1.10 FAQ Updation thread (read before asking general questions) - Updated 12/08/05

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1.10 FAQ Updation thread (read before asking general questions) - Updated 12/08/05

Please read the 1.10 Assassin FAQ before asking general questions. Remember, God kills a kitten every time you ask an Assassin question here that's already been answered in the FAQ. So, please, think of the kittens :p

If you encounter a conflict in answers between this thread and the 1.10 FAQ linked above, always stick with the answers provided in this thread. The answers in the 1.10 FAQ cannot be updated right away(while this thread can), so this thread is used as a temporary spot to collate the FAQ changes while waiting for the official update to be complete..

New/Updated FAQs(which will be added to the official FAQ in the next update):

Q: Why isn't my attack speed increasing, even though I have a claw with a lot of IAS on my off-hand?

IAS on your off-hand claw does not work with any Assassin skills. However, IAS on your off-hand claw does work with Normal Attack and Whirlwind(but no other attacks).

Q: What's this NextDelay thing mean?

NextDelay is a property that activates a hidden "hit timer" that limits how often any attack from that group(i.e. all the skills listed here) can damage a single target. This works similarly to the infamous spell timer, which limits how often any spell in that group can be cast. The difference is that the hit timer doesn't prevent you from attacking, it just sets everyone's(includes you, your minions/merc, other players(hostile/neutral/allied), and their minions/mercs) chance-to-hit that monster (with a hit timer attack) at zero until the timer runs out.

Here's a list of skills (Assassin skills in italics) that are affected by NextDelay, and the lengths of them:

25-Frame Delay (1 second)
Shock Web
Blade Sentinel


10-Frame Delay (0.4 seconds)
Volcano (initial eruption)

6-Frame Delay (0.24 seconds)
War Cry
Grim Ward

5-Frame Delay (0.2 seconds)
Volcano (small fireball)

4-Frame Delay (0.16 seconds)
Multi Shot
Lightning Strike
Chain Lightning
Frost Nova
Poison Nova
Shock Wave
Fist of Heavens (Holy Bolts)
Wake of Fire
Claws of Thunder (only 2nd and 3rd charge charges have Next Delay. 1st charge does not trigger Next Delay)
Phoenix Strike (only 2nd Chain Lightning and 3rd Chaos Orb charge have Next Delay. 1st charge does not trigger Next Delay)
Dragon Flight

Battle Cry
Battle Command
Battle Orders

So, the moment a certain skill from the list damages a monster, it prevents every other skill on the list from hitting the said monster for the original skill's NextDelay duration (whether from you or any other character).

A:[/b] The breakpoints for an Assassin’s WW are as follows:

[u]Frames | Modified WSM[b]*[/b][/u]

  12   |   33 and higher
  10   |   32 to 25
   8   |   24 to 10
   6   |   9 to -12
   4   |   -13 and lower
*What is modified WSM? It's basically the WSM of your claw(eg. you would use 0 here if you used a Scissors Suwayyah), minus the amount of IAS you have on your weapon(henceforth referred to as WIAS). In short, Modified WSM = WSM of claw - Weapon IAS.

Here are a few examples:
1) Scissors Suwayyah with 15% IAS from a jewel. Modified WSM = 0 - 15 = -15. So, this claw would reach the speed cap of 4 frames with WW.

2) War Fist with 10% IAS. Modified WSM = 10 – 10 = 0. So, this claw would only reach 6 frames with WW.

3) Runic Talon(no IAS). Modified WSM = -30 - 0 = -30. So, this claw would reach the speed cap of 4 frames with WW with plenty to spare.

However, as only claws with a WSM of 0 or lower can spawn with 3 sockets(eg. only these claws can be used to make ‘Chaos’), your ‘Chaos’ claw will always be at maximum speed, as 'Chaos' has an innate IAS of 35%(so a Scissors Suwayyah socketed with 'Chaos' would end up with 0 - 35 = -35 Modified WSM, far beyond the speed cap). However, this makes claws with a naturally lower WSM(eg. Feral Claws/Runic Talons) less attractive when making ‘Chaos’, as you’ll always reach the speed cap with the 0 WSM claws. Except, Feral Claws/Runic Talons have lower damage than their slower counterparts.

It should be noted that all IAS that isn't on your weapon(eg. from an Amulet, Gloves, Armor, etc.) does not work with WW at all.

The real challenge in reaching maximum WW speed is with your off-hand claw, assuming you aren’t making another ‘Chaos’ for your off-hand claw. The most popular option for an off-hand claw for WW Assassins is a ‘Fury’ Scissors Suwayyah or Suwayyah(for the same reason stated in the first paragraph, it’s better to use Suwayyahs instead of Feral Claws/Runic Talons when making ‘Fury’, as ‘Fury’ has an innate 40% IAS, which would set you well above the WW speed cap). Bartucs and War Fists(with at least 30% IAS), Scissors Suwayyahs/Suwayyahs(with at least 20% IAS) are just some of the other claws that are able to reach the maximum WW speed.

<Credit goes to adeyke and Ruvanal for explaining the mechanics of WW speed and formulating the original table. Props to BIGeyedBUG for explaining how the table worked, as well as many other FAQs here>

Q: What are the differences between Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master?

Shadow Warrior can cast only the two skills readied in your left and right skill button, while Shadow Master can use any of the Assassin's skills, even if there are no points in it. Do note that Shadows(regardless of type) use Weapon Block and Claw Mastery according to the Shadow skill formula(listed above).

Shadow Masters comes with in-built elemental resistances, while Shadow Warriors come with in-built +%defense. In addition, at higher levels, Shadow Master spawns with better equipment than Shadow Warriors.

Shadow Master costs 35 mana at level one and rises by 0.5 with each skill point to cast and Warrior costs 27 at level one and rises by 0.5 with each skill point.

Q: What mods on your off-hand claw work with the C/C Skills(DC/CoT/FoF/BoI)?

A: What works with your off-hand claw

- Elemental Damage
- Leech
What doesn't work with your off-hand claw
- Knockback


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Q: Can Shadows WhirlWind if you have WhirlWind readied on your LMB or RMB(from a 'Chaos' claw)?

No for both SM and SWarrior, as both Shadows spawn with magic/rare claws, and not the exact same claws you use(so there's no +1 WhirlWind to begin with).

While the SWarrior does make use of the skills readied on your LMB and RMB, the skills have to be natural Assassin skills, and not outside skills(like WhirlWind, or Zeal for example). If you have WhirlWind(or any other outside skill) on your LMB or RMB, the Shadow will use 'Normal Attack' in its place.

Q: The third charge of CoT now releases Nova and Bolts together. How does CoT's NextDelay of 4 frame affect it?

Since 1.10 CoT has a NextDelay of 4 frames, which means anybody receiving Nova's damage (the faster animation, compared to CB) becomes immune to its bolts for 4 frames (note that while those monsters damaged by Nova are immune to the bolt's damage, they won't be hit by the bolts at all, so targets out of the Nova's range can still be damaged by the bolts), if you do not have Knockback or do not use DTail. Due to how slow Charged Bolts move, though, it is possible to damage the release target of CoT with a few Charged Bolts, if you have some Knockback on equipment(or use Dragon Tail, in which case all Knocked back enemies will take damage from both the Charged Bolt and the Nova, as Knockback will only push enemies to the edge of the Nova radius, just enough time for the NextDelay to run out to allow the Charged Bolts to hit).

Also, it's been discovered that the Lightning damage of the 1st charge of CoT does not trigger the NextDelay, so your release target will definitely be damaged by the Lightning Damage of the 1st charge and the Nova of the 2nd charge(possibly even 3rd charge damage with Knockback).

So, the pure damage of 1.10 CoT has been nerfed somewhat, but has the secondary feature of being able to damage monsters out of Nova's range.

Q: If I'm using a missile weapon with the 'Fires Explosive Arrow/Bolt' mod (e.g. Kuko Shakaku, Demon Machine), is Venom and other mods (like CB, OW, and the rest of the mods in the list above) applied to all monsters in the radius of the Explosive Arrow/Bolt?

A: What works
(effects are applied to entire AoE unless otherwise stated)
- Pierce Target (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Hit Causes Monster To Flee (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Hit Freezes Target (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Hit Slows Target (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Hit Blinds Target (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Chance to cast on Striking (unconfirmed as to whether it works on the AoE)
- Leech
- Venom (only applied to target monster, not AoE)​

Q: What mods work on the Blade skills and Kicks?

A: For Kicks
(main claw only: i.e. the claw you equip first or the one that's left behind if you unequip one. Shields transfer their effects normally)
What Works
- Life/Mana after kill
- Weapon Range
- +AR (except on your weapon)
- +% AR (from any piece of equipment)
- MF and Gold find​

Q: Are any mods transferred from the off-hand claw when Kicking or using the Blade skills?

Unfortunately, none of the above mods (including leech, elemental damage, and Crushing Blow, among the other mods) from the previous FAQ are transferred to Kicks or the Blade skills (if they are on the off-hand claw). Only "indirect" mods such as +skills, +stats, resists with off-hand claws will work.

Do note that this claw order (between the main and off-hand claw) is reset (by reset, I means that the claw on the left side of your Inventory will be treated as the main claw, and the claw on the right side will be treated as the off-hand claw) after you gain a level, take a Town Portal/Waypoint, or Weapon Switch, so remember to re-equip your claws after these events.

Note: As stated above, Shields tack on effects the above effects on their listed normally if they have they possess the proper mods (e.g. OW on SwordBack Hold works on BF and Kicks).

Q: Do items that give "+chance to block"(eg. TwitchThroe) or "increased block rate"(eg. Guardian Angel) apply to WB?

No to "+chance to block", and yes to "increased block rate".

Q: Why is my WoI barely hitting anything?

It's been discovered that the actual missile that causes the damage of WoI is extremely thin, which makes it virtually useless on moving targets. WoI can still be quite useful if you can manage to get an enemy to stay still(eg. via MB/CoS/SM/Merc).

Q: How do I increase the freezing duration of PS’s 3rd charge(Chaos Orb) and BoI’s chill/freeze time?

BoI/PS’s freeze duration is dependant on its slvl(though the freeze duration isn’t listed for PS). It starts at 4 seconds at slvl 1, and increases 0.4 seconds for every level thereafter(both +skills and natural skillpoints work to increase freeze time, and you do receive extra freeze time beyond level 20). +Cold damage/length mods on equipment/charms do not increase PS’s Chaos Orb freeze time or BoI’s freeze/chill time. Do note the freeze/chill duration is penalized as per normal by the Difficulty Penalties (eg. 1/4th freeze duration in Hell).

Q: Does Weapon Block work when running?

WB does not work at all when moving(which means both running and walking). It works as per normal when standing still, and strangely, also works normally when the Assassin is Whirlwinding.

Q: Is Blade Fury considered a ranged attack when determining the effects of Crushing Blow?

Yes, BFury is considered a ranged attack when determining how effect Crushing Blow is. See this page for information on how this affects BFury(basically, Crushing Blow on BFury only deducts 1/8 of a monster’s health instead of the normal 1/4).

Q: Does the -35% Enemy Lightning Resistance on the 'Crescent Moon' runeword and the Lightning/Fire-flavored Rainbow Facet help the Traps and FoF/CoT/PS do more damage?

A: No for the Traps (as the game considers them minions, they do not benefit from -x% Enemy Resistance), and yes for CoT/PS/FoF. Do note that while -(3-5)% To Enemy Fire/Lightning Resistance on Rainbow Facet does not work with Traps, ATM, we have not confirmed whether the +3-5% To Lightning/Fire Skill Damage on it does (though it has been confirmed not to work in SP).

Both FB and SWeb are exempt from the above bugs/penalties, and benefit normally from Rainbow Facets (e.g.. both -% enemy resistance and +% skill damage work on them), as the game does not consider them true "Traps" (and by extension, they are not considered minions).

FoF/CoT/BoI work quite strangely with +%Damage and -%Resist. While -%Resist works normally for all four skills, +%Damage only affects some of the skills:

Whether +%Damage(eg. Facets) affects damage:

Fists of Fire:
First charge - Works
Second charge - Works
Third charge - Does Not Work

Claws of Thunder:
First charge - Works
Second charge - Does Not Work
Third charge - Does Not Work

Blades of Ice:
First charge - Works
Second charge - Works
Third charge - N/A (merely a duration bonus, +%Damage has no effect)

Phoenix Strike:
First charge - Does Not Work
Second charge - Does Not Work
Third charge - Does Not Work

Thanks to brianc84 for help with part of this FAQ, as well as many of the FAQs here

Q: Do I or my mercenary gain experience from my Shadow's kills?

Yes, both you and your mercenary gain experience from Shadow kills.

Q: Can I pre-buff my Venom with +% Poison Skill Damage mods like the ones found on Trang-Oul's Claws and the 'Bramble' runeword? Will the bonuses dissapear right after I take them off?

The bonuses will remain. However, the +% bonuses would only apply once(it would only apply twice if you casted Venom and struck the enemy while the +% damage was still on).

Q: What are some of the properties of CoS?

: 1) Unlike in 1.09, damage does not dispel the 'blindness' effect of CoS. The enemy vision radius of the monster while blinded is 1, but if a monster to be doing something (e.g.. chasing you) when you cast CoS, he will continue to do so (until you interrupt him, with a Psychic Hammer, for example), then remain stationary when the action is finished.
2) CoS dispels Firewalls (in the Arcane Sanctuary).
3) CoS prevents Shamans from reviving Fallen, Flesh Spawners from creating babies, Sand Maggots from laying eggs and ranged attackers from firing.
4) CoS forces monsters to use their melee attack, even if they are in range for a secondary attack (e.g. Balrogs will never use their Inferno ability when CoS is active).
5) The blinding effect of CoS does not work on Bosses, Champions, Super uniques (including Act Bosses), Minions of Destruction, and Oblivion Knights. The -%defense on CoS works on all monsters except Act Bosses.
6) CoS functions like a curse, i.e. you can overwrite your Necro friend's curse and vice versa with it. When CoS is overwritten, all effects on the monster in question are removed(i.e. it is no longer blinded or suffering from defense reduction, despite the dark screen).
7) CoS's defense bonus is treated differently from any other defense modifier (except RibCracker's defense bonus, which is additive with CoS's bonus). Hence, it is multiplicative, not additive, with other defensive modifiers, such as Defiance and Shout. To understand how this works, a bit of explanation on how to calculate a character's defense is needed:

A) Find the base defense of a character. For player characters, this is just Dexterity/4 and rounded down. For hirelings this should be their Dexterity/4 rounded down, plus whatever defense they gain from levels.

B) Find the item defense of a character. This is the sum of all defense you obtain from items, which includes your helm, armor, shield, gloves, belts, and boots. Note that +%defense on items that have a defense number are exclusive to that item alone. So, if you have a Helmet with a base defense of 5(and a +100% defense mod on it, making the total helmet defense 10) and a Quilted Armor with a base defense of 10(and a +50% defense mod on it, making the total armor defense 15), you would have an item defense of (10 + 15) = 25, not (5 + 10) * 2.5 = 37.5

C) Multiply item_armor_percent bonuses to the results of #B, then round down (the bonuses below are additive with each other):
Sources of item_armor_percent include

- Valkyrie defense bonus
- Spirit Wolf defense bonus
- Dire Wolf defense synergy from Spirit Wolf
- Grizzly defense synergy from Spirit Wolf
- Cloak of Shadows defense bonus
- +%Defense on items without a defense number (e.g.. rings, amulets, weapons. So, instead of +%Defense usually being applied only on the item it's on, +%Defense on weapons/rings/amulets are effectively being applied on every single piece of equipment. It's this property that makes RibCracker such a popular weapon on characters focusing on defense).

D) Sum up the results of A) and C) to obtain total character defense.

E) Multiply skill_armor_percent bonuses to D), then round down to find total defense (e.g. what's being used for calculating the chance a monster hitting you. Again, the bonuses below are additive with each other):

Sources of skill_armor_percent mods include:

- All Sorceress cold armors
- Paladin's Defiance, Conviction, Holy Shield
- Barbarian's Shout, Concentration, Iron Skin, Battle Cry
- Werebear defense bonus
- Cloak of Shadows debuff
- Shadow Warrior defense bonus

- Overseers whipping their minions
- Succubi defense curse

The result is that CoS multiplies the item defense, before other +%Defense modifiers on skills are put into effect. In the end, you get a much higher defense than you would usually have, had CoS's +%Defense bonus been a skill_armor_percent bonus instead of a item_armor_percent (especially if you have a lot of bonuses from the skill_armor_percent section). Whether this property is a bug (since it's the only skill in the item_armor_percent section that affects the character and not the minion) or a feature remains to be seen.

Special thanks to Zath (from the Lurker Lounge) for discovering this property of CoS, and Frenzied Bovine for helping us understand how +%Defense on weapons/rings/amulets fits into the equation above and the other properties of CoS, in addition to a whole of lot of the FAQs here)

Q: How does MB work on uniques/superuniques/Act Bosses?

Against Champions, random uniques and superuniques(i.e. Council Members), both stun and (physical) damage still works, but stun chance is reduced to 10-20%(length remains the same). Against Act Bosses, only the damage works. Also, all uniques cannot be knocked back by MB.

Q: How many traps {sentries} can the Assassin place?

She can place a maximum of five Sentries at any one time. These can be mixed (2 Wake of Fire, 3 Lightning) or all the same kind. The five cap only applies to Sentries (Charged Bolt Sentry, Wake of Fire, Lightning Sentry, Wake of Inferno and Death Sentry). Do note that the Traps that your Shadow casts also counts towards this limit. For example, if you had five WoI traps active, and your Shadow casts an LS, one of your WoI traps would be destroyed and replaced with your Shadows's LS.

While BFury, Blade Shield, SWeb and FB don't count as Traps in terms of the trap limit, BSentinel does (when you have 5 WoI traps active, and cast a BSentinel, one of your WoIs will disappear). Theoretically, an Assassin is not able to have more than 5 BSentinels active at the same time, due to limitations from its casting delay and duration (there is also a hard limitation that prevents more than 5 BSentinels from being cast, as the first BSentinel will wink out before the sixth is cast).

Do remember that all 'set' Traps(i.e. LS, WoI, etc. as well as BSentinel) are automatically destroyed if you go beyond 2 screens' distance from them, even if they haven't deplenished their shots.

Q: What are the differences between Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master?

Shadow Warrior can cast only the two skills readied in your left and right skill button, while Shadow Master can use any of the Assassin's skills, even if there are no points in it.

Both the Shadow Master and Shadow Warrior come with inbuilt resistances. However, up till the level 17, the Shadow Master gains elemental resistance at a greater rate. Beyond that, SWarriors spawn with greater elemental resistance than SMs at the same level. Shadows gain elemental resistance at these rates:
Shadow Warrior: 4 * Slvl <capped at 75% for skill-based elemental bonus>
Shadow Master: 0.75((110*lvl) / (lvl+6)) + 5 <no cap>

Though neither Shadow can become innately immune to the elements, if she spawns with +resist all equipment or receives the effects of a Paladin's Salvation aura for example, both Shadows have the ability to be completely immune to an element(they cannot absorb, unfortunately), as their resistance is pushed to 100%(being minions, they have no 75% cap).. Both Shadows spawn with 40% PDR regardless of level(this can be increased if they decide to use Fade).

The SM attacks roughly one frame faster with DC/CoT/BoI/FoF. The SWarrior attacks roughly one frame faster with BF/DFlight. Both have the same Normal Attack speed.

The SM spawns with items at a higher level than the SWarrior(this is in addition to the SM spawning with better quality equipment at higher levels, consult the other FAQs). Specifically:
Shadow Warrior item level formula: 18 + 2 * Slvl
Shadow Master item level formula: 24 + 3 * Slvl

The SWarrior has a defense bonus of 12%/level, SMs have no innate defense bonus.

The SM has a life regen of 50 hp/sec, whereas the SWarrior has a life regen of 75 hp/sec.

Both Shadows attack twice with DF/DC/CoT/FoF/BoI in one 'click' (that is, when you see your Shadow DF'ing someone, she actually has the chance to inflict the damage of two DFs in one stroke, even though only one DF is seen)

Both Shadows have an AI delay of 0.6 seconds (15 frames) before they can do any other action.

Shadow Master costs 40 mana to cast and Warrior costs 27 at level one and rises by 2 with each skill point.


The following FAQs are unanswered(usually because no conclusive testing has been done on the FAQ). If you see an unanswered FAQ here and wish to know the answer(or have tested it and wish to post results), post your wish to see the FAQ answered here(not in its own topic, because you probably won't get a response) and perhaps someone will take it upon him/herself to test it out:

Unanswered FAQs(if you have done relevant testing, and wish to share your results, please do so in this topic):

Q: What mods on your off-hand claw work with the C/C Skills(DC/CoT/FoF/BoI)?
Yet to be confirmed
- Crushing Blow
- Open Wounds
- Deadly Strike
- Hit Blinds Target
- Hit Freezes Target
- Hit Slows Target
- % Chance to cast X mod on striking
- % Chance to cast X mod on attack
- Prevent Monster Heal
- Ignore Target Defense

Q: If I'm using a missile weapon with the 'Fires Explosive Arrow/Bolt' mod(eg. Kuko Shakaku, Demon Machine), is Venom and other mods(like CB, OW, and the rest of the mods in the list above) applied to all monsters in the radius of the Explosive Arrow/Bolt?
Yet to be confirmed
-Deadly Strike
-Prevent Monster Heal
-Open Wounds
-Crushing Blow
-Chance to cast on Attacking
-Pierce Target
-Hit Causes Monster to Flee
-Hit Freezes Target
-Hit Slows Target
-Hit Blinds Target
-Chance to cast on Striking

Q: Hey, why is my WB blocking elemental attacks?
A: WB blocks elemental attacks in addition to (normally) unblockable attacks, such as Smite. Here's a list of elemental attacks we've verified to be Blockable or Unblockable with WB. Note that all of the below are Unblockable with normal Shields. Elemental skills denoted with a "?" are unconfirmed:

Class-based elemental skill list:
Shock Web - ?
War Cry - ?
Wake of Fire - ?
Holy Freeze/Shock/Fire Radius Effect - ?
Frozen/Shiver Armor - ?
Volcano - ?

Monster-based elemental skill list:
Finger Mage Homing Missile - ?
Diablo Red Lightning(Lightning portion) - ?


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BIGeyedBUG said:
Some updation updates and reupdates from my cerebral crannies:

-Shadows' skill are synergized by skills that they have already used at the level shown above. They must use a skill before it can synergize another one.
Just to clarify, for example, FoF's synergy bonus on PS would only apply with Shadows if the Shadow decided to use FoF first, right?

Thanks for the updates. :)


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Naliworld said:
Just to clarify, for example, FoF's synergy bonus on PS would only apply with Shadows if the Shadow decided to use FoF first, right?

Thanks for the updates. :)
Exactly Nali. If your skill level in FoF changed, you can just get the shadow to use it again to get a new synergy level from it. Part of what Crystalion is finding is that the shadows skill levels are not set in stone at the time of casting. Also, the shadow apparently does not have a cap of 20 pts in each of her synergy skills. Her actual level in any given skill may be less than yours, but depending on your build and whether or not you've trained her in each of the synergy skills she could have up to three times the levels being applied as synergy bonus than you do. Damage possible becomes really amazing if you run the numbers.

Of course getting a shadow to use any specific skill, even the warrior, can be difficult at times. With the master, it can be a real excercise in patience. :)



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Various tidbits:

- Chance to cast on attack doesn't work with BF. It's been reported that it does work with Sentinel.

- The problem with primary and secondary claws resetting doesn't seem to happen in 1.1 final.

- WB blocks Blood Stars and Imp Fire. And most importantly...

- Dude, Assassins RAWK! :yep: :yep: :yep:


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jrichard said:
It still happens when you weapon switch.

All I can say is that I've never had it happen that I was aware of. For a while after 1.1 was released I checked fairly frequently. I still do from time to time. I have also had various weapon setups that should have made a reset pretty obvious. And I switch weapons a lot. Is it happening every time you switch? Some of the time?

I am playing almost exclusively single-player. But wouldn't it be odd for a bug like this to exist on the realms where it didn't in SP?:scratch:


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Actually, i'm playing mostly single player also these days. I noticed it alot during my dual claw IAS testing, so grabbed a shadow killer to test with using the cast frost nova mod as a means of helping to see which claw was giving mods to my kicks. I equiped the shadow killer first and put it on the right side of the character screen. I put a jade talon on the left side of the screen and took off all other forms of leech. When kicking without weapon switching the frost nova fired constantly and no mana was being leeched. After weapon switching to a set of 'tucs and then back to the shadow killer/jade talon, i was getting mana leech and couldn't get the frost nova to fire anymore.



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Did the LCS reflect the reset? Or did it still think you had your original set up? If it lied, than there is a distant possibility that I am mistaken. I still think that very unlikely since--like I said--some of my claw arrangements should have made it painfully obvious. I can imagine missing it one time...but a thousand times or more? I don't think I'm that dense.

A couple of other possibilities: Almost all of my setups have involved a +shadow skill arrangement on switch, rather than an alternative attack. It might be possible that it's actually using specific skills--like kicks--that cause the reset on switch. Weird though.

Also, I always equip my primary screen-left. Maybe equipping one's first claw screen-right is what causes the strangeness.

I'll test these out when I get the chance.


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I think it is the equiping screen right first. The game defaults, as far as i can tell, to the left claw after the weapon switch. That's why it's recommended to equip primary first and screen left, this reset won't affect your setup that way.



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Huge FAQ update!

Elly managed to save a copy of the most updated FAQ Updation post before the forum turned itself inside-out, ate itself, regurgitated, and then imploded(in the words of BIGeyedBUG). :p

I've incorporated the FAQ changes after the forum crash, incorporated the relevant FAQs from the old page(http://www.diabloii.net/characters/assassin/faq.shtml) and arranged the all FAQs in 4 groupings:
1) Misc/Item FAQs
2) Martial Arts FAQs
3) Shadow Disciples FAQs
4) Trap FAQs

<I've edited it in on the first post of the topic>

I just realized that the examples I wrote on the Kick Damage equation are incorrect, so I'm going to work on that in a few days(I'm just way too tired right now to mess with math). In the mean time, any last-minute changes to the FAQ are welcome(it's going to be submitted in 3-7 days).

PS. I worked on the FAQ in MS Word, so the FAQ here only has the barest of formatting. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thanks for all the work Nali! I'll buy you an electronic drink of your choice after you get some rest. :clap: :drink:


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Blades of Ice - Yes
Fists of Fire - The burning no, the explosion yes.
Fire Blast - Yes
Shock Web - ?
War Cry - ?
Claws of Thunder/Charged Bolt/Sentry - Charged bolt yes
Death Sentry/Corpse Explosion - Yes
Wake of Fire - ?
Poison Explosion - ?
Holy Freeze/Shock/Fire Radius Effect - ?
Thunder Storm - No
Telekenisis - ?
Frozen/Shiver/Chilling Armor - ?
Glacial Spike - Yes
Ice Blast - Yes
Frost Nova - ?
Firestorm - No
Twister - Yes
Tornado - Yes
Volcano - ?
Armageddon - The meteors yes, the burning no.

Was able to answer most of these with PVP experence. Only listed what I know for sure.

Listing some things i know work with firing explosive arrows on unique bows.
-Pierce Target
-Hit Causes Monster to Flee
-Hit Freezes Target
-Hit Slows Target
-Hit Blinds Target
-Chance to cast on Striking


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Np, I'll test the others in the new few days also.

Okay, tested some.

Shock Web - ?
War Cry - ?
Wake of Fire - ?
Poison Explosion - No
Holy Freeze/Shock/Fire Radius Effect - ?
Telekenisis - No
Frozen/Shiver/Chilling Armor - The ranged oen does.. its so damn hard to tell with the close ones cause it does no dmg to me and happens right when i attck.
Frost Nova - Yes
Volcano - ?
5 left unknown.. war cry barbs are in short supply along with fire druids. :p


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I tested it in pseudo-PvP, and CoT definitely affects the release target with the damage from both the first and second charges. Go CoT!

In the current faq it says that IAS from the secondary claw is ineffective in Normal Attacks. According to JRichard the IAS from both claws actually adds together for Normal attacks (and no other attack). This matches my experience.

And a question:

What mods transfer from the secondary claw in dual-attacks (FoF, CoT, BoI, DC)? I'd read in 1.09 that it matched BShield, but so much has changed that I'm not sure now. I know elemental damage and leech carries. I know knockback does not. What about CB, OW, ITD, and so on?
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