1.10 Councillers


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1.10 Councillers

Since 1.10 patch, I have experienced many times that the three unique councilers dropped entirely nothing upon their death than before. Is this due to specific nerfing on MF on them done in 1.10 patch? Is this related to smashing them due to cold damage? Anybody has idea?
A lack of internet connection have caused me to sit back and use my "freeform" sorc in single player a lot. (This is written from my parent's house.) She is very capable, I do any monster and/or area in the game quite fast, i.e. when doing baal runs on hell difficulty, the only thing holding her up is the waiting between each time baal spawns his minions. There is a reason why I am telling you this; I have been really bored, doing countless runs, in every part of the game, equipped with around 1000 mf ( I don't fancy more ) - I get loads and loads of good drops in single player. To the point;

The three unique council members (in durance 3), after killing them hundreds of times, really do not give me anything at all. The Travincal guys, however, seem to be quite generous. I do not know excactly what happened to the guys downstairs, but I find them a waste of time, ignore them. They must have been nerfed or something, I don't see any other reason why they suddenly would stop playing santa..

Regarding skills used to kill monsters, this and that skill have no influence on your drop rate, 100 % certain. Kill them with a stick, they will not spawn different items. I remember way back, some guy was certain MF did not apply if Thunder Storm provided the final blow on a monster, this has nothing to do with reality. My recommendation is to ignore the guys in durance 3. Hope this is of any help at all..


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the councel in the durance has dropped good stuff for me..soj to name 1 example.so it pays to take a lil time to kill them and all the bosses down there.


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Arguably, the Council in Travincial is the most efficient place in the game to MF because:

Very quick to get there
Although limited to TC 78 there are a bunch of them and they are very generous with runes, charms, jewels, gems, and gold
Body remains so find item works

To do this effectively you need a character that can kill the Council very quickly without spending the time to seperate them individually and without dying...easier said than done especially in 1.10. Very dangerous, especially in Hardcore. I ran this a lot in 1.09 and you can really build a good charm set. Even Nightmare Travincial is a good way to get charms and crafting supplies.

Ideally, use a Barb with find item for more drops. Travincial always drops so play single for more speed.