1.09 Question - 3 Chipped Gems Recipe


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I'm running a barb through the game in patch 1.09 and naturally I'm interested in this recipe to try and roll a decent weapon. I was just wondering how to bets make use of the recipe. I'm not entirely clear on how the game rolls your item.

Currently, I'm currently level 53. I just hit Act 3 NM (I did a looot of Baal runs to level my Holy Freeze Merc!) and I've got a nice stock of chipped gems. What level should I be trying to roll a sword, though? I've never really dabbled in any sort of crafting in D2 before, honestly, be it actual crafting or rolling magical items via cube recipes like this, so I'm not entirely clear on how my level and the item's level factor into things. Furthermore, as I understand it, the recipe is different in 1.10+, so I've had some trouble tracking down clear information.

Does my character's level matter in 1.09, or just the item's level? I was curious to try making something just to see how it might work, so I bought a Tusk Sword and cubed it once, which didn't net anything, unsurprisingly. <snip by mod> the sword's item level was 58 before I cubed it, and it's 30 afterward. Is a Tusk Sword just too low of an item to begin with for it to roll anything decent? Also, can I roll the same sword multiple times, or is each sword only good for one roll because of how the recipe lowers the weapon's level?
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Yes. It enables game mechanics that are not viewed legitimate on this site. You should try GoMule or Atma instead as they are permitted muling programs and are able to show itemlevel as well. Not sure if GoMule supports older game versions, though. Sorry, I'm not familiar with 1.09 cubing recipes so I cannot assist with the actual question


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Regarding the 3 chipped recipe, the character level or the weapon's original item level don't matter, but the base weapon. The recipe sets the item level to 30, so it's irrelevant where you found it.

You probably want to roll up the cruel prefix which has an affix level of 51. According to the affix level calculation, a base qlvl of at least 75 is needed for that. I don't have a list of qlvls for 1.09, but I think you can have the cruel affix in a mythical sword, colossus blade, cryptic sword, colossus sword, conquest cword or champion sword... perhaps in a phaseblade as well.


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cruel colossus swords are able to reach the higher bp's for ias framerates while cruel colossus blades had a higher damage, IIRC. I know RobbyD and I had discussions about it at some time back in the day. check his 1.09 guide if its still in the sticky or look up the 1.09 thread.