1.10s item pack


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Re: 1.10s item pack

ULTIMATE DIABLO 2 "Lord Of Destruction" ITEM + CHARACTER LIBRARY was made during 1.10 beta.
It contains all set in 1.10+, almost all unique classpecific items, all unique rings + amus, all unique jewels, many cool rare/magic jewel / charm / amu / ring, Gheed's fortune, Annihilus, and all elite unique item with the exception of warshriek and wizardspike.

1-2 exceptional unique item avaiable too as well as white and socketed items, along lvl99 unskilled characters of all classes.

Also contains Construction Ring (removed from final patches).

The archive contains the items on mule-savegames, so no third-party programs needed to get access the items, all with perfec stats (non-etheral condition).