1.09 Sorc


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1.09 Sorc

I have recently started playing D2LoD again, but as I don't like the 1.10+ patches, I am playing v1.09 (single-player). However, all info that used to be there about builds and such for v1.09 has been deleted so my question:

what build is good for a v1.09 sorc? I think I remember Blizzard + Glacial spike and Meteor + fire ball being the main two builds. Are they any good and if so, which is better and does anyone know where I can find a guide? I don't really know what to do with stats, skill points and gear.

Any help given will be most appreciated.


Epsilon Eyez

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A popular build was Frozen Orb + Nova. It goes a little something like this:

20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold Mastery
20 Nova
20 Lightning Mastery
20 Thunderstorm

Of course, it was abusing Occy rings and all that other 1.09 hacked items, so I doubt Nova would still be as effective.


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I always played the ultamite cheese back in 1.09 - Buriazon's. The 4 or 5 hits you'd get out of a piercing guided arrow couldn't be beat. The multishot rocked back then too.

Wasn't firewall real popular for sorc's then? There were certainly more tri-elemental builds too. Sorry, I just can't remember much from back then.


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Epsilon Eyez said:
A popular build was Frozen Orb + Nova. It goes a little something like this:

20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold Mastery
20 Nova
20 Lightning Mastery
20 Thunderstorm

Of course, it was abusing Occy rings and all that other 1.09 hacked items, so I doubt Nova would still be as effective.
Except nobody in their right mind maxed Cold Mastery back in 1.09.

The two main builds were Orb/Nova and Meteorb, and it's pretty obvious what to max for skills seeing as there weren't any synergies.


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PhatTrumpet said:
Except nobody in their right mind maxed Cold Mastery back in 1.09.
well, no one in their right mind would maxe it now either, but plenty of people still do. :shocked: :rolleyes: I'm sure someone has over -200% with all their + skills (assuming that's possible, I'm to tired tonight to look up/figure out what slvl that would be.


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MageChick said:
Wasn't firewall real popular for sorc's then? There were certainly more tri-elemental builds too. Sorry, I just can't remember much from back then.
Man, talk about a trip back memory lane! Starting to make me feel OLD here... (Course, I still remember playing Ultima 2 back when it came out in 1982, heh heh.)

If I remember correctly, Firewall was indeed popular -- but mostly because one of the best places to get experience in that patch was the Bloody Foothills, and Firewall is perfectly suited to that area's topography: monsters can only approach you along narrow horizontal and vertical axes at right angles, perfect for roasting them alive as they slowly amble towards you down the lanes... Unless you're thrilled at the thought of endless BF runs, I don't know that this build has much to recommend it.


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try looking for the damage reduced meteorb sorc guide somewhere (try googling).

with stormshield and energy shield you can act as your own tank while raining down fiery meteors on your enemies


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ah yes, energy shield was much more effective back then I believe. (Maybe it did the damage redirection/reduction AFTER checking for resistance? Not sure about that, just guessing) Also the damage reduction% was capped at 75% instead of 50% like it is now, so DR% was much more useful.


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I don't mean to be ungrateful here, but could anyone be more concrete? I seem to be getting a few different builds here. Is there not one which stands out as being much better than the others? I would want to complete the game and then do runs on whichever area is best (meph or cow probably). Does that change anything? And what on gear and stats? Merc?
About the suggested builds: frozen orb seems to feature in a few. I thought I remembered that being quite weak or am I mistaken?

I had a look on google if i could find anything, but it was a pretty fruitless search, just some guides that seemed to have been written by people who didnt know that much about the sorc or guides for somewhat strange builds such as the enchantress.


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frozen orb is king in 1.09 and especially in sp since it will take you through all of nm and still do signifigant damage in hell. Meteor is a great spell kills quick and does insane damage no synergies so no need for fire ball or any of that other stuff. Nova is amazing for cows and some chaos sanctuary and large groups definately have thunderstorm with at least a point or two in it. So here are a few builds you could use.

Frozen orb 20
cold mastery 1
meteor 20
fire mastery 20
and then take your other skill points and put them in energy shield or thunderstorm, this build isnt very mana intensive but requires a strong tank a merc such as desert warriors holy freeze or defiance or the barbarian merc

20 frozen orb
1 cm
20 nova
20 light mastery
and as many points as you want in energy shield and thunderstorm
this is a very mana intensive build, but would be just fine in untwinked play with some potions, not as dependant on a merc as the above build

gear go for as much plus skills as you can get and resistance life and mana as possible


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Pimothy said:
I don't mean to be ungrateful here...
Well if you don't mean to be ungrateful then I don't mean to be rude. Why are you choosing to play a patch that you seem to know next to nothing about? I guess I don't see how you can remember that you liked 1.09 better but you can't remember anything about the staple Sorc build. Everyone and their brother had a friggin' Nova Sorc by the end of 1.09.

Guess what: the same as every other build in existence. Enough str for gear, enough dex for max block, rest in vit. (Some would argue to put a bunch in energy, I say just chug a blue every so often.)

20 Orb
1 Cold Mastery
1 Shiver Armor
1 Warmth
20 Nova
20 Lightning Mastery
20 Thunderstorm
1 Energy Shield
rest in Static, Warmth, Energy Shield, Teleport, whatever it doesn't really matter

Mara's (or crafted +2 all/FCR/other mods or rare +2 all/other mods)
Occy (or Wizzy)*
Magefist (or Frosties)
Tal's belt or Nightsmoke or String or crafted caster belt*
some combination of SOJ(s) and FCR/mana/stats rare ring(s)

*can use Tal's ammy+armor+belt for good resists and a nice mf boost, but you'll lose a bunch of FCR

Either Holy Freeze or Defiance. Give him a big stick and some life leech.

105%FCR is pretty pimp if you can get it, but 63%FCR will get the job done.

EDIT: PhatTrumpet as slain by cade88.


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I found this guide by Zharous that i had saved - i hope he doesn't mind me posting it!

The Damage-Reduced Sorceress Version 1.1
Author: Zharous
Updated: October 2002

The goal of the damage-reduced sorceress is to wear Stormshield. With Stormshield, Shako, and enough dexterity to maintain 75% blocking, your resistance to physical damage should be higher then any other character in the game. For example, with decently high magic-find and only 45% damage reduction, 75% blocking, 61% energy shield, total physical damage reduced will be 94.6%. With Shaftstop and 75% damage reduction equipment, total physical damage resistance can be brought up to 97.5%. * In comparison, the best most other classes can hope to reach is 93.7% with 75% blocking and 75% damage reduction alone. The only comparable classes are amazons with almost half their skills in dodge/avoid/evade or barbarians with their incredibly high defense.

What this means is that a sorceress built using this guide is able to act as her own tank for timed spells, surviving in hordes of cows without problems, teleport across and through any group of monsters without taking damage. This sorceress will never take much damage from anything in the cow levels, even most aura bosses, and will require nothing more then a few regular healing potions to stay alive. This makes leveling a character to 99 much easier and less stressful. This also makes having a large "life buffer" less important, which is the key to my suggestion to keep vitality at base. This also makes this a perfect character for players who suffer with a lot of lag from poor connections. This character lives for the cow levels and is quite fun during the late development stage of level 75-99 unlike many other character types. I have three meteor sorceresses, all now at level 99 on USWest created roughly to this guide, and other then lag-disconnects, have never died in the cow levels once.

The only problems with this build are the extremely low life and the lack of ability at low levels. Until this sorceress reaches the mid 30s and can start using life charms, this character is incredibly weak. Also due to the lower vitality levels later in the game, elemental damage can pose more of a threat then usual. However once your character reaches the high 60s and 70s, the abilities of this character will start outstripping any other sorceress build, and by the high 80s and 90s, will no longer require any life charms at all.

This character was never designed for player vs. player gameplay. If you want to kill cows very quickly and obtain a huge number of charms, gems, jewels, and the occasional set or unique item, perform "Meph-runs" "Pindle-runs" or "Baal-runs" very quickly with a nearly invulnerable character with high magic-find, or power-act other players, this is an idea build. It is fairly easy to make a few modifications as described below with a higher level of vitality and a lot of points into cold mastery to use this character as a decent dueler against physical damage classes, but any character built 100% for PvP play will inevitably be stronger.

This guide also assumes you will be using this character for magic finding while playing, and a majority of the equipment recommendations are based on this.

* Total Physical Resistance is calculated via the formula: Resistance = 1 - (1-X)(1-Y)(1-Z)

X represents damage reduced percentage in decimal rating (eg: 0.45), Y effective blocking rate, Z is energy shield rating


Between the 505 stat points that are given in the course of the game itself and the 80 stat points that are given out to a level 1 sorceress, you have 585 points here to utilize:

Strength: 156 by level 73 for Stormshield

It is recommended to use equipment to boost your strength here, using items such as War Travelers or charms with secondary mods to save stats. There is no danger of body popping, as long as none of the +str items used are in your weapon or shield slots and you can safely hold Stormshield when you start playing. If you follow the equipment guide below, it is only necessary to actually increase your strength to 144, since the 1.09 Shako and War Travelers give you +12 to strength alone.

If you socket Stormshield with a Hel rune, or a -15 req jewel, or the absolute best item: a -15% req, 15% resist all jewel, the strength requirements fall to 133. This means you will have 23 more stat points available for either vitality or energy. A clean or an Um'd (+22% resist all) Stormshield is fine however, since an extra 46 points in life will rarely make a difference in surviving or not, and can be replaced by two 20-life small charms. However perfectionists may want to go this route.

Dexterity: 179 at level 73 when you first start using Stormshield for 75% blocking, 237 required once you reach level 99.

Other equipment worn will lessen the requirement here, and with Shako and Tal Rasha’s belt, you should only need 215 actual points into this stat.

The formula to determine how many points you need in dexterity for blocking is as follows:
Shield Blocking X (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2) = Total Blocking

For Stormshield (unique monarch), this calculates to the following: (Monarch = 42 blocking + 25 increased = 67%)

67 (x - 15) / (99 X 2) = 75
67 (x - 15) = 14850
x - 15 = 222
Dex @ lev 99 = 237

A good inexpensive shield to use until reaching level 73 is Whitstan’s Guard. Only requiring 53 strength and usable at level 29, this is also a good replacement shield if you wish to place almost 100 extra points into
either vitality or energy. The calculations for dexterity run as follows for Whitstan's Guard: (set round shield = 25 blocking + 55 increased = 80%). But since Whitstan's is bugged, the actual blocking rate comes to 87%.

87 (x - 15) / (99 X 2) = 75
87 (x - 15) = 14850
x - 15 = 173
Dex @ lev 99 = 186

Vitality: Base (or 100 to 200 points) (1 point = 2 vit)

Why base? This is viable for players who can play low levels dangerously or with groups when starting out. On average, the equipment you will pick up later including Shako, Tal Rasha’s amulet, Oculus, and War Travelers increase your vitality considerably. Adding points into vitality returns the least benefit when compared to any of the other stats. For example, you would have to put 10 stat points into vitality to receive 20 life, a similar gain which you could obtain by a 1x1 small charm in your inventory. Every bit of damage that comes out of your mana is “recovered†almost instantly. If you follow the high-energy shield level recommended below, you'll find that your damage from life is incredibly minimized, and healing potions used while playing cow levels will have the maximum effect. Finally, a base-vitality build is better in the long run for a pure PvM sorceress since at high levels around ~90, you can safely take off all life charms and still take out any target in the game easily without help.

With only eight small 20-life charms and around ~500-600 life, a level 73 sorceress with Stormshield has sufficient life to survive and deal out damage to cows with ease. In addition, the resistances provided by Stormshield negate the need to hold as many resistance charms normally held by other sorceresses. For PvP characters, simply hold as many life charms as you can get hold of – you should easily be able to reach over 1000 life using base vitality and life charms alone, and this moderately high vitality base plus a large mana base is hard to beat. The absolute best charms to use would be duel life/mana charms, and specifically small 20 life/17 mana charms would strengthen this character incredibly, although good ones are nearly impossible to find.

If you decide to exclusively use Whitstan's Guard, which saves you 61 points of strength (156 down to 95 for War Travelers), and 49 points of dexterity, you can either throw these 110 extra points into vitality. Damage reduce equipment is still very handy to reduce the mana penalty of energy shield, so you will end up with an overall weaker character in terms of both life and energy. The 35% damage reduce of Stormshield or the 30% of Shaftstop are both fairly equivalent, and either will reduce the mana penalty of your energy shield by a similar percentage, so Shaftstop alone is a good alternative if you are willing to give up a large amount of magic-find.

On the other hand, you can place about 100-200 points into vitality. This makes it easier to level at low levels then a base-vitality sorceress, and you will be better equipped for occasional dueling and surviving elemental attacks from act bosses when doing magic-find runs. A high-vitality version of this sorceress can also use much-cheaper mana charms instead of vitality charms to boost their stats. If you are going to use a large number of points into vitality, you are obviously sacrificing energy to do so, so level 1 energy shield is important. You are not really saving many skill points by doing this however, as you will need a much higher level of Warmth to survive well with less energy. The only area you will need excessive amounts of mana is cow leveling, so you can swap on a large number of mana charms for either magic-find charms or life charms, when playing in other areas of the game.

Energy: Everything else (or moderately low, Base to 100 points) (1 point = 2.0-3.8 mana)

With a high energy shield, and high warmth, your mana should absorb most of the damage you take from physical or elemental damage. With Frostburn and two Stones of Jordan, every point placed into energy will return 3.8 mana, and with most damage being absorbed by your mana through a high energy shield, adding points into energy returns a far greater benefit then vitality does. By level 99, you should have around 250 points in energy.

If you are using a low or a base-energy build with high vitality, you will always need to wear a large number of mana charms, preferably 59-mana grand charms, that you will never be able to take off while running through the cow levels, even with a large investment into warmth. However, if you want to build a sorceress that can act as a 75% DR dueler with Shako, Shaftstop, and Stormshield, taking out physical-damage opponents with orb, this route is a good one.


Cold Skills
20 Frozen Orb (Not required at all for cow games when this character is full strength, use any other spell you wish here - however frozen orb is a great secondary spell)
5 prerequisites for frozen orb
1 Frozen Armor
1 Shiver Armor
1 Chilling Armor (oblivion knight ranged attack repulsion)
1 Cold mastery (~69% - 73% piercing with skill items)

Lightning Skills
1 Static Field (wide enough radius when boosted with skill items)
1 Energy Shield (~10 with skill items or 52% damage absorb - moderate to high vitality)
7 Energy Shield (~16 with skill items or 61% damage absorb - base vitality)
5 pre-requisites for energy shield

Fire Skills
5 Prerequisites for Meteor
20 Meteor
20 Fire Mastery
9 Warmth (Should be around 250% with skill items)

Only 96 out of the 110 provided skills are given in this guide, so depending on your personal preferences you can put the last 14 skill points into shiver armor (higher defense), energy field (higher percentage damage absorbed), static field, or warmth. If you want to duel with this character, place all these extra points into cold mastery or hydra.

Why use Frozen Orb? This spell is very useful in most acts, and still works well in pvp and cows, but won’t be needed as much after acquiring Stormshield. Frozen orb is incredibly overpowered for normal and nightmare games, and is very useful for completing quests or leveling a sorceress from levels 30 through 70. Also, Frozen Orb is often the most effective spell for taking out fire resistant or fire immune bosses. This spell however is completely replaceable for cow-leveling, since at high levels, you will not need to orb them first to slow them down, and in fact, may kill them faster if you let them quickly move to congregate together in a tightly packed group. Meteor/Nova, Meteor/Charged Bolt, Meteor/Enchant/Shiver hybrid melee characters are good alternatives.

Why use Meteor? Meteor and Nova work the best for clearing thickly packed groups of monsters, such as the cows in the cow level since both skills do damage in a wide, circular area and the damage is not stopped, or absorbed by monsters. However, while nova requires quite a few faster cast items to deal out enough damage and requires tons of mana, meteor does an immense blast of damage instantly, and can be used with magic find items easily. In addition, it can be thrown to any area on the screen, and meteor’s burning damage can be stacked up. The sole problem with meteor, it’s casting delay, becomes irrelevant if you can personally round the cows together and ignore their attacks while calling repeated meteors down on them.

This spell has a very long cast delay, and unlike every other spell in the game, there is also a long delay between the initial casting and when the spell actually “arrivesâ€. This arrival delay causes non-DR sorceresses to constantly run around, often scattering the monsters or causing the meteor to miss completely, hence the perception that Meteor is a worthless spell. However, on the positive side, this spell does both a tremendous initial explosion damage, and a stackable burning damage. If you call down multiple meteors, this stackable burning damage, which covers a wide radius, can be quickly multiplied to do much more damage then firewall does Meteor is also cast over a very slow interval, with a 1.2 second casting delay. This means that your casting speed is rarely affected by lag or by the partial “stunlock†you will experience when jumping into a group of cows. This “fire and forget†technique is far simpler, and lets you spend more of your time using static field and aiming your shots instead of staying out of the cows, which you would have to do with Nova to keep your spell usable.

For example: At level 33 Meteor/level 33 Fire Mastery, you’re initial explosion damage is 6860 (avg) and the fire damage is 1575 per second for 20 seconds. Throw down 6 meteors in the same spot, which would take around 7 seconds, and you have a WIDE, CIRCULAR area doing 9450 damage per second, which will last for another 13 seconds or so before diminishing. In comparison, Firewall at the same skill level (level 33/33) does about the same damage per second and starts doing it immediately (9117 damage/sec) but does it in a much smaller field. Also, firewall lasts exactly 3.6 seconds, never increasing, while the burn duration of Meteor keeps increasing with higher skill levels.

The best tactic I have found for 8 player cow games for a DR sorc is to round the cows into a tight mass, similar to what a javelin-based Amazon would do. Then while standing to one side, proceed to cast repeated meteors down immediately next to yourself on one side of the horde, as they move towards you. Small tightly-packed groups can be dropped almost instantly with "teleport next to them, meteor, 3X static, meteor arrives and drops all of them. For larger groups, alternate between static field and meteor without moving, and the entire group of cows should drop within seconds. Similar to Javazon tactics, this works far better when staying away from other players, and utilizing the thick “packs†of cows that already exist when the level starts. But unlike a Javazon, you're killing speed will never be diminished by smaller groups, and in less then full games, you're speed will actually increase considerably. If you run across bosses, simply orb or meteor them to death, you can still usually still ignore almost any cow boss' attacks. Pay particular attention to their modifications however, if a boss is "cold enhanced", meteor will do more damage, if "fire enhanced" or "aura enhanced, cursed, extra strong, extra fast, mana burn" you may want to orb from a safe distance.

Cow-running MFind Equipment

Helm: Shako
Armor: Tal Rasha's / Skullder's Ire or Shaftstop (PvP)
Weapon: Oculus (Ist rune) (+3 Skills & 80% Mfind)
Ali-Baba w/up to 2 Ists (1-99 Mfind + 60%) ~ 159% Mfind max
Gull Dagger = 100% Mfind
Shield: Whitstan’s Guard / Stormshield (lev 73+)
Gloves: Frostburn / Chance Gloves (lev 73+)
Belt: Tal Rasha's / String of Ears
Amulet: Tal Rasha's / Mara's (with Skullder's Ire)
Rings: 2 SOJs
Boots: War Travelers
Charms: Several life charms, more for low level sorceresses, replace with fire skill charms later

Magic Find / Normal gameplay setup:

Helm: Shako
Armor: Tal Rasha's
Amulet: Tal Rasha's / Mara's / Tancred's (78% mfind with boots)
Weapon: Wizardspike/IstIst AliBaba
Shield: Stormshield (67% blocking) / Rhyme'd Hyperion shield (64% blocking)
Gloves: 40% chance guards
Rings: 2 Sojs or 30% Nagelrings (you will still have plenty of mana at high character levels)
Belt: Tal Rasha's (extra set bonus of 65% mfind) or Thundergod's vigor
Boots: War Travelers / Tancred's (30% walk/run with amulet)
Charms: No skill charms needed, small magic-find charms, fire & poison resist charms if needed

Other good charms include magic-find charms, fire skill charms, or duel life/mana charms. Using 4-5 fire charms to increase your meteor/fire mastery skill to level 33/33 or above (6860 average damage per hit, 1575 burning damage per meteor per second for a 20 second duration) seems to improve your chance of dropping a group of cows in 1 hit. Beyond level 35/36, there seems to be little benefit other then increasing the burning damage and burning damage length or the speed in dropping bosses.

Feel free to customize the equipment described above. Besides a high-blocking shield such as Stormshield, there is little else you absolutely need. This suggested layout is very powerful, gives you a good combination of magic-find and skill equipment and resists without crippling your character in any way.

Power-boost equipment for special occasions are Shaftstop and Guardian Angel, both being very viable alternatives if you do not desire to constantly wear high magic-find armor. Shaftstop increases your damage reduced percentage from 45% to 75%, effectively reducing your "damage taken" percentage from 55% to 25%, more then doubling your resistance to physical damage. Great for PVP play, and surviving in cow games until you are high enough level to use Stormshield. Guardian angel is another fantastic alternative that provides a great 20% increase in blocking which will save you a ton of points into dexterity if you decide to use it exclusively (237 dex for 75% blocking at level 99 without, 186 dex with Guardian Angel). In addition, it will boost your resistances from 75% to 90% when combined with other resist equipment and charms, effectively reducing elemental damage to only 40% of their normal strength. If combined with absorb equipment, Rising sun, raven frosts, thundergod's vigor for example, you will be totally immune from elemental attacks and even healed by them. With either 133 or 156 strength for Stormshield, the 118 strength requirements for Guardian Angel or the 92 strength requirements for Shaftstop are not a problem.


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One last quick note about damage/mana items. It is critical to have at least one piece of equipment that provides damage/mana, since damage taken from mana is 2X the amount of damage taken from life. Having damage/mana items will offset this penalty when you are taking damage quickly, such as being caught by lag, trapped by a group of cows, or caught in stun-lock by a swarm of guided arrows. But more importantly, this will keep your mana shield up and return to you enough energy to continue casting. Normally if you take a great deal of damage your mana drops to nothing and your mana shield is dropped. If you take a few more hits, despite having your mana recharge, having your mana shield go down will leave you considerably weaker, and probably kill you if you don’t have time to restore it. However, if you have damage to mana items, whatever damage is applied is first taken as a ratio from your mana and life, and then returned back to you afterwards. This keeps your energy shield up and giving you a substantial boost of “virtual life†for the next time you are pounded which is absolutely essential in this build. Generally I prefer to use Tal Rasha’s belt for it’s 37% dam/mana rating, which is quite effective, as well as provide a substantial +30 mana and +20 dexterity bonus or Aldur's boots, 40% walk/run, +50 life, 10% damage/mana.

Feel free to send any comments to [email protected]. I play occasionally in both the USWest realm and USEast under the sole account name Zharous.


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also found these:

Strength : 60 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 70 - 120
Energy : 100 - 150

Skills : A collection of 3 main skills, each one coming from a different tree. Uses the main skills in combinations, to overcome various bosses and/or immune monsters. Most commonly Nova, Hydra and Frozen Orb.

Strategies : Has a wide spread of skill points, and thus must choose skills and skill allocation carefully. Needs a moderate defence early on, as power doesn't come until late game. Can take on any monster in the game. Not especially useful for Magic Find, due to lots of +skill items needed.

BF Runner (otherwise known as a FW Sorc)

Strength : 50 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 40 - 80
Energy : 90 - 200

Skills : Main spell in Firewall, usually supported by either Nova or Frozen Orb. Uses teleport frequently.

Firewall : 20
Fire Mastery: 20
Nova or Frozen Orb : 20
Associated Mastery: 10
Teleport: 1 - 5
Warmth: 10

Strategies : Gains enormous amounts of experience, items and money by constantly doing BF runs. Uses the barbarians in the BF to "tank", stopping the monsters before the sorceress, and making them a spectacularly easy target for a FW. Most builds employ a Defiance Merc or Barbarian as a "tank" in other areas.

Old School Tweaker

Strength : 60 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 40 - 120
Energy : 120 - 150

Skills : Frozen Orb and Static Field. Once a winning combination in CD2, they are still a powerful duo.

Frozen Orb: 20
Cold Mastery: 1 - 5
Static Field: 10
T-Storm: 10
Lightning Mastery: 10
Warmth : 10 - 20

Strategies : Uses moderate amounts of fast cast (for static) and +skill items (for FO) to quickly wipe through large groups. Has a moderate dependance on items. Also goes through mana quickly.

Melee Sorceress

Strength : 125
Dexterity : 80 - 100
Vitality : 80 - 120
Energy : 40 - 60

Skills : Uses a high level Enchant for weapon damage, with Energy Shield, a Cold Armour and T-Storm for defence and support. Some also use Hydra.

Enchant: 20
Fire Mastery: 20
Energy Shield: 10
T-Storm : 15
Lightning Mastery: 1
Warmth : 1
Chosen Armour: 10 - 20

Strategies : Is melee, and uses the damage from enchant as a main source of damage. Needs to have fast-attack items and a light one-handed weapon. Rarely casts spells, and mana is almost unimportant, except for use in Energy Shield.

Sparkler (Charged Bolt sorceress)

Strength : 80 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 60 - 90
Energy : 140 - 160

Skills : Charged Bolt and Lightning Mastery with slvl as high as possible. Possible backup from Hydra.

Charged Bolt: 20
Lightning Mastery: 20
Warmth : 15 - 20
Hydra : 10 - 20
Fire Mastery: 1 - 10

Strategies : Has lots and lots of fast cast items. This is the essential twinker#1, as there is no pure "twinking" class nowadays, but this is among the closest to twinking. Also, skills must be as high as possible, for maximum damage and bolts to be cast.


Strength : 50 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 60 - 120
Energy : As high as possible

Skills : Nova, and Lightning Mastery. Normally has T-Storm, and Hydra and Meteor are also common skills in the build.

Nova : 20
Lightning Mastery: 20
Warmth : 20
Hydra or Meteor: 10 - 15
T-Storm: 10

Strategies : The essential twinker #2. Needs lots of mana and fast cast items to operate effieciently. +Skill items not as important. Operates by going close to large packs, then casting nova in very quick succession. Is a more risky build than most.

Magic Finder

Strength : 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 100 +
Energy : 100 - 120

Skills : Variety of skills used, but mainly Frozen Orb, due to versatility, and Mephisto's relatively low resistance to it. Other skills that are utilized include Firewall, Hydra and SF.

An example -

Frozen Orb: 20
Cold Mastery: 10 - 15
Static Field: 10
Hydra/Firewall: 10
Warmth: 10

Strategies : Has copious amounts of magic find items. Due to the build not relying on life/mana or +skill items, maximum MF can be achieved without too much disadvantage. This build is a favourite for NakedBabes.


Strength : 80 - 105
Dexterity : Base
Vitality : 50 - 80
Energy : 80 - 140

Skills : Use the "weather" spells, that is the ones that come from natural phenonemon. Meteor, Blizzard and T-Storm.

Meteor: 20
Fire Mastery: 1 - 10
Blizzard: 20
Cold Mastery: 1 - 5
T-Storm: 10
Lightning Mastery: 1 -10
Warmth : 10

Strategies : A build designed for Fun, though can be fairly powerful. Has no qualms about making the whole screen go to armageddon like status in no time. A lack of non-timered spells does hamper their ability somewhat.


Strength : 105
Dexterity: 100
Vitality : 130
Energy: 60 - 80

Skills : Defensive skills galore. Energy Shield, Cold Armours, T-Storm and Teleport figure a lot in this build. Has limited attack abilities, normally only one main attack spell, either Meteor or Firewall.

Energy Shield: 10 -15
Cold Armour: 10 - 15
Warmth : 10
T-Storm: 15
Meteor/Firewall: 10 - 20
Masteries: 5 - 10 in both
Teleport: 1 - 5

Strategies: Is a self-serving tank. Normally has enough defence just to sit there and cast Meteor's and Firewalls on the enemies right in front of them. Needs high defence armour, and lots of +life and resist items.

That about wraps it up. That's just a whirlwind tour through the builds, there are more, but that's the more popular ones.


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good stuff, just remember that the whole full tal vs. partial tal set was the same back in 1.09 as it is now. If you want better damage and more resists at the cost of only a few MF% - go full tal. its the best for dual or tri elemental builds, bar none.


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the only thing it didnt provide then was enough fast cast rate -- in this patch they added fcr bonuses to the set, so i would say use partial set of amulet, armour and belt, then use shako and oculus/wizardspike and maybe stormshield etc and then magefists etc to get your fcr to 63%


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No! No! No! No! You guys got it all wrong! if your going to play 1.09 you better start thinking as if your 1.09. forget everything about fcr, fhr, resists, charms, max block, everything and anything.

the staple builds were, the zealot using bvalor and other hacks, ith swords
burizon using hacked valks, ith bows
barbs and the grandfather swords, bvalors
sorceress, any thing with the most mf.

ill give u the staple duel build in 1.09 which i had, this is what i remember

shako, ptopaz
skulders, ptopaz (if you were a tiny bit smarter then the rest u'd use a QueHagens wisdom plate, vipermagi? pftt, who needs res, quehagens give mana, enough cast to get to 63% and FHR which we dont need anyways!)
occy, ist
war travs
goldwrap/tals belt
tals ammy
2x sojs/nagels

no fancy ctas, actually no good runewords at all besides rhyme, nor all this prebuffing things that people these days do, everything was simple and not well thought out

sorcs were only mainly used to do meph runs and cows back then, and when dueling they would NEVER switch their gear.

fcr? PFfffttt never! its all in the +mana, +skills and +mf
so unless you want to use those second rate magefists ull never get to 63% cast haha!


15 warmth, no insights back then, no ctas! our base mana is about 900 as it is, if u have 1000+ ur godly! I remember hitting 1300 mana, and gloating to my friends, had 275 energy! LOL, funny as hell, true as hell.
20 frozen orb
1 cold mastery, everyone had -100 resistance anyways, you can't lower there resistance anymore as it is.
20 energy shield
20 light mastery
20 tstorm

so thats what you have at around ~80, anymore points go into static or cold mastery to kill them cows.

dueling tactics, if u ever get to duel that is. just tele around opponent till the thunderstorm kills them. note (optional: cast some frozen orbs once ina while) ur 2k dmg tstorm kills their negative resistance in 1 hit without their bvalors. if they have bvalor, this might be hard because they will have 8k-10k life! :prop:


97 str for skulders
base dex
150 ish life
200+ energy!

all the rest of the points after around lvl ~80 gets split 3 into energy 2 into life

charms: pfttt nobody had charms back then, not even skillers. some might have found maybe 1 charm but thats it. fill your whole stash with 7% small mf charms!

aim for around 1100% mf with merc kill. overkill yes, useless yes, but thats how its done back then.

note: i'm not trying to be funny in any way, this is seriously how it was done back then. just try and think back and ull see how rediculous it is. people are much smarter now, maybe because all the 11 year olds are now like ~16 ish :thumbsup:

thats it for now, have fun!