1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear


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1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

Since i don't have any experience with the Werebear and i don't think i've ever seen a untwinked HC Werebear, i think it's best to discuss the build before i start creating it!

This is what i got planned so far:

1 Werebear
10 Lychantropy
5 Shockwave§
20 Fireclaws

20 Firestorm
20 Molten Boulder
10 Fissure

1 Oak Sage
1 Grizzly

Finished at level 81, what do you think?

One big probem is probably to get a weapon that is fast enough! I've heard that the Werebear needs ALOT of IAS to be viable. A 6xShael PB would be nice but it's not often you find that untwinked. But i guess i can run the countess for a while. Anyone got any good ideas on how to aquire a decent weapon untwinked?

MaxBlock or not? Usually i like MB but now im not sure, the bear gets alot of life per vitality point and i don't need the AR from dex since i use FC. But if i go for a PB i will need to invest quite heavily into Dex anyway.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: 1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

Looks pretty sound to me, you've got a great crowd control skill in Shockwave, and you can deal a hell of a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Looking at the Wereform IAS Calculator, a plain Phase Blade with no WIAS can give up to 9 fpa with 60 OIAS. If you can find, say, a rare one with 40% IAS, that goes down to 7 fpa with just 12 OIAS.

Obviously, the ideal weapon is a Phase Blade with more than 108% WIAS - so a 6 socket one with 5 Shaels and a Jewel of Fervour will work. That takes you to the magic number of 4 fpa. Unfortunately the Fervour suffix is magic-only, so you can't get a Jewel of Freedom of Fervour (on a side note, how godly would a Ruby Scintillating Jewel of Freedom of Fervour be?)


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Re: 1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

Using fireclaws is a solid build, but I wouldn't recommend it. The thing is that there are a ton of Hell fire immunities and fi you're playing hardcore and untwinked, life will be tough. Your merc probably won't have the greatest gear meaning that Lister, any FI ancient, those inferno breathing dudes, and tons of other very dangerous monsters will be a nightmare to get past.

IIRC, you should either go for 2 hand weapon or a shield with very low block mainly for the resists. Wearbears apparently have a horrible blocking animation which can easily kill you if your surrounded and have a high blocking percentage.

I would suggest investing some points into Maul as physical damage backup against FI. Also, put at least a point into Hunger. You can probably never worry about health pots ever again as long as you have a half decent weapon and strength. That means that you're gonna have to drop one of the synergies at least.


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Re: 1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

My Firebear is using a 6socket Phase blade with 4 Shaels, and 1 Scintillating Jewel of Fervour. I never got around to putting a last Shael in it, but it is pretty fast.

My skills were:
20 OS
20 Fire claws
20 Lycantropy
20 Fissure
Rest in fire synergies.

I'm HC, so I got through without a death. Don't go max block - Druid's have slow blocking speeds, and you're likely to be put in block animation a fair amount.

I would aim for the socketable phase blade. You'll be quite happy with the speed of a 5-socketed blade. I don't know the breakpoints though.

While mines well equipped, I'd be happy to give some random in-game stats if there's anything you'd like to know.


Edit: I'd go against Maul or a physical attack. Your skill distribution is quite stretched. And I'd recommend extending the shapeshift duration. Decreasing your health when you change forms can easily get you, and with short shifting durations, it might happen a bit too often.
As to the physical skills, don't. Have a might merc, and have that increase your damage. It's not the fastest, but with low damage applied very quickly, you'll mostly be fine.

And possible try to start with 1 in Shockwave. I didn't find it was worth any more, despite being a great skill.


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Re: 1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

Excellent information, thanks guys!

Drystan, do you find that FC is viable even with so few points in synergies? Since im in HC perhaps i should max Lycantropy and put less points into FC synergies? And hopefully it will be enough with fewer then 5 in SW, freeing up some more valuable points.

I will probably go for the PB. Put whatever Shaels i can find into it, run the countess a bit perhaps. Hopefully my merc can take care of the immunes, otherwise i will have to try some MP if i get completely stuck.

I'll let you know how it goes! Don't hesitate to give me new opinions about the build in this thread :thumbup:


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Re: 1.11b RWM Untwinked HC Werebear

My FC damage (with might) is 3000-3200 damage. Without might, it's only ~100 less. Using the 1 point in Maul, you can get an extra little bit of Physical damage that can help with fire immunes (although the difference really isn't that much.)
Life is ~3000 with Bear and OS. However, I noticed then that mana is an issue. It runs out very fast, although I'd say look at that when you get to Hell. If some mana leach is available, even a slight amount may help - I don't know here.

I just ran around in Hell A1, and non-FI's go down very quickly. FI's go down steadily, but you can easily see the damage you apply. It's not much, but with quite rapid attacks, it goes down fairly steadily.
Also ran Eldrich and his pack were fairly quick.

I would recommend Lycantropy, as you get increased life and shifted duration. If you shift back too often, you're bound to shift back (and lose a bit of life) right when something explodes eventually.

As untwinked, the +skills to synergies don't count, so it shouldn't matter too much. Overall, I had about 8 to skills, but my amulet was a resist all magic, so you could make up 2-3 skills in that slot reasonably well.

With 136 to Dex at level 81 with a Stormshield, I have a 50% block, and you can notice when you block, so I'd suggest only aiming for the PB dex requirements.

I also had 1 point in a Vine to replenish health and remove some corpses, but I can't tell how that went. It probably was used for shamen/fallen FI's. Probably not recommended unless you already have good fire damage.

I would say test some things out though. If you go with Lycantropy, maybe put less in OS unless you need it, because for untwinked, the synergies are very stretched, and you have a lot of variability. Plus, you're may have a lower starting FC damage which means you may need more synergies.

Overall though, my FC at level 28 does 2801-2990, and kills very quickly. Shockwave is level 8, and worked fine for me.

My overall concern is that waiting to get that PB might be a problem. Mine was twinked, so I put it on when I could. A lot of weapons were quite slow, so hopefully you'll find something fairly quickly.