1.13 LK Patterns


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Hi there again and gratz on those sweet rune finds :)
I will try to add them any time soon.

Had a longer break from D2 again but got back with a friend for 1.07 and 1.09 HC LOD!


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Rune drops, p7, 1.14d

Multiple new patterns...well, it's strange to find so many new in a row on various runes, but someone had to I guess. Recording now, so can tell for some and in the future it it is from a locked chest or not.
Sooo these finds get me really confused and I have not added any of these so far

Are you sure about the player setting that you have used? Is it P7/P8 for sure?
It is quite unlikely to find so many new patterns on this setting especially for higher runes like Vex, Ohm, Lo
This makes me think that perhaps 1.14 are different than 1.13 patterns but looking at some screenshots it seems that at least most patterns should be the same.

As I said this is weird.. does anyone have any idea on this?

Anyhow.. I have added to most recent screenshots of this thread to the list.
Here is the current one (again: without the screenshots posted by Babyhell

How to read the following patterns:
(ID) Rune [Category] [Item Count] Fixed Items [Variable Items]

Pattern list:

(30) Ber 5
(29) Sur 10
(28) Lo 3
(27) Ohm 5
(26) Vex 6
(25) Gul 12
(24) Ist 8
(23) Mal 18
(22) Um 13
(21) Pul 19

(ID_150) Ber [PROVEN] War Sword, Wyrmhide Boots, Ring
(ID_151) Ber [PROVEN] Antlers, Chain Gloves, Small Shield [Blade Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Wrist Spike, Crossbow, Stygian Pike]
(ID_161) Ber [NEW] Antlers, Blade Bow, Horned Helm, Tyrant Club, Pike
(ID_333) Ber [NEW] Blade, Edge Bow, Large Shield, Flail
(ID_152) Ber [KNOWN] Brandistock, Great Sword, Light Belt [3 Others]

(ID_140) Sur [PROVEN] Ring
(ID_141) Sur [PROVEN] Defender, Elegant Blade, Tusk Sword [Suwayyah]
(ID_142) Sur [PROVEN] Defender, Morning Star, Legend Sword
(ID_146) Sur [PROVEN] Bramble Mitts, Double Bow, Gilded Shield, Gothic Shield, Hurlbat, Martel de Fer, Stygian Pike, Rune Staff, Ring
(ID_148) Sur [PROVEN] Demonhide Armor [Morning Star, Truncheon]
(ID_144) Sur [PROVEN] Lochaber Axe, Pike, War Axe
(ID_139) Sur [PROVEN] Barbed Club, Grim Shield, Morning Star
(ID_143) Sur [PROVEN] Amulet, Barbed Club, Belt, Grand Scepter, Tomahawk, Flamberge, Mummified Trophy [Long Sword, Lochaber Axe, Grave Wand]
(ID_145) Sur [PROVEN] Espandon, Fuscina, Hard Leather Armor, Scale Mail, Hyperion Spear [Crystal Sword, Small Shield]
(ID_314) Sur [NEW] Lochaber Axe, Pike, War Axe, Amulet, Gorgon Crossbow

(ID_137) Lo [PROVEN] Bill, Ring
(ID_138) Lo [PROVEN] Phase Blade, Stag Bow, Giant Conch, Throwing Axe
(ID_330) Lo [NEW] Composite Bow, Demonhide Gloves, Light Plated Boots

(ID_132) Ohm [PROVEN] Amulet, Ring, Crown, Francisca, Jared's Stone [Greater Talons, War Gauntlets]
(ID_133) Ohm [PROVEN] Giant Sword
(ID_135) Ohm [PROVEN] Minion Skull, Polished Wand [War Scythe, Bone Shield, Amulet]
(ID_136) Ohm [PROVEN] Kite Shield, Heraldic Shield, Balanced Knife, Grim Helm, Mace, Mace, Ring [Pellet Bow]
(ID_134) Ohm [PROVEN] Barbed Club, Claws, Hawk Helm, Scarab Husk, Maul

(ID_129) Vex [PROVEN] Horned Helm
(ID_130) Vex [PROVEN] Grand Scepter [Heavenly Stone, Crystal Sword]
(ID_52) Vex [PROVEN] Belt, Claws, Greaves, War Hat [Helm, Legend Sword, Rondel]
(ID_127) Vex [PROVEN] Breast Plate [Gorgon Crossbow, Claws]
(ID_126) Vex [PROVEN] Breast Plate, Claws, Long Sword, Hyperion Javelin, Chain Mail [Military Pick, Throwing Spear, Large Charm]
(ID_128) Vex [PROVEN] Balrog Blade, Chaos Armor, Two-Handed Sword, Death Mask [Burnt Wand, Short Battle Bow, Battle Staff, Amulet]

(ID_115) Gul [PROVEN] Shamshir, Twin Axe, Claws, Studded Leather, Bone Helm, Short War Bow, Suwayyah, Ceremonial Spear, Demonhide Boots, Reflex Bow
(ID_119) Gul [PROVEN] Gothic Bow
(ID_123) Gul [PROVEN] Luna, Crossbow, Trellised Armor [Jared's Stone]
(ID_124) Gul [PROVEN] Amulet, Defender, Demonhide Gloves, Long Bow
(ID_118) Gul [PROVEN] Antlers, Antlers, Yew Wand
(ID_116) Gul [PROVEN] Battle Axe, Crystal Sword, War Sword [Edge Bow, Scythe, Mesh Boots, Ring]
(ID_117) Gul [PROVEN] Grand Charm, Mummified Trophy, Razor Bow, Scale Mail
(ID_120) Gul [PROVEN] Balanced Knife, Gothic Plate, Hatchet, Mage Plate, Scissors Katar, Zombie Head
(ID_122) Gul [PROVEN] Cuirass, Light Crossbow, Sharktooth Armor
(ID_125) Gul [PROVEN] Amulet, Demonhide Sash [Field Plate, Scale Mail, Jared's Stone, Hurlbat]
(ID_121) Gul [PROVEN] Bec-De Corbin, Bone Shield, Hunters Guise, Stiletto, War Axe
(ID_159) Gul [NEW] Vambraces, Ogre Axe

(ID_109) Ist [PROVEN] Crossbow, Grand Scepter, Hatchet, Scarabshell Boots
(ID_108) Ist [PROVEN] Bastard Sword, Heavy Boots, Tabar, Fal rune
(ID_111) Ist [PROVEN] Plated Belt, Rune Bow, Tulwar
(ID_112) Ist [PROVEN] Crowbill, Colossus Voulge, Kite Shield [Gothic Plate]
(ID_114) Ist [PROVEN] Axe
(ID_110) Ist [NEW] Long Sword
(ID_113) Ist [NEW] Long Bow, Small Crescent, Double Axe, Maul, Ith rune
(ID_163) Ist [NEW] Double Axe, Silver-Edged Axe, Bone Helm, Greaves, Ort rune, Dol rune

(ID_105) Mal [PROVEN] Splint Mail, Plated Belt, Chain Gloves, Sharkskin Gloves, Throwing Axe, Defender, Flamberge, Edge Bow, Large Axe, Ring, Ring
(ID_93) Mal [PROVEN] Giant Conch, Grand Scepter, Horned Helm [Spider Bow]
(ID_95) Mal [PROVEN] Sabre, Trident [Lance, Battle Dart]
(ID_99) Mal [PROVEN] Demonhide Sash, Sacred Targe, Stiletto, Thresher, Short Siege Bow
(ID_101) Mal [PROVEN] Balanced Axe, Mithril Point
(ID_102) Mal [PROVEN] Ancient Axe, Broad Axe, Dragon Shield, Lochaber Axe, Large Charm
(ID_94) Mal [PROVEN] Chain Mail, Ghost Armor
(ID_97) Mal [PROVEN] Demonhide Sash, Amn Rune [Antlers]
(ID_100) Mal [PROVEN] Helm, Sacred Rondache
(ID_96) Mal [PROVEN] Claymore, Giant Sword [Siege Crossbow, Spiderweb Sash]
(ID_98) Mal [PROVEN] Morning Star, Short Spear
(ID_106) Mal [PROVEN] Ghost Wand, Greater Claws, Kite Shield, Ogre Maul, Shael rune
(ID_107) Mal [PROVEN] Chu-Ko-Nu, Heavy Crossbow
(ID_103) Mal [PROVEN] Barbed Shield, Giant Axe, Shamshir, Wire Fleece, War Scythe, Jawbone Visor [Battle Sword]
(ID_160) Mal [NEW] Sabre, Battle Axe, Horned Helm
(ID_324) Mal [NEW] Scale Mail, Battle Hammer, Greaves, Yari, Grim Scythe
(ID_327) Mal [NEW] Crystal Sword, Edge Bow, Io rune
(ID_341) Mal [NEW] Vampirebone Gloves

(ID_84) Um [PROVEN] Flying Axe, Jewel
(ID_89) Um [PROVEN] War Fist, Large Charm
(ID_87) Um [PROVEN] Crystal Sword, Giant Sword, Jawbone Visor
(ID_90) Um [PROVEN] Antlers, Polished Wand
(ID_83) Um [PROVEN] Bastard Sword, Long Battle Bow, Dol rune [Bone Helm]
(ID_86) Um [PROVEN] Sabre, Pike, Cestus
(ID_157) Um [PROVEN] Field Plate, Breast Plate, Large Charm
(ID_88) Um [PROVEN] Heavy Belt, Plated Belt, Throwing Spear, Matriarchal Javelin
(ID_85) Um [PROVEN] Kite Shield, Spiked Shield [Sacred Feathers]
(ID_91) Um [PROVEN] Casque, Demonhide Gloves, Studded Leather
(ID_325) Um [NEW] Flamberge, Amulet
(ID_328) Um [NEW] Chain Mail
(ID_92) Um [KNOWN] Razor Bow

(ID_81) Pul [PROVEN] Double Axe
(ID_73) Pul [PROVEN] Rune Sword, Throwing Spear [Ring]
(ID_72) Pul [PROVEN] Scissors Katar, Repeating Crossbow
(ID_76) Pul [PROVEN] Crystal Sword, Broad Sword, Fascia, Scale Mail, Splint Mail, Tower Shield, Throwing Spear, Grand Charm
(ID_153) Pul [PROVEN] Broad Axe [Pike, Gauntlets]
(ID_70) Pul [PROVEN] Flying Axe, Cutlass
(ID_71) Pul [PROVEN] Chain Boots, Hunters Bow, Long Staff
(ID_74) Pul [PROVEN] Cleaver, Colossus Voulge, Crossbow, Trident, Full Helm [War Javelin, War Gauntlets]
(ID_77) Pul [PROVEN] Greaves, Sacred Globe [Crowbill]
(ID_78) Pul [PROVEN] Gladius, Large Charm, Partizan, Gargoyle Head [Templar Coat, Shadow Bow, Grand Crown, Military Axe, Ogre Axe, Broad Axe]
(ID_162) Pul [PROVEN] Studded Leather, Ring
(ID_75) Pul [PROVEN] Nef Rune [Smoked Sphere, Vampirefang Belt]
(ID_82) Pul [PROVEN] Blade Barrier, Bone Knife, Throwing Axe, Winged Helm
(ID_154) Pul [PROVEN] Military Pick, War Axe [Chain Gloves, Scutum]
(ID_155) Pul [PROVEN] Balanced Knife, Claymore, Ring, Ceremonial Spear, Partizan
(ID_166) Pul [PROVEN] Sacred Targe, Scythe, Two-Handed Sword, Spiked Club
(ID_79) Pul [NEW] Giant Sword, Tiara
(ID_80) Pul [NEW] Stygian Pike
(ID_165) Pul [NEW] Two-Handed Sword, Ring

(30) Ber 2
(29) Sur 6
(28) Lo 4
(27) Ohm 2
(26) Vex 6
(25) Gul 2
(24) Ist 3
(23) Mal 6
(22) Um 8
(21) Pul 7

(ID_68) Ber [CONFIRMED] Double Axe, Great Maul, Long Staff
(ID_69) Ber [KNOWN] Heraldic Shield, Serpentskin Armor

(ID_62) Sur [PROVEN] Martel de Fer, Swirling Crystal, Tir Rune
(ID_63) Sur [NEW] Coronet, Long War Bow, Twin Axe, Battle Hammer, Ring
(ID_64) Sur [NEW] Ring, Trellised Armor, Wrist Sword
(ID_65) Sur [KNOWN] Mace
(ID_66) Sur [KNOWN] Breast Plate, Blade Bow, Wyrmhide [3 Others]
(ID_67) Sur [KNOWN] Cudgel, Eagle Orb, Grand Crown, War Hammer

(ID_58) Lo [NEW] Bardiche, Siege Crossbow, Assault Helmet
(ID_59) Lo [KNOWN] Hyperion Javelin, Legend Sword, Military Pick, Vambraces
(ID_60) Lo [KNOWN] Full Plate Mail, Pellet Bow, Poleaxe
(ID_61) Lo [KNOWN] Military Axe, Quhab, Flying Knife, Breast Plate

(ID_56) Ohm [NEW] Battle Staff, Heavy Boots
(ID_57) Ohm [NEW] Great Sword, Swirling Crystal

(ID_49) Vex [NEW] Full Helm, Sacred Globe
(ID_50) Vex [NEW] Gothic Axe, Spider Bow, Voulge, Two-Handed Sword
(ID_51) Vex [NEW] Heavy Belt, Lochaber Axe
(ID_53) Vex [NEW] Gorgon Crossbow, Splint Mail
(ID_54) Vex [KNOWN] Burnt Wand
(ID_55) Vex [KNOWN] Espandon, Brandistock, Brandistock

(ID_48) Gul [NEW] Jewel
(ID_337) Gul [NEW] Military Pick, Razor Bow, Ring

(ID_45) Ist [CONFIRMED] Dirk
(ID_46) Ist [CONFIRMED] Clasped Orb, Katar, Pilum, Royal Shield
(ID_47) Ist [NEW] Giant Sword, Ring, Rondache, Tigulated Mail, Tir rune

(ID_41) Mal [NEW] Gladius, Feral Axe, Tower Shield, Bastard Sword, Scarabshell Boots
(ID_42) Mal [NEW] Ghost Armor, Light Gauntlets, Lochaber Axe, Ogre Axe
(ID_43) Mal [NEW] Crystal Sword, Diamond Bow, Kris, Maul, Tyrant Club
(ID_331) Mal [NEW] Feral Axe, Kite Shield
(ID_332) Mal [NEW] Battle Axe, Barbed Club, Composite Bow
(ID_44) Mal [KNOWN] Defender, Yew Wand

(ID_37) Um [CONFIRMED] Ancient Sword, Poignard
(ID_33) Um [NEW] Ballista, Blade Bow, Composite Bow, Gothic Bow, Ring
(ID_34) Um [NEW] Breast Plate, Defender, Light Crossbow
(ID_35) Um [NEW] Ceremonial Javelin, Spetum
(ID_36) Um [NEW] Battle Axe, Cestus, Sharkskin Boots, Tower Shield
(ID_38) Um [KNOWN] Cedar Bow, Military Pick
(ID_39) Um [KNOWN] Gothic Axe, Spetum
(ID_40) Um [KNOWN] Battle Scythe, Crossbow, Double Axe

(ID_27) Pul [NEW] Boots, Light Gauntlets, Spetum
(ID_28) Pul [NEW] Chain Boots, Gothic Bow, Hurlbat, Lochaber Axe
(ID_29) Pul [NEW] Light Plate
(ID_30) Pul [NEW] Military Axe, Scissors Quhab
(ID_31) Pul [NEW] Great Maul, Rune Staff
(ID_32) Pul [NEW] Ceremonial Bow, Martel de Fer
(ID_164) Pul [NEW] Hatchet Hands, Ring

(30) Ber 1
(29) Sur 1
(28) Lo 3
(27) Ohm 1
(26) Vex 1
(25) Gul 4
(24) Ist 1
(23) Mal 7
(22) Um 4
(21) Pul 5

(ID_26) Ber [CONFIRMED] Giant Axe

(ID_25) Sur [NEW] Broad Axe, Military Pick, Serpentskin Armor

(ID_23) Lo [PROVEN] Pilum, Silver-Edged Axe, Pike, Long Staff, Crossbow
(ID_24) Lo [PROVEN] Hydra Edge, Pilum
(ID_320) Lo [NEW] Blade Talons, Quhab, Mage Plate, Shael rune

(ID_22) Ohm [CONFIRMED] Bone Wand, Glaive, Grim Scythe, Hurlbat

(ID_21) Vex [NEW] Gladius

(ID_17) Gul [CONFIRMED] Breast Plate, Lochaber Axe [Falcata]
(ID_18) Gul [NEW] Javelin, Rune Sword
(ID_19) Gul [KNOWN] Cestus, Elegant Blade, Large Charm [2 Others]
(ID_20) Gul [KNOWN] Splint Mail

(ID_334) Ist [NEW] Ataghan, Giant Sword, Truncheon, Thresher

(ID_13) Mal [PROVEN] Bone Knife, Lance, Stiletto
(ID_11) Mal [NEW] Battle Dart, Cedar Bow, Hyperion Javelin
(ID_12) Mal [NEW] Zweihander, Truncheon
(ID_14) Mal [NEW] Flail, Large Charm, War Hammer, Wrist Sword
(ID_340) Mal [NEW] War Spear, Amulet
(ID_15) Mal [KNOWN] Demonhide Gloves, Falcata, Throwing Axe
(ID_16) Mal [KNOWN] Circlet, Edge Bow, Serpentskin Armor, Two-Handed Sword

(ID_323) Um [NEW] Flamberge, Brandistock, Blade Talons, Linked Mail, Stygian Pilum
(ID_8) Um [KNOWN] Amulet, Boneweave, Claymore [2 Others]
(ID_9) Um [KNOWN] Stygian Pike
(ID_10) Um [KNOWN] Axe, Grand Charm

(ID_321) Pul [CONFIRMED] War Gauntlets, War Dart
(ID_5) Pul [NEW] Composite Bow, Hard Leather Armor, Silver-Edged Axe, War Javelin
(ID_6) Pul [NEW] Balrog Blade, Giant Axe, War Javelin, Long Sword, Small Charm, Amulet
(ID_322) Pul [NEW] Greaves
(ID_7) Pul [KNOWN] Bone Knife

(30) Ber 1
(29) Sur 1
(27) Ohm 1
(23) Mal 1
(22) Um 1
(21) Pul 1

(ID_4) Ber [NEW] Razor Bow

(ID_3) Sur [NEW] Highland Blade, Amulet

(ID_326) Ohm [NEW] Hurlbat, Heavy Gloves, Short War Bow

(ID_2) Mal [KNOWN] Large Charm

(ID_1) Um [KNOWN] Tyrant Club

(ID_329) Pul [NEW] Giant Sword, Tiara

(25) Gul 1
(24) Ist 1

(ID_339) Gul [NEW] Great Maul, Cuirass [Suspected to be P1 or P8]

(ID_338) Ist [NEW] Chain Gloves, Flamberge [Suspected to be P1 or P8]

Link to the gallery containing all screenshots (712 total):


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maybe I didn't recognize existing pattern/got a simple variation?

Edit: other possibility is obviously forgetting to set players to /p7...more probable in my case than setting p3/5
I do not believe that any of those patterns exist in an unmodded game -- I fear that your Diablo install might have been compromised somehow? :/


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I finally did what I should have done ages ago - leveled up a new sorc Hako to be an exclusive LK runner. In the end it only took a few days to go from 1-89!

In order to improve runtimes, I thought I was smart for not using a CTA. Yeah... no.



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@Babyhell Do you do regular backups? If so you might have one from before the failed install.

Also if you can pinpoint the time you did that restart and found some legit LK pattern screenshots from that time you could tell which of the people you traded with are not tainted.


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I mean don't we need to make double sure that something is indeed wrong first? I'm very far from a computer expert but it seems weird to me that something from a failed install changed how LK chests generate patterns. That's just such a far-fetched outcome. Most popular mods even have the same LK patterns.


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This is all based on the validity of Fruit's pattern generator but Fruit verified pretty much all of the existing patterns and the chances of that happening with the program being wrong is very low. All it takes is slightly different seeds being used for the generation of the patterns to get a completely different set of patterns.

Without seeing Babyhell's install it's pretty much impossible to give an exact reason.


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Don't know if it matters, but I'm a computer engineer by trade. I currently manage the backend systems that thousands of end users use. I have a lot of experience managing windows 7 and windows 10 at the enterprise level.

I have a good idea of how to verify this with a solution in place. Shoot me a pm @maxicek if you'd like help or to hear my idea.

@Babyhell is a 5* member who posts awesome content so I would love to help validate before any actions were taken.

I'm sure you have it all handled but just lemme know!


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Ok guys, can we leave Babyhell's situation out of here for now please?

Max and I are looking into it and we'll post when we've got a solution over the next few days (delay is my fault; I have a sister in law in hospital with late stage liver failure and my father was admitted today urgently with sepsis).

For the moment, please just keep this on topic.



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Is there any value in adding additional data points for patterns marked as proven?

P7 GUL pattern (ID_123)

Sorry for the tiny image. Accidentally compressed it to 50% twice in paint :oops:

Stamina GUL r242.png

Well, I forgot to set /players after a break, so here's a P1 MAL with a russet armor, which I didn't see in the pattern list.
Stamina MAL p1 r501.png
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Currently running P7 LK on my zon, she's the only one in HC hell A3+, I found a good map (I think), easy run from WP -> circlular patern.

Just wondering if 1:15~ average run time with 10 extra random poppables (not including 6 super chests and the 2 bodies that always spawn) is a good run time? I'm debating leveling a sorc as I know it's way faster but I'd just be worried about teleporting to my death (I play HC)

Edit : This 1:15 includes stash management
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