1.13 Mat/Pat #3 - Introducing Patriarch Ratsak


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1.13 Mat/Pat #3 - Introducing Patriarch Ratsak

Patriarch Ratsak, the poisonmancer, lvl **

Strength: 91/133
Dexterity: 213/235
Vitality: 201/218
Energy: 25/32
HP: 607/841
Mana: 199/398
Stamina: 352/382
Defense: 53/1189
AR: 1020/1188

Fire: 202/162/102
Cold: 226/186/126
Lightning: 186/146/86
Poison: 185/145/85

MF: 200 Block: 75
GF: 128
FR/W: 25
FHR: 16
IAS: 30
FCR: 50

Amplify Damage: 1/9
Dim Vision: 1/9
Weaken: 1/9
Iron Maiden: 1/9
Terror: 1/9
Confuse: 0/0
Life Tap: 1/9
Attract: 0/0
Decrepify: 1/9
Lower Resist: 1/9

Teeth: 1/11
Bone Armor: 0/0
Poison Dagger: 20/35
Corpse Explosion: 7/17
Bone Wall: 0/0
Poison Explosion: 20/34
Bone Spear: 0/0
Bone Prison: 0/0
Poison Nova: 20/34
Bone Spirit: 0/0

Skeleton Mastery: 0/0
Raise Skeleton: 0/0
Clay Golem: 11/17
Golem Mastery: 11/17
Raise Skeletal Mage: 0/0
Blood Golem: 0/0
Summon Resist: 1/7
Iron Golem: 0/0
Fire Golem: 0/0
Revive: 0/0


Weapon 1

Blackbog's Sharp
pDiamond Trang-Oul's Wing

Weapon 2

pDiamond Trang-Oul's Wing

“Um†Skin of the Vipermagi
Trang-Oul's Claws
Trang-Oul's Girth
War Traveler
Mara's Kaleidoscope
SoJ / Nagel
Two Fungal skillers & resist all charms

Merc (Act 2 – Holy Freeze)
The Gladiator's Bane
“Obedience†Eth GT

Random musings:

This is my third 1.13 mat/pat and again, not what I'd call a difficult build. The -25% poison resist and LR broke many PIs, I was hoping for a Death's Web but no dice, my merc and CE took care of the rest. The FW came in handy on occasions, but very occasionally, and in the end I removed it from hot-keys. With about 6500 points of poison damage, according to the LCS, many baddies died with just one nova, but this lead to some sloppiness on my behalf and several deaths. A monster with a half a pixel of health left can still kill you! What pissed me of was the fact that I was so complacent that I didn't even use curses to help me, a LR, DV or Decrep would have saved a lot of grief! I normally complete a build by lvl 84 or 85, up I spent a lot of time running the Pits for items, and found sweet bugger all, and the Council for rune, besides a Vex – sweet bugger all. Thought I'd give the Cows a go and ended up in the stockade with the Cow King on arrival. A PN and a CE later, no more Cow King. Sigh. For the bosses I just switched to the Fleshripper and simply kept stabbing, that did the trick. In the end the build was so easy that it caused my laxness, or was that just my stupidity. Fun but!