1.10 set bonuses


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1.10 set bonuses

Hey I was just wondering how you're supposed to be able to tell if you're trading for a 1.10 or 1.09 set item if none of the mods on the item has changed with the new patch, but the partial set bonuses have?


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Well as the ladder season is not over yet .
Anything you trade playing 1.09 is the 1.09 version
Anything you trade playing 1.10 is the 1.10 version

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that is provided you play ladder, anyone that doesn't has the chance that the item is left over from 1.09........best bet if you're not sure don't make the trade.


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i REALLY hate blizzard for this one... i still remember their response "play ladder". i mean GOOD GOD MAN! they basically said play ladder or you get scammed and we wont give a crap. stupid bliz and their lil pet-project ladder system


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Your safest bet, is to do your trading using the trade forums here or join rpgtraders.net(old marketplace).

Items like 1.09 IK gloves look the same as 1.10 until equipped, then the green mods show up.