[1.13 SC ATMA V] Tal Rasha's Guardianship for Natalya's Mark


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I am currently running the "Ancient Tunnels" for Natalya's Mark. I found Tal Rasha's Guardianship. I will trade it and a Vex rune for a Natalya's Mark. The damn thing just won't drop for me so now I am here with ATMA V. I really hope I can work this trade out with someone. Also I would like to add that; if there is anything wrong with my post or profile except me being new to this, please let me know. I will make any necessary corrections.
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Hey @Danielator - Welcome to the SPTF. :)

You need to create a trader profile first. Then, when you're posting items for trade, you'll need to put a link to your profile at the top of the posts. Like this:

[1.13 SC FAM] - highlight and click the (chain) icon to insert the link to your profile.

1.13 - which version? 1.13d?
FAM = Forum Approved Mods (which means muling programs like ATMA/GoMule and game mods like the Runeword Mod RWM)


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@Danielator Please read the trade rules, update and link to your trading profile. When this is corrected, you may trade. PM me if anything is not clear.

@everyone: No offers until this is fixed please, or thread gets locked.
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