1.09b Superchests?


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Just looking over the 1.07 thread got me thinking about this. It might be a good way to farm runes to be used for 1.10beta runewords.

Unlike 1.07 you can do the players command available. I know when running cows people used to do players 64 for a lot of experience. That got whitled down to players 8 in 1.1x. Would that mean there might be 32 combinations to experiment? or maybe just the 4 of 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.

Plus some of us old timers have better geared 1.09 characters than those in 1.07. I have Matriarch sorceresses in both, but would find 1.09 easier going.

Anyway, can anyone tell me if this has been done before? Or would HF rushing be simpler to get an Ohm/Sur built up in the beta.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't think we came to consensus on this regarding how many settings differ, but I guess we'd have to test /p8 and /p9+ to compare. Would take a lot of work but as soon as there is a pattern match for mid+ runes (with 2+ items) we could be reasonably confident that /p9+ behaves identically to /p8.

It's worth a shot, in theory, though 1.07 already has great LK patterns (2 vex, 1 Lo, 1 gul) and a vex in RoF as well as amazing racks ofc.