1.10 PVP Penalty? :S


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1.10 PVP Penalty? :S

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Dueling

Damage reduce is capped at 50%

PvP penalty for physical damage is 1/6 while elemental is 1/4.
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I thought in 1.10 Mele is 1/10 and elemental is 1/6 ?


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-=(Virus)=- said:
No it aint, on the summit website it says 1/10 physical and 1/6 elemental.
Arreat Summit PvP section is out date. In 1.09 PvP penalty were 1/4. In 1.10 is 1/6 no matter what kind of damage you receive. Except Crushing blow, Thorns, Iron Maiden and Spirit of Barbs which is 1/10th