1.10 Bowbarian: First Draft


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1.10 Bowbarian: First Draft

Feel free to put in your questions and comments, but keep it civil please as this is only a first draft.


1.10 Bowbarian Guide

I.) Introduction
II.) Stats
III.) Skills
IV.) Gear
V.) Strategy Tips
VI.) Contact Info and Conclusion

I.) Introduction

Welcome back to the Bowbarian Guide. I am AdunaCCDanimoth, but you may remember me better as ACCPyroHappy. In the last two versions of my guide to the bow, I discussed about how a Bowbarian was a proud, noble creature that could spank it to the minions of Diablo and stand tall and proud in the end. With the introduction of 1.10 to the system, things have changed. The emphasis on the party has become more and more apparent. Don’t get me wrong, I for one still believe (and have made) a 1.10 bowslinger that went solo all the way through Hell to become a Patriarch, but I feel that the time for being solo is drawing to a close, so this version will focus not just on the Bowbarian himself, but on how the Bowbarian can now be used as a vital support character to the group as well.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Drop the bows, boys, the Era of the Crossbow is now.

II.) Stats

Strength: 165

Crossbows need a lot of strength to use. Our two main weapons that we will want to pick up, Hellrack and an Upgraded Buriza-Do Kyanon, are both Collosus Crossbows. The other upside to a strength this high is that it opens up the possiblities for heavier and more durable armor. Yes, I know that with a Grim Ward up and running will keep you safe and sound, but there are those times when you move and fighting a ranged monster that the extra defense will help. Turn down the amount if you want to pour more points into Dexterity, I’m not stopping you.

Dexterity: Pump, Pump, and Away!

For every 100 points into Dexterity, you’ll gain another 100% Enhanced Damage to your weapon of choice as well as boost your Attack Rating and Defense. The more you have, the more pain you can dish to your victims.

Vitality: 100

Life is always a good thing in case a monster or spell does manage to break through your armor and resists, but with Battle Orders driving your life higher and higher and the fact that you have a party of potential other targets to soak some of the damage, you don’t really need a lot of points into Vitality, which can be saved to boost Dexterity.

Energy: Base

Once again, Battle Orders will help you keep a decent mana pool for Grim Wards and Warcries. The other new option is the use of Find Potion. With a constant flow of potions at your disposal, FP can easily handle any mana problems you may have even after you BO. besides, casters will love you for the seemingly endless flow of potions you can give them.

III.) Skills

For this section, I will only talk about the skills that have more than one point put into them. Howl, Find Item, Iron Skin, and Increased Stamina all have but 1 point into each of them as Pre Reqs.

Find Potion: 5 Points

5 Points into this skill gives you a 50% chance to pop a potion out of a corpse. This can save time and cash by creating a flow of potions for your team and yourself. Combine this is the fact that monsters tend to drop a lot of potions anyway and you are ready to go!

Taunt: 1 Point

To keep it short and sweet in this case, Taunt allows you to pull towards a ranged monster or one that is annoying, such as the Fallen Shamen on Act 1. Note that Taunt does not work on Unique or Champion Bosses. Sorry.

Leap: 4 Points

Leap allows the Bowbarian to do a jump with a bow where Leap Attack does not. 4 points grants a 10 yard flight in order to get across the rivers of Act 3 and similar places. Leap also knocks back monsters if you jump on them, giving you space to knock on off and Grim Ward it into a safe haven for you and others.

Shout and Battle Orders: 20 Points each.

The new favorite synergy of the Barbs, Shout and BO each give you the ability to boost the Defense, Life, Mana, and Stamina (+290%, +92%, +92%, and +92%, respectfully) or your party over the course of around 6 and a half minutes. This is good not only the party, but you when it comes to deal with the rogue monster that makes it to you and begins to attack as you will have a better chance to escape damage and when you do get hit be able to shrug it off. Note that even though Grim Ward is a very powerful skill, Champion and Unique Monsters can still pass through it to reach you.

Increased Speed: 9 Points

A nice 35% boost to your movement speed means you can go from hot spot to hotspot in short time. It also gives you the advantage of being able to walk away from a monster that breaks through the Ward. Yes, I said walk. If you run, your defense effectivily drops to 0 and leaves you open to a beating from monsters. Very important to know about this.

Grim Ward: 7 Points

Meet your saving grace. A 6 yard radius at 7 points means that you and some friends will have a clearance zone from which you can unload on some baddies that is fairly large. If you and your party can’t drop a monster in 40 seconds to make a new Grim Ward, you may really want to consider taking up a new game, like Minesweeper. As stated before, Grim Ward will not stop a Champion or Unique monster from crossing into it, but the minions of the monster will run off. You may wonder why I only kept Howl as a Pre Req. Howl is a good skill in the early game, as it does the job of Grim Ward quite nicely, but the duration and the fact you don’t want the monsters to bolt away from you and its fairly small radius won’t offer you much protection for long.

Battle Command: 1 Point

Hey, it’s the best 1-Point wonder in the game. For 3 and a half minutes after you max Shout and Battle Orders, you give everyone around you a free +1 to all of thier skills as well as yours. With it, you can boost your Wards, Orders, and Shouts for quite some time.

Natural Resistance: 13 Points

The only real way a monster can damage you outside of breaking through a Shout-driven defense is to use magic or get a hit in with poison. 13 Points gives you a 60% bonus to all of your resistances and when coupled with the Resist scrolls you get from doing the Anya Quests on Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, you will have effectivily 90% Resists. This means you will have Max Resists in Normal, 50% Resists in NM, and -10% Resists in Hell disregarding any gear or charms you pick up to boost your resists. Sure, you may still be down Resist-wise in hell, but at least you don’t need to worry about wasting gear spots for 90% Resists. Note that Magic-type spells, such as Bone Spear or Bone Spirit can still get to you as Natural Resistance does not affect such spells.

IV.) Gear

For something new, I won’t put in a full list of gear for what your Bowbarian needs. It is my opinion that the player making their Bowbarian needs to find and work with gear that suits him or her the best. But if you want to follow the idea of this version of the Bowbarian, let me put down a few guiderails.

1.) The Bowbarian will use a Crossbow: This version focuses more on Crossbow use than bow use. Amazons have an entire skill tree dedicated to the bow and most of them use the floss-on-a-stick as well. 1.10 gave to the Barb some new things. The Upgrade recipe gave use the ability to turn the Buriza from a Ballista into a Collosus Crossbow for more damage. Hellrack, the new unique Collosus Crossbow, allows more and more elemental damage in order to go around Physically Immune monsters. For the Crushing Blow people out there, you can even upgrade your Demon machine into a fast and hard hitting method of wiping out targets.

2.) Get your Resists up: Fairly self explanitory. In Hell, get that resist deficit out of the picture as soon as possible through charms and gear then worry about things to make you even more dangerous.

3.) Damage + Speed = Death: While some people abuse the Damage is King philosophy and others the Speed Kills rule to the letter, I find that a balance of the two results in the most destruction. The best way to keep that damage up is through the use of Elemental Damage charms, namely the Lightning and Cold damage charms.With Hellrack going at a mile a minute using the three major elements, the extra lightning damage and cold duration will make short work of most targets. Fire may be a rather poor idea as I seem to find a lot more Fire Immune monsters in 1.10 than I did in 1.09, but you are the one playing the game, not me. Shael Runes are also your friends, as you can drop 2 into the Hellrack and make a socket for one in the Buriza as well as anything you may use until you get to the point when the use of these two shotguns become availible.

V.) Strategy Tips

- Don’t be a jerk to your team or your team will abandon you.
- When your Battle Orders, Shout, etc runs out, that means so has everyone elses. Get in there and refresh these abilities to keep you and your team alive.
- Walk in combat, run to keep up with your party. It will save both time and your life now and then.
- Do all the quests and get all the waypoints. That way you can get the rewards and have places to jump to when you join a new game.
- Unless you plan on attempting to go solo through Hell, don’t get a merc. 7 humans by your side will help you out in the long run than even 7 computer-driven mercs could.

VI.) Contact Info and Conclusion.

You can send me an email at [email protected] for questions and comments as well as sending me a Private Message on the Diabloii.net Forums. I really do hope you enjoy making your own Bowbarian. it really does take some time and is quite the challeneg, but the experience you gain from making one can and will help you become a better player at Diablo 2.


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Major revision needed

nice idea, but needs major revision. e.g., indepth ias for bows and how to balance this against dmg caused. you do not need a guide to tell you to 'pump enough str for equip and pump dex all the way to use bows'. :yawn:


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Nice guide, but you forget to put a line for the ones who may want to see your barb in action. ;)



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I think the guide is very good. Barbs are one of the classes I would love to see using a bow. I mean come on, you know that these guys would use a bow to hunt deer. And big bows are really hard to draw back, so you need to be strong to use them. So I don't get why Barbs get no love in the bow tree.

Which begs my question...How is your damage, what do you do to best increase it? Wouldn't you serve a party better by being a tank or using Concentration or Berserk to attack between your "I'll give BO, you tele".


the build sounds great, but i've found that when making characters such as this, i often not have much fun.

the first element of fun is basically seeing blood splatter, stuff die, and items drop. if you play solo or pvp then thats you.

the second one is playing in a party... however, HOW MANY parties do you ever see actually playing through act 3? the best party spirit i've ever seen in LoD so far is someone getting rushed for free... i've also played several different characters through hell, untwinked, but usually ended up soloing because past normal, nobody plays anywhere besides baal/cows/bloodruns, and in the beginning of ladder, nobody is liable to have upped buriza or hellrack, and probably you can't actually do damage.

and if its played the conventional way, by the time you reach monsters they will be long flattened by the blizz sorc/wwbarb/zon with 6k multi/etc

i reach the conclusion that it might be fun for soloing... however, after you get past the incredible novelty of a barb holding a bow, you'll realize its the same thing as zon except 20x slower, and the novelty wears off.


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I'd suggest a Razortail (unique exceptional sharkskin belt)...Piercing (33), +15 Dexterity, +10 Max Dmg, and a decent dmg(1dmg/lvl) shield if monsters do reach you