1.10 CsHybridZon ( Need reviewing)


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1.10 CsHybridZon ( Need reviewing) Version 0.7

***CsHybrid Zon Guide***

-Short Forms Used Throughout the Guide
-Skill Placement
-Stats Placement
-Preferred Gear
-Cheap Solution
-Merc Choosing
-Actual Numbers
-How to Come, See and Kill

This guide is for a Charged Strike Hybrid Zon. With the vast usage of a FuryZon (a zon which focus on Lightning Fury), A CsZon is fairly uncommon. Also, a CsZon will have Lightning Fury to clear crowds but however use Cs to clear smaller groups. This guide can be made for a FuryZon. However you like to see it. I made this guide a Hybrid so it can deal with Lightning Immune using a bow/Crossbow.
PvP is not in mind when I made this guide.

Many Questions I seemed to see in my days of playing

Is the JavaZon still viable in patch 1.10?
In fact yes. It was made better in my opinion with the mass improvement of Valkyrie. The Valkyrie now has better AI (or so it said) and have nice synergies to decoy and evade, dodge and avoid. Charged Strike is simply amazing with 2 maxed out synergies and is your main boss killer. This whole build may be possible to go untwinked although it might not reach the killing power of other better untwinked builds.

Hybrid? Why not just use a spear?
Frankly I must say I always hated slower weapons like Spears. Yes the damage is simply amazing but I don’t think it is really that cool when its attack speed is so slow. I find bow a much safer option too and since we are not going for a bow dependant build, A buriza can simply be your final game weapon.

Is it really worth it to max Valkyrie?
Some say yes, some say no. I say yes. A huge YES too. With the entire bonus it gets, your Valkyrie is going to stay around for a while and even if it dies, you can always recast it again. If you feel you do not need it, at least make it skill level 17 after all your +skills so it get to wear everything.

What about pierce?
Since Lightning Fury is your main 1st killing weapon, Pierce should be gotten to a huge nice percent. Best would be 80-90. But if you don’t want to sink so many points to Pierce, you can always get a razortail and have an immediate 33% pierce. Acceptable rate would be at least 70.

Short Forms Used Throughout the Guide
Charged Strike- Cs
Lightning Fury- LF/Fury
FACsZon- A zon that I made up using Freezing arrow, charged strike and Lightning Fury
FuryZon- An Amazon that use Lightning Fury as the main attack
CsZon- This guide is made for the Charged Strike Zon
WF- Windforce
GC- Grand Charm
Dex- Dexterity
Str- Strength
Nrg- Energy
Vit- Vitality
LI- Lightning Immune
MSLE- Lightning Enchanted Multi Shot. A little word about this monstrous type. Some boss can spawn with these 2 mods which will make them give out a lot of ‘lightning’ whenever they are hit (since they are Multishot and Lightning Enchanted counts as missle Damage). A famous boss to spawn with these 2 mods is Bartuc The Bloody and Bremm Sparkfist. Both being council members.

Skill Placement
Build 1A
Bow and Crossbow Skills (4)
1 magic arrow
1 multishot
1 cold arrow
1 guided arrow

Javelin and Spears skills (55)
1 jab
1 power Strike
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Poison Javelin
1 Plague Javelin
20 Lightning Fury
20 Charged Strike
10-20 Lightning Strike

Passive and Magic Skills (29)
1 Critical Strike
1 Penetrate
1 Pierce
1 Slow missles
1 Dodge
1 Evade
1 Avoid
1 Decoy
1 inner sight
20 valkyrie (make sure your +skills bring it to at least 17)

build finishes at 77 (with further skill points into pierce or lightning Strike)

Build 1B

This type of Zon will be focusing on using Freezing Arrow more often then not while using Charged Strike for killing bosses and Lightning Fury for Crowd thinning A.K.A crowd Control. Freezing arrow for 3-4 enemy. My favourite set will be Mavina with Titan’s Revenge and Storm Shield on a switch. This build will be focusing on Valkyrie Cold Arrow synergy last.

Bow and Crossbow Skills (24)
20 Freezing Arrow
1-10 Cold arrow (any further skill points)
1 magic arrow
1 ice arrow
1 Multiple Shot

Javelin and Spears skills (45)
20 Lightning Fury
20 Charged Strike
1 jab
1 Power Strike
1 Poison Javelin
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Plague Javelin

Passive and Magic Skills (26)
1 Critical Strike
1 Penetrate
1 Pierce
1 Slow missles
1 Dodge
1 Evade
1 Avoid
1 Decoy
1 inner sight
17 valkyrie (make sure your +skills bring it to at least 17)

Build finishes at level 74(with any further points goes to Cold arrow or valkyrie)

Some skill Discussion
Lightning Fury (20 points)
Your first weapon against any mob that isn’t lightning immune. Clean out the crowd easily and is our usual cow slaughter weapon. Well what can I say? Oh yes. 1 thing to say is 20 points.

Charged Strike (20 points)
A hidden gem that is slowly being discovered. Well the damage output with 2 max synergies is amazing. Further more it is great against act bosses since they tend to eat all of the bolts.

Lightning Strike (1- 20points)
The main thing for using this is to get the synergy. Great for crowds that you cant finish off using lightning fury. A rarely used skill but still prove to be useful at certain time of needs

Valkyrie (20 points or 17 points (after equipment))
Why at least 17? So it gets war pike as a weapon. I feel that getting 20 is not a bad idea since it have d/a/e to back it up and more importantly, this build is geared towards more of solo play that can hold their own in multi player games. So valkyrie is a nice addition to playing solo as a nice tank.

One Point Wonders
Guided Arrow (1 point)
I feel that 1 point is enough. The small increase in damage and AR is not that worth it to spend 20 points to it. Spend the rest of the points into Penetrate if you like using bows or pierce to further maximize LF damage

Slow Missle
Great against gloams and Oblivion Knights that poses threat once in a while. The missiles will be slowed and will be easier to evade them

Stats Placement
Strength – 100-133
Strength allows you to wear better items. 133 is for your Stormshield. Some people like to get strength from Titan’s Revenge and ThunderGod Vigor and Enigma. But I don’t like to pop so I stick to the tradition 133 for a -15 requirement Stormshield. If you want to go with enigma and thundergod vigor, I think getting a enigma mage plate will be nice. Remember Nosferatus Coil adds 15 strength too

Dexterity – 220-300
220 at least so that you can get max block with Stormshield. More dexterity= more damage with both javelin and bows. I personally have upwards of 280 dexterity for nice damage

Vitality – All you can spare goes into here. For HC players, you might want more vit then dex. 1 vitality = 3 life

Energy – 0 to 40
Untwinked players might want 40 since mana could drain somewhat fast. Twinked players will find mana redundant.
1 energy = 1.5 mana

Preferred equipment
This section of the guide focus on giving a nice range of equipment to use for the HybridZon. I will also give some nice suggestions to early equipment.

Weapon set 1
Titan’s Revenge is your pick for the general PvM weapon. PvP and boss killing weapon will be a set of possibly +4 Thunderstroke so you get more damage on charged strike and lightning fury. The other elite javelins are too expensive to be useful for this build and they have lower stack size thus making bad throwing weapon. Another nice option would be cruel weapons and possibly rare with a nice percentage of ED and more importantly replenish mod since you will be throwing your javelins around with Lightning Fury.

Top choice: Titan Revenge (PvM) / Thunderstroke (Boss killing, PVP)
Mid choice: Rare with nice mod and Replenish mod / Cruel Javelin
Early game choice: Safety javelins

Shield 1
Stormshield is a nice shield for both general PvM and PvP, packing both a high block rate and nice Damage Reduction and some resist. Socket it with a -15 requirement jewel or hel rune. It will reduce the Strength required to 133. Another nice one will be Sanctuary Rune word (Ko, Ko, and Mal). It have really nice mod. Whistan guard and Moser’s Blessed Circle are nice choices too.
I really don’t like lidless wall’s low blocking rate although it pack some nice mods. I go against using it unless you don’t mind its low block rate. Sigon shield is a nice shield for early game usage

Top Choice: StormShield
Mid Choice: Sanctuary Rune Word (Ko, Ko, Mal) / Whistan Guards / Mosers Blessed Circle
Early game choice: Sigon Shield

Weapon set 2 (bow/Crossbow)
Here is where there are plenty of options for end game. If you can get a Windforce, Great. Hand Of Justice is in my opinion the best rune word for a bow although many people thinks that BotD is the best, I digress. I feel that BotD’s mods are mainly for melee characters. Well HoJ runes aren’t easy to find anyway and I can only wish for it. Buriza upgraded will simply be a nice weapon. It will work without being upgraded too. Lycander’s Aim is a nice weapon. Mavina Bow is a nice option if you are using the Freezing Strike Variant. Witch Wild String upgraded is a monster to harness especially since it have 2 sockets to play around with runes and jewels.

Top Choice: HoJ (Sur, Cham, Amn, Lo)/ Windforce / Upgraded Buriza / Upgraded Witch Wild String / Upgraded Lycander’s Aim

Mid Choice: Lycander’s Aim / Witch Wild String / Buriza

Early game Choice: WizenDraw / MageWrath / Buriza

The best helm for this build in my opinion is the Vampire Gaze. PDR, Dual leech and cold attack to boot. Who can say it is not the best. Some other choices would be Tal’s helm or Harlequin Crest would be a contender with more skills. Even Mavina Helm work. All depends on what kind of zon you want to make.

Top Choice: Vampire Gaze / Mavina Helm / Kira Guardian (if you have problems with resist
Mid Choice: Tal’s helm / Harlequin Crest / Andariel Visage (if you can get more fire resist from other gear) / Steel Shade
Early Choice: Peasant Crown / Sigon Helm

My personal favourite Dracul’s Grasp will be the best in my opinion. Soul Drainer are among the top choice. Mavina set will work too. +2 javelin skills with life leech or mana leech gloves are great for this build too

Top Choice: Dracul’s Grasp / Soul drainer / Rare Gloves
Mid Choice: Hell Mouth / Lava Gout / Mavina Gloves
Early Game Choice: Venom Grip

Belt is a huge area with lots of options. My personal favourite is Verdungo Hearty Cord. Lots of vit, PDR and other nice mods. String of Ears will but it too with PDR and ll. Arachnid Mesh or Mavina Tenet for the FAzon Variant. Gloom Trap for more mana. Nosferatus Coil for more ll and mana after kill and not to mention the nice boost to strength. Razortail for more piercing or even Thundergod Vigor for all its nice mods. This section is really open

Top Choice: Verdungo’s Hearty Cord / String of Ears / Mavina Belt / Arachnid Mesh / Nosferatus Coil / Razortail / Thundergod Vigor
Mid Choice: Gloom Trap / Rare with nice mod
Early Choice: Bladebuckle / Sigon Belt

This is where rares can totally be dominating. For the unique section, Gore rider is your best friend. Sandstorm Trek or marrowwalks can be nice too with the + to stats

Top choice: Gore Rider / Rares with nice mods
Mid Choice: Sandstorm Trek / Marrowwalks
Early Game Choice: Treads of Cython / Sigon Boots

Here is the section that have a wide array but is topped by 2 rune word with the name of enigma and Chains of Honor. Other honorable mentions are Akraine’s valor, Gladiator Bane, Shaftstop, Stone Armor, Lion heart. Huge array of choices here.

Top choice: Enigma (Jah Ith Ber) / Chains of Honor (Dol Um Ber Ist)
Mid choices: Akraine’s Valor / Gladiator Bane / Shaftstop / Stone (Shael Um Pul Lum) / Smoke (Nef Lum) / Lion Heart (Hel Lum Fal)
Early Choice: Silks of the Victor / Skin Of vipermagi / Stealth (Tal Eth)

Rings are basically filling you up on the mods you are missing but I have some choices like Stone Of Jordan Ring for those with mana problems. BulKathos Ring for those who need ll and the +skill. Raven Frost is my personal favourite for the Cannot Be frozen mod.
Top Choice: Raven Frost / Wisp Projector / Huge dual leech ring / Single Leech ring with + to dex
Mid choice: SoJ / BK ring
Early game choice: Manald Heal Ring

Amulets are clear cut with 3 amulet leading. They are Crescent moon, Mara Kaleidoscope and Highlord ammy. Rares with +2 to zon skills works too. Look for resist and + to dex/ life or strength.

Top choice: Highlord Ammy / Crescent Moon / Mara Kaleidoscope / Rare with nice mods
Mid Choice: Atma Scarab / Saracen Chance
Early game Choice: Mahim Oak curio / Eye of Etlich

The inventory should be filled with javelin and spear skillers or resist charms if that is what you are lacking. I find myself filling it with resist charms with life as second mod. Mana charms are nice too since some people find lightning fury mana consuming. MF charms if you are into mfing

Cheap Solutions
This section deals with using cheaper items to replace with what you might be lacking or if you are playing untwinked

•Using store bought javelins with replenish mod is a cheap way to replace titan’s revenge
•Stealth armor can really last for quite a long time with all the nice mods like FHR and FRW
•Smoke / Lionheart can be your end game armor with the runes not being that hard to find.
•Tal’s helm can be easily viable with the dual leech and resist.
•Store bought items like +3 to javelin skills gloves are nice and cheap for this build
•Feel free to add some stats to energy if you feel you are chucking potions too regularly (except against skeleton enemy).
•Rare boots and belts are your best friend.
•This build can mf mephisto well too. You will probably start at normal mephisto hunting low end items like sigon parts and such. Once you get charged strike going, fill your gear with simple stuff like 3 socket helm with perfect topaz
•Nightmare countess will be your hunting ground for items like Titan’s revenge and shaftstop. Don’t be discouraged if you can seem to get it. This build can survive even if using store-bought items. You just need to know what to buy.
•If you have the gold. Manual shopbot for jewelers armor and socket it with perfect sapphire if you are having problem with mana(my untwinked javazon have huge problems with mana till I start doing this and pump 40 stats to energy)
•Manual Shopbot for jewelers shield and socket it with perfect diamond for resist.
•Shop bought helmet with + to energy will ease your mana consuming too
•Look for rare javelins with mana leech/ life leech and replenish mods.
•Pick up every rare item you see on the ground that you can use. That might be your next weapon/armor.
•Crafting items can be cheap and might turn up with surprising nice mods. Safety javelins can be crafted too

Magic Normal/Exceptional/Elite Spear or Javelin
Sol Rune
Perfect Emerald
Any Jewel

Merc Choosing
Your great pal the mercenary. Actually he will be your second best friend. 1st is your valkyrie. Anyway for the CsZon, merc is really open. My picks are as below

Act 2 Defense/Normal Difficulty: Defiance

This is my favourite mercenary for this build. Throw it an ethereal godly armor and look at him tank. Not only that, he also increase the valkyrie defense rating and make both of them a two power tankers. Makes a great merc for the FACsZon.

Act 2 Defense/Nightmare Difficulty: Holy Freeze

This is my second choosing merc. Freezing them and you get to lightning fury them. This is a nice way to slow them down in the tracks. Personally this is a great merc for the pure hybrid CsZon

Act 1 Cold rogues
This is my 3rd choice for a merc. Of course, this will mean that you think that a valkyrie is a good enough merc. A nice merc for the Hybrid CsZon. Give it a good bow and it will be hard to die

Act 5 Barbarian Merc
This kind of merc is purely tankers. I don’t really like it as I feel that act 2 merc can do whatever they can while giving a nice aura to boot. But if you feel your supply of spears/ pole arms are drying up, feel free to use a barbarian merc.

Offense/Nightmare Difficulty: Jab/Might
I feel that this merc boosting damage is simply not enough since it does not boost your lightning fury or charged strike damage except the damage on the thrown javelin damage. Your killing speed is huge enough anyway

Actual Numbers
These are the damage that the skills will do at level final build.

Build 1A
Lightning Fury- Level 20---21 bolts 1-823 damage 19.5 mana
Charged Strike-Level 20 --- 7 bolts 1-1674 damage 8.7 mana
Lightning Strike-Level 20 --- 21 hits 1-1286 damage 9 mana
Valkyrie- Level 20 --- 2000-2400 life

Build 1B
Lightning Fury- Level 20--- 21 bolts 1-707 damage 19.5 mana
Charged Strike-Level 20--- 7 bolts 1-1030 damage 8.7 mana
Freezing Arrow- Level 20--- 347-358 cold damage 18.5 mana
Valkyrie- Level 17--- 1760-2112 life

How to Come, See and Kill
This section of the guides gives tips on hard to beat areas that a CsZon or a FACsZon will have problems in.

Normal Andariel- If you are playing on players 8, you should have your 1st point of charged strike ready. Unleash your charged strike power on her and watch her fall. Have some mana potions in your belt to ensure quick victory

Normal Duriel- The holy freeze aura will be annoying but basically just do the same trick and charged strike him. Open a town portal outside the tal rasha tomb and have lots of potions both red and blue ready. Purple potions will be welcomed.

Normal Mephisto- Another of those easy victory battles. At this point, if you still keep up players 8, you should be at level 30. And have your 1st point of valkyrie in either build. But still unleash charged strike till he falls and mourns.

Normal Diablo- Here is where many people might have trouble. Although the power of lightning fury is really huge, I suggest maxing charged strike 1st since it is your number 1 boss killer weapon. If you have sufficient leech, Diablo will be a breeze, if not prepare for a tough and long fight. Keep your lightning and fire resist high and his flame nova and pink laser will be doing lesser damage to you. An easy nice ammy to use will be nokozan relic get your lightning resist to at least 50. If unprepared, this fight will definitely take a toll on you. You merc should fall with the 2nd flame nova he uses.

Normal Baal- Frankly, Lister and gang proves to be a tougher opponent then Baal himself. So just use what you will always do.
At this point, you should be doing Baal runs till level 46-50. And by now, you should have maxed charged strike and starts to max lightning fury. Your mid range bow and Titan’s Revenge will be open now and will be your lightning immune killer which you will not see that often in nm. For the FACsZon, Use your normal bow shooting techniques to kill lightning immunes

Nightmare Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto and Baal- These 4 are easy. It’s Diablo that poses the main threat. Just Charged Strike them to death. No threat poses.

Nightmare Diablo- This fight might prove to be real easy or real hard (actually, you will only have problem against Diablo). If you have nice gear, it will be easy. If flame nova is hurting, Wear a hell mouth and Dwarf Star. Since Wisp projector is not open so early, it will be hard to find some lightning absorb gear. Have him on Players 1 if you find it too hard. I personally have semi nice gear and took him on players 8

Hell Andariel- She back and she is black. Ok if all your resists are positive and above 50, you will find she poses no threat. Need I say Charged Strike her to death?

Hell Duriel- With Holy Freeze irritating as it is, Duriel will be somewhat a little more difficult then Andariel. Charged strike all the way. Also I must say that Duriel will eat all the bolts so it’s easy.

Hell Mephisto- Only problem with Mephisto in all difficulty is that you can’t leech off her but still, Potions are your best friends and Charged Strike only cost roughly 10 mana anyway. Stygian dolls however are more of a headache. Try to run from them and let your valkyrie to tank and Lightning Fury or Lightning Strike them. Try to not get in close combat range. The FACsZon will solve it by letting the Valkyrie tank and freezing arrow them

Hell Diablo- The chaos Sanctuary can be a headache as those wraith kind of monsters are immune to lightning. Simply just use Lightning Fury on all those Obvillion Knights and Pit lord and switch to a bow and snipe those wraiths one by one. For the FACsZons, Same tactic while using freezing arrow on wraiths. Should be easy if you have a few small charms which acts to the freeze length. For the actual fight, Diablo should be easy if you have max resists and wisp projector and 50 PDR (the pink laser of death is 50% lightning damage and 50% physical damage). For those untwinked players, ort runes in 4 socket armor is the way to go.

Ancients- Roll till there is no fire enchanted ancients and it will be a breeze. Use a bow if you feel like it as I find it faster and easier to use a bow to snipe out Korlic and Talic. One of the ancients usually focus on my valkyrie so it shouldn’t be a problem

WSK, Baal’s minions and Baal himself-
WSK could be a headache for those not prepared for the gloams. Gloams problem could be solved by using the 4 ort rune armor. However be prepared with full rejuvenation potions as they can still be tough.
The throne might pop out those stygian dolls. Do the same as the ones you deal with in the Durance.

Baal’s minions- The first 2 packs should be real easy. If Bartuc spawn as MSLE, Take caution and try to get to a spot where your valkyrie will tank and the bolts will not hit you. Snipe him down from there. The next pack will be easy with your valkyrie tanking and using lightning Fury. Lister’s pack could be a potential problem but take down all the minions of destruction and charged strike him to death

Baal himself will be easy, But the tough part is having 2 Baal whacking on you at all the times. Take out the fake Baal if you think it is too tough. The fake Baal will have the ‘B’ Right above the Demon’s ‘D’ And the fake Baal does not teleport. After taking him out, Charged Strike Baal himself. Blood mana can be a potential problem but will be done easily by using full rejuvenation potions or even popping blue potions

Build 1A
F1- Lightning Fury
F2- Charged Strike
F3- Valkyrie
F4- Lightning Strike
W- Weapon switch
F5- Decoy
F6- Slow missles
F7 Inner Sight
F8- Guided Arrow

Build 1B
F1- Lightning Fury
F2- Charged Strike
F3- Valkyrie
F4- Freezing Arrow
W- Weapon switch
F5- Decoy
F6- Slow missles
F7 Inner Sight

I would like to thank the SPF for providing endless of valuable information about the countless question I have.
All the people for whom readily traded me the items I needed to make my CsZon my favourite character
Hakai_no_Tenshi for making the greatest program in ATMA
Blizzard for making this great game
My friend for actually took the time to proofread the guide


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Forgot to mention in the guide. I actually used Microsoft Word to type this guide out using all the colors, all the underlining and bold. However they don't work in the forums so i guess i will leave it like this as it wasn't too bad reading it.

My CsZon also mat 4 days ago but i took some time to write up this guide. I got all the planning for quite some time but today was where i type out all the information.

Also does anyone have the IAS breakpoints for some more coomon bows like upgraded buriza, WF, and all the bows i mentioned? Been searching for them but i suppose the old forum crash wipe it out?

I will attempt to answer any question about this build. So hopefully, the next draft will have the IAS breakpoints for some of the bows i mentioned


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:thumbsup: from me, great guide , after all those stories about LS i might give it a try :lol:


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All IAS breakpoints are listed in the Amazon FAQ - just find the WSM for the base weapon (e.g. Hydra Bow for Windforce, which is [10]), and look up the appropriate table.

I'm not too sure how Charged Strike works (i.e. the damage of the charged bolts and the lightning damage added to attack), but from a theoretical point of view, Power Strike is probably a better option for boss killing and taking down single monsters. Power Strike gives you just over double the lightning damage (at level 20), and the synergy bonuses are identical. Maybe that is worth consideration, or at least you should state why Charged Strike is better. For me at least, I've never been a fan of 7+ charged bolts going out in random directions - plain 100%-chance-of-dealing-damage is preferable to me.

The rest is okay - you may like a bit more detail in the stat distribution section but equipment is very thorough. Nice work.


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I am sure that charged strike works like this. The 1st number for charged strike is the physical damage(meaning your javelin base damage) the 2nd number will be how much lightning damage per bolt will do. So in my opinion, charged strike is great for killing act bosses since they tend to eat up all bolts.

My next version will have a level up guide and IAS breakpoints for bows and how charged strike will work. I will also list the potential difference of power strike and charged strike. Thank you ParadoX for the constructive feedback


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Great guide :)

Had a character much like that in 1.09 and it really rocked, will definitely try this out in 1.10 also as I loved playing that character. :thumbsup: