well... hmm :scratchchin: ... thank god I can still edit! :thumbup:

    That's where "perfection" goes into, perfection meaning perfect gear, don't even tell me that it's impossible to have 37 legit 3/20/20's. It's just a lot of looking, trading, and/or being picky. I should also note if you can't find a 3/20/20 you can go for the runner up 3/x/x, I just listed the perfect stats on all items, because that's obviously your aim. Now give me a break.

    Thank you for your compliment! Read above for "perfection"
    Try this for a 2h zealot, it's not a complete guide, but it's something to start with. If you like it I can run with it, if not tell me why, and I'll adjust. You'll probably prefer a fanaticism aura though, anyways here it is: Zealot Fanaticist Group

  19. KillaMike

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    then why did you listed other PvM items? zealers does a short work against any caster, just get charge and charge to death while running salvation, d'oh.

    sure, go for PvM section as well, and 1 more thing to ask: GET RID OF SMALL WRITING, it hurts my eyes by staring at it on my screen (and i am too lazy to zoom in)

  20. Tidolwav

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    Re: 1.13 Zealot's Guide to Perfection

    "Ready to work!"
    "What do you want?"
    "Something need doing?"
    "I can do that."
    "Be happy to."
    "Work, work."


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