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does coldmastery get 3% per lvl or does it have deminished pointvalue?

Otherwise I see no point in putting in more than 1 Point.

I could only test for the first few lvls because i have 2 sojs to test and it gives 3% per skillvl


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I don't have an answer for you unfortunately (no experience with that patch), but for reference I can tell you that in 1.09 and prior, CM doesn't give +3% at earlier levels, so I'd guess that 1.10a changed it to a linear 3%/lvl.
For 1.09 and prior, the first 10 levels for CM look like: 23 - 34 - 42 - 49 - 55 - 59 - 63 - 65 - 69 - 71.

Edit: The 1.10 patch notes say: "Cold Mastery has been changed to a constant amount."
Furthermore, on the Basin wiki I found a link to the archived 1.10 beta (July 15, 2003) arreat summit page for Cold Mastery, which confirms that it's 2+(3*lvl), starting at 5 and increasing to 62 at lvl20.
(I don't know if that is 1.10a specifically, but I'd guess so.)

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Then (assuming this is SC) I definitely suggest Fireball, it is much stronger. Just learn your map and find a point to tele to that you know will be clear of monsters. You can tele directly from the stairs to the main chamber. Then namelock Andy and spam her with FB.