1.11 New MF Barb- BvC Style guide


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1.11 New MF Barb- BvC Style guide

1.11 New MF Barb- BvC Style Guide

This is a short guide I'm writing for a new style of MFing with a barb, something that I think has either not been done or is very rarely done. Back in 1.09 Barbs were very good at MF (it was either sorc or barb for MFing). They had BO, they had find item skill, they were tough characters, and monsters died easily. But with 1.10 caster types became better, and the sorc rose to the top MF char and Hammerdin paladins became the second, with druid windies and summoner necros tied at third IMO. Teleport became the most essential MF tool avaliable, and since the sorcs normally had it they became the best, with the hammerdins, windies and summoner all having teleport from enigma as well. The MF barbs no longer could wear all MF gear- 1.10 was harder in melee, and Barbs had to wear melee gear to survive. Most barbs that Mf'ed couldn't get all the same targets as fast with no tele, and GF barbs became the only viable barb to hunt gold with.

But with the invention of the greatest barb PvP character- the BvC (Barb vs. Caster) came the tools and techniques to make a 1.11 MF barb. Many people have said BvC's are PvP only- but with some slight modifications I've made one very good at PvM, rushing and especially MFing. It is very item dependent however, though not as expensive as PvP BvC's. It is not for the poor- a summoner necro or a cheap sorc are better for starting off.

On to the build.

First I'm going to talk about strategies and why BvC is similarly handled for MFing. The BvC was a most interesting find, creaitng a very unique situational PvP char. A teleporting, leaping, whirlwinding anti-caster barb was unheard of, but proved to be one of the top 3 PvP chars to beat. It's versatility, against casters and most melee types as well, make it a very popular choice.

BvC's use enigma- most builds in PvP do anyways- but what makes barbs the best with enigma is that they have the same FCR breakpoints as sorcs. 20%, 37%, 63%, 105%, 200%. Just a mere 20% made the barb tele as fast or faster than the other melee builds that use enigma. 37% made the BvC the fastest teleporitng melee character. 105% (attainable with FCR weps on switch) can let you chase down sorcs in baal games (very fun to do.) Enigma is the best MF amror- providing 1% MF per lvl, and the +2 skills, 40% FRW and other tasty mods make it the armor to use, no questions asked.

BvC's also use, in a very unorthodox/unprecedented manner, leap. This useless skill is beyond useful in PvP- by jumping and landing exactly where you jumped, you knock back the opponent and stun them for a good amount of time. Not war cry stun, but a superior stun. by catching an opponent in a leap, you can teleport in and whirlwind them quickly.

Whirlwind is used in a traingular pattern to maximize damage output- by whirlwinding in small triangles around opponents. I myself cannot do this, nor need to in PvM, but in PvP it's the difference between winning and losing.

What does the MF BvC barb do? he whirldwinds bosses/monsters, has beserk as a backup for phys immune and for activating life tap, teleports (really fast I might add), does not leap, and uses find item.

strength: enough to wear your enigma. mine is a dusk, so 77 str. my torch is 10/11 (not the best) and my anni is 15/20/10, but I got it late, so I did waste a few points to wear enigma at 65. I was starting this char and not making him optimal so it's ok- strength adds to damage anyways. Enough for equip, enigma plus your other items boosts this to 200+ levels on their own.
Dex- 60+ish. enough for hitting, raven+ebotd+beast makes me hit pretty ok, but make sure it doesn't go below 70% for normal monsters, because then hitting bosses will be much worse.
Vitality: everything else. High BO plus high vitality = 4k life at lvl 80
energy: none, barbs get 1 point per energy point, the + mana you get by gaining levels automatically, plus ebotd's mana leech, plus insight merc, makes mana irrelevant.

somewhat undecided on what to make last- maybe shout (for + duration of other warcries, + damage for beserk)? this part still in developement. Berserk used for phys immune and activating life tap

20 B0
Max (?) Shout
1 Battle Command
1 Find item
1 in prerequisites

20 Axe Mastery
1 increased speed
1+ natural resist (this barb is low on resists- thinking a perf maras plus 15 res rare ring to fix that, or getitng a higher res torch)
1 in all prerequisites

Combat Skills
20 Whirlwind (whilrwind does not activate life tap unless you are right next to monster and normal attack by cliking on him. I switch to berserk to effectively cast life tap.)
1 Beserk
1 in all prerequisites

The items are the most important part. it took me a while to figure it all out. One thing to note- Max MF is not reached, 200 MF is fine. Why not more? sorcs can load on more, but for melee gear 200 is optimal for killing speed. more can be added for charms, but I have had 5ish MF characters over the years and most had 200 MF, and they found plenty of items. Lots of time+speed>hi MF (due to more MF, less effective gear). If I can get a 17% ammy then dual isted ali baba could be used. a lot of 7% MF charms can be used to boost MF if desired, but the % find uniques peters off at 200.

FCR is also one of the bugs I had to work out. He has 20 FCR with his main weapons, 2xhoto on switch. I'm trying to get 17 more FCR on the ammy (I'm hoping for storm circlet/fletch, but not likely) I'll discuss that in ammy section

ebotd, Beast
These two are the best- Beast for 20% crushing blow, fanat aura, ebotd for the high damage, leech, and speed as main weapon. I've tried other combinations- a grief would add more damage, but ebotd is better for PvM/MFing (grief is best on smiter, PvP BvC, or druid shifter.) note about Beast- you will be repairing this weapon a lot. that's why i use ebotd, for it's indestructibility. enigma dusk costs less to repiar than an archon plate.
weapon switch: 2 hoto- 3 skill each to rpebuff the war cries, and used for extremely fast teleporting. teleporting to catch one monster can be done with 20 FCR/37 FCR with main weapons, but if you need to get somewhere (which happens alot when MFing) switch to HOTOs and get there in a hurry.
armor- Enigma
helm- Guillames Face. People are catching on to the 35% crushing blow- this gets mt CB to 55%, good for bosses. I put a PTopaz in it for more MF. I could use gores and shako, but Guilammes plus war traveler is better.
gloves- dracul's grasp. life tap doesn't activate with whirlwind, so I use berserk to activate it with relle tough monsters/bosses. I could change this to magefist/trang's, for the 20%FCR but i think the life tap is relle needed in dire situations.
belt- Arachs. the dream caster belt, and ideal for us too. +1 skill, 20% FCR, 10% slow
boots- War traveler. 35-50% MF, +15-25 damage, +10 str/vit
amulet- i currently use seraphs, but once I get better a good maras. the most ideal is a 17+ FCR amulet, like with crafted or the duped storm circlet/fletch (we ignore the +skills, the other mods on those two ammies is very desirable)
rings- Raven+soj, might change the soj to a 10 FCR +str +mana +15 res rare ring. If I can trade for it.
charms- torch, anni, gheeds. the usual. I have 10/11 Btorch, 15/20/10 Anni, and a low gheeds. You can also use 7% MF charms.

the merc is extremely important, he will provide 2 auras, both very nescessary
act 2 NM offensive (might)
Insight polearm (mine is eth CV)
vampire gaze (he needs leech)
COH/fort (i realized fort would work better for him, so I'll try to get one)
your merc is essential for teleporting, you'll have 600ish mana and when teleporting with him it will never go down, plus great against mana burn monsters.

MFing stretegies
This barb can play everywhere, since beserk lets us damage phys immunes. Good places:
thresh socket
other 85 level areas
haven't tested nilithak yet, he should be good once he gets more resists and maybe puts on nature's peace ring

You prebuff with warcries, and teleport to your MF spot with hoto's. once you get there, switch to beast/ebotd and whilrwind away. 20 FCR with beast/ebotd is slow when you try to get somewhere, but in actual combat it is still pretty fast, great for if you teleport too fat away you tele and wirlwind immediatly afterwards. great for getting to the hard monsters first- oblivion casters, gloams, etc.
if a huge mob is all dead, or against bosses/unique monsters, use find item with 2 hoto, it's really fast.

Rushing is also possible, you teleport as fast as sorcs so getting to spots is not any harder, and no immune problems at all so getting rich from forges is possible.

Possible improvements to build:
17 FCR ammy- this would be ideal, for faster teleporting when using beast/ebotd. it would make the 2xhoto reach the 105% FCR BP (i only have 100 with arachs+2xhoto.) it might even, if fast enough, allow me to replace both hoto with dual isted ali baba, which would greatly increase MF. I have two spare, in the event that I find the perfect amulet and that 37% teleporitng is fast enough. My resists are 27 all in hell now- pretty low, but my life leech makes for it. I need resists- a maras and a resist FCR ring could get it to max or close.

That's about it I think. This build is very fun to play, very out of the ordinary by taking a cookie-cutter PvP char and bringing him elsewhere. It is a fast killer, he runs all the MF spots very well and kills bosses fast too with 55% CB, is very tough with almost 4k life at lvl 80, can prolly get more resists, has life tap potential, and is very unique. I hope that other people rediscover the speed with which barbs can MF with this gear! I am a total speed freak so I only used fast MF chars, and this barb is no exception.


Not bad, somwhat similar to my Multi-purpose Frenzy Barb. Although frenzy might be more flexible; you can't WW through ubers. :lipsrsealed:

Isn't attack rating pretty low with this build? Although WW kills quickly, it negates a lot of the ctc's.


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I rarely find myself needing to use lifetap when MFing solo in one player games... I find whirlwind compliments teleport much better, hits more targets faster. I also don't do ubers with this char, might do Dclone but that's it. My only complaint is the high expensive repair of beast zerker- that thing guzzles about 100k in a full MF run
AR is pretty low, but I hit monsters all the time by passing through huge crowds- I tested Cows, and teared through those bovines no prob. I might want Beserk AR to be higher, for triggering life tap- phys immunes go down 1-2 hits alot of the time
OT, I found a 35 pcomb lifer and a 39 def aura lifer today with this char... not a bad find I'd say

Edit: for casting lifetap, if you are standing right next to a monster and use whirlwind clicking on them, you normal attack with whirlwind's mods and can use ctc affects without needing to use beserk


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enigma: 84%
Guillames: 24%
War Traveler: 42%
Gheeds: 31%

181% total, might get 3 7% mf charms, I get great stuff. Again, Speed > MF, with 200 the MF number to reach for.

to test FCR I got a 10FCR ring and a 7FCR ammy, both with resists. getting 17FCR makes the runs REAL fast, I'm practically addicted to the speed, so now I'm trying hard to get that 17+ FCR ammy.


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Sorry if this question is stupid, but don't you get MF from merc items also?
I mean if you let them kill a boss, doesn't their MF become added to yours?