1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon


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1. CS, LS, LF is auto-hit, isn't it?
So i dont have to get high attack rating, do i? No. They are all auto-hit, which means 95% chance to hit, which can't be improved upon. Also, LF is ranged, while LS & CS are melee; however, CS can be made to be ranged.

2. If i use CS with 5 released bolt i often see one bolt hit an enemy monster (small monster). in that case 1 or 5 bolts were released and hit the enemy, or only 1 (damage is the most important... i suggest hitting all of the 5 bolts, but it might be a dream.. :D)? As I understand it, it really depends on how close the spell release point is to the monster. When the sprite is fired, in this case a charged bolt, you will notice that they come from the same position of the character's body and then "randomly" move across the screen from that release point. If the monster is standing directly at the release spot, then it would be hit by all 5 charged bolts before they had a chance to disperse into individual sprites or bolts

Against big monster (boss) i understand that more than one charged bolts hit the enemy, but why it is that i see often one bolt when i fight with one small monster? Same as above. Only with a big fat guy he might take up two squares next to the release point, but again, similar results.

3. Why LS is better in the later acts/difficulties than LF? or more important?
LS does hits, LF does 'lightning shower'. LS has its place. Generally speaking, CS is most effective against single monsters or small packs, usually no more than 5 monsters tightly grouped, while LF is most effective against swarms of monsters, the more the better because with pierce it triggers all the lightning shots. Remember, a maxed LF is throwing out 20+ bolts at each different monster within the skill's range, which is nearly the entire screen. With piercing going on, forgetaboutit. There's lightning everywhere. Also it's key to recognize that LF fires only one bolt at each monster up to the skill's limit, while CS can strike the same monster repeatedly as long the charged bolt hits it. Obviously, the farther the CS bolts travel, the less likely this will happen, which is why close is good. LS falls between the two skills. More than 5 monsters, but less than a horde and especially in Hell where monsters are tougher is where LS shines. And again, LS is using chain lightning, which acts differently than the other two, arcing between the monsters depending on the distance they are from each other. Clearly powerful in the right situation.

Are hits more important than the 'shower'?? Or why? cause of
monster's positions? See above. The shower is what makes the skill go for all of them really, because the weapon damage isn't as significant in comparison to the Lightning damage. That's why everyone talks about the weapon damage for leeching. As for the shower, Pierce make LF deadly because each jav that sucessfully hits and pierces through and hits again, triggers another shower, etc. You can see how this adds up very quickly. However, in Hell, since the monsters are tougher, it requires a few more javs be thrown than say in Nightmare. This is where stack size, replenishment and mana leech become critical

Hope this answers your questions.



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not sure if you added this somewhere in the thread but what do u think about Peace Runeword for an armor?

It's obviously a good (the best?) early choice for an armor (easy to acquire, shael, thul, amn), the benefits are ok: +2skills, FHR, cold res, but really the bonus of it is in in the Lvl 15 valk casting, this can allow you save skill points spent on valk and put them into Light synergies or a backup damage skill.

I noticed your guide also lacks a mercernary equipment area. Insight works wonders, I'm using insight on the merc, titans, and Peace, and they work really work for my javazon.


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jjwa said:
You could think about using Vampire Gaze, the oldschool helm for a javazon, because that will give you dual leech already, and also a bit higher DR.

I would take the Mara's over Cat's Eye. Because the IAS and dex on Cat's Eye are nice, but not really needed. Run speed is also not needed, with boots + Titans you already have a nice 70% F R/W.

Boots better then Wartravellers I can think of, is if you need resistances, then you could take Aldur's for fire res, Natalya's for cold and lightning res, or Tearhaunch for all res.

I would aim for a high % pierce, and because skill Pierce doesn't give a lot of extra % above level 9, I would take Razortail. Means you can still have a good % pierce, and some extra points left for synergies. If you think you really need the lightning absorb, get the TGods.

Ravenfrost would be good to get, for the Cannot Be Frozen, the cold absorb is also nice, and the dex helpt for max block (means 20 more points to spend in vit, means 60 more life). If you don't have mana leech somewhere else, get it on your ring. If you already have enough manaleech, a BK would be nice. Or a ring with resists/str/dex/life/vit.

Spirit would be nice as a shield, but I would personally choose the Stormshield (socketed with Eld, Um or maybe Hel).

I think CoH will much better then Enigma.

Titan's will be the weapon of choice, eth if possible, upgraded if possible.
If you use CS a lot, you could keep a Thunderstroke on switch, it has 15% IAS and -15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance!
(for example: most act bosses have 50% lightning res, so you do 50% of your dmg, -15% res means you do 65% of your damage, almost one third more.)

Valkyrie is well worth the points in my opinion, even if you don't have all the +skills from Mara's and Spirit. If she is level 17, she is quite a nice tank. I believe she is the strongest minions in the whole game. She also adds a nice weapon (rare warpike @ lvl 17) against Lightning Immunes, especially together with a Might merc (which is also better for your leeching).
Aim for 95% pierce, because that seems to be the max. This would be level 8 Pierce and Razortail.
I usually try to get the 3 evasion-passives at 40%, which you will get close to, or reach, with 1 skillpoint in all passives, and +skills. Remember, every 'real' skillpoint you spend on those skills will also benefit your Valk.

And don't forget Decoy, I found her very useful to use as something to herd cows around, just put her down, and lead groups of cows to her, to get a nice huge pack. Recast her now and then, and maybe put your Valk inside there too to help take the beating.
so u say ias is not important for javazon? or is there a certain % a javazon shud shoot for? I have a problem choosing a belt for my javazon because of the ias question. Currently i have nosferatu coil on along witha 20% ias glove and highlords. i have maras and razortail sitting in my chest. i just dont know which one to use. i believe i have a lvl 13-14 pierce as well


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Hi guys,

been following this guide a bit.
Right now I got the following:

14 LB (Maxed wrong syn, no big dealie though)
20 CS
20 LF
6 passives (1 in all useful)

I got 10 points to put out as well.

Now this is my questions.
I want a javazon who will be able to have a chance killing the über guys. (über diablo and so on)

Should I go 17 valk?
Should I max CS with all syns and skip valk?
Should I go 1 in freezing arrow and 1 in strafe to deal with LI?

What should I do?

Also one of my most important questions is a merc.
What would be the best merc for my build?
And in what difficulty should I get him? (Nightmare or hell?) and also is it offensive or deffensive? (I know very little about mercs, don't wanna boost the wrong one)


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I love this guide, at lvl 80 Cows on Hell is VERY easy :D I kill cows much faster than my friends lvl 91 hammerdin. Although I have saved 10 skill pts. I have nothing on bows, I'm thinking of putting it into lightning skills that boosts my LF, CS, LS... but i dont know what to do with LI's.. I don't afford facets or griffons so for now I ignore LI's all the time... Any suggestions?


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I love this guide, at lvl 80 Cows on Hell is VERY easy :D I kill cows much faster than my friends lvl 91 hammerdin. Although I have saved 10 skill pts. I have nothing on bows, I'm thinking of putting it into lightning skills that boosts my LF, CS, LS... but i dont know what to do with LI's.. I don't afford facets or griffons so for now I ignore LI's all the time... Any suggestions?
Wondering, does -% to enemy resitance work on immunes in any way? In that case i better be off running the pits for some thunderstrokes..



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hi Jek may i ask you ... u said " * Safety Amulet (Amulet + Thul Rune + Perfect Emerald + Jewel): ICB makes this receipe huge. Potential the best amulet you can get. " i've tried to got it so many times but ... nothing happen. Is it true ??? pls tell me ....Are there any special for amu or Jewel ????


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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

If you were truly good you

1) wouldn't need to rely on a Runeword armor probably made from duped runes for either PvM or PvP.

2) wouldn't need to hold off spending your statpoints until lvl 70, since you calculated your needed base values based on your final equipment before even starting your char anyway.

3) would see that Lionheart offers 95 statpoints at clevel 41 as opposed to 49 + statpoints at clevel 65 for Enigma, and wouldn't list Harlequin Crest's itty str bonus.

4) wouldn't assume that everyone has access to Mara's Kaleidoskopes', Annihilis, "imps" (whatever that is) and duped rune gear, at least not on Ladder.

5) would've told us what "it" is, that your lightzon can handle and others without enigma can't.
You took so many words out of my mouth. In my opinion, only those that are poor players would use duped runeitems, which most of the godly runeitems are since the chances of dropping 2 high runes are so slim.

A guide is supposed to "guide" you from scratch to finish (Hell baal), and Enigma is not really guaranteed to make by then!



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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

Changed my equipment yet again, managed to squeeze a little more damage out of it. G. Eye instead of Harle.

It used to be:
1 Harlequins
Mosers with 2 Lightning Facets
10 Javalin Skillers
1 Annihilus
1 Ravenfrost
1 Verdungo (With this kind of damage, I don't really need the pierce from Razortail, at high level survival is much more important than killing faster IMO)
Sandstorm Trek
Dual Leech Ring
20% Ias, +skills, LL, gloves
I haven't found ANY of the above equipment, and you say you amazon kills very fast and so on, but I wonder how it would work with "found" equipment?

That's the kind of guide I'd like to see, not one that says: "you put on these skill points, and use the following type of gear: Titan's, Enigma, annihilus, mara's, moser's w/ 2 lighing facets... so on" because I CAN'T find all that equipement/runes.

I maxed LF and with + to skills I got slvl 23, which does only 1 - 7xx damage. Doesn't look too good for a lvl 79 char :sad2:



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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

Start living in the present. If you want to play selffound, you can't make any serious guide. If you find a good bow on a javazon, you'll have to change to strafe. And the other way around.

So claiming that we can make guides unless we state selffound items is besides the question. No one could use your guide.

btw, I don't know if you have read it, though he states what you should look for. And that is the perfect guide to go selffound.


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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

Well i liked the part where he says what we should look for, but I tend to think he only played with the twinked gear and didn't actually test some what people can find.

nevetheless it still made some good points.


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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

Well i liked the part where he says what we should look for, but I tend to think he only played with the twinked gear and didn't actually test some what people can find.
And what's your reason for thinking this? Have you checked Jek's joining date? He's been playing D2 for ages, and his current gear options are obviously different than what he started with. I'll ask you in 2013 how your gear looks like :rolleyes:

Hrus, the other guy who answered many of your question in other threads, plays completely self-found, i.e. he hasn't received or traded for anything, ever!

It is very sad that you identify yourself with ventilator, because he's apparently talking nonsense. He didn't even bother to read through this guide, based on how quick he is to judge. And, based on your questions here and there, I'm afraid you didn't bother too much either :sad2:

Just FYI, several SPers (you despise so much for cheating), have completed the game with naked amazons. Yes, that's an extreme. Here, Jek describes very thoroughly which mods (+skills, IAS, resists, etc.) are good for a javazon, so she could progress without too much trouble. What else would you expect? (seriously)

Does it bother you that he also mentions top-end RW's? As Hrus already said, the majority of bnet players appreciates, or even demands that. The bnet economy is already damaged by duped items beyond repair, which makes those RW available to "average" players. There are indeed many "guides", which don't even bother with starting players, but this is definitely not one of them.

You don't need those items, you can easily finish the game without them. I did, Hrus did, and I bet Jek did as well.

Btw, Hrus has the point that you should keep the remarks within a single thread rather than complaining here and there, because it's harder to keep the track (for us who respond), and those who don't want to get involved have more space for their own topics :wink3:



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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

The reason I thought that was because right now I'm in act 3 Hell, and all the fetish are light imune, and also the gloams (those white thingies). the fetish are hardly a problem in melee, but the gloams... do lighnign damage, teleport, and become invisible, which poses problems for me.

My best tactic is throwing a 6500 damage plague javelin, and keep on running around, then throw another. Also my resists are not that great; about 9 for lighning. I do have some resist gear (magi unigue serpentskin armor - 35 res all, circlet - 19 all, rhyme - 25 all, and a few charms)
His guide heavily relies on lighning and I wasn't convinced. Also... when jabbing with titan's they seem to die slower than with Demon's Arch.

Lastly, sorry for spreadin myself over several threads with the same topic... I guess my grief was behind it all. I consider myself more knowledgeable than the average player, yet not with the same posibilities. Also the hige amount of duping makes me sad, and I play private games in hell. The reasons I still play on ladder are: easier muling, diablo clone, uber tristram, realm only items/runewords.


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Re: 1.10 Mini Guide - The Lightning Amazon

Act3 hell is arguably the worst place for javazons. If you get "lucky", you meet LIs almost exclusively :thumbsdown:

Fetish type creatures should succumb to poison quickly, esp. if you "help" them with Lower Resistance curse (-37% at slvl2), because of their lower life.

Gloams fortunately reside only in Great Marsh. I must say I'm surprised they have 0%PR. On the other hand, all gloam-type monsters have extremely high physical resistance (60-90%!!!). That's why demon's arch works better - it has added fire damage.

If you are unlucky, you will hit Burning Souls in Plains of Despair, act4. Now, this will be a terrifying experience, since those are immune to poison as well. Souls are of the most dangerous enemies, not only for javazons, but characters in general due to their insane damage. They are unbreakable, thus the only way for you is to lure them out one by one with all the danger involved.

In any case, you must try to raise your LR, since 9% is by far not enough. If you don't have anything else, use the following cube receipt to temporarily replace one of your rings:
1 Magic Ring + 1 Perfect Topaz + 1 Rejuvenation Potion = 1 Coral Ring with 21-30%LR.

Stuff whichever 3os shield with diamonds for resists, or make Ancient Pledge RW to use it against Souls - excellent switch with your Demon's Arch. The only drawback is that you loose CBF which might be a problem, since Souls deal some cold damage, and there is no cheap replacement for 'Rhyme'. The other way to boost LR is to socket your armor/circlet with an Ort rune. As for the Skin, it took me like three years to find 35% one :tongue:

All in all, your gear is very decent already, I gave you tips on gloves in the other thread, and you can try to craft some belt or amulet if your current one doesn't look good enough. 'Lore' helm is a cheap receipt with +1skills once you make up for your resists elsewhere.