1.09 Glory days.


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1.09 Glory days.

So,this is a thread to discuss xpac dueling glory days, i.e pre 1.10,where it all became total and utter ****.

Discuss your uber 1.09 builds. I couldn't care less about low lvl duelers, but post them anyway if you want.

Discuss the gear,the kills,the ears,and the person who took you down.

My best barb,and still undefeated was probably Apocalypse-DVS.

1.08 39/15max legit vampire gaze
Cruel collosus sword of quickness,base 293%ed with 39/ias and 39/15max jewel socketed.
Backup sword was ethereal fury balrog blade.
Armor was 158%ed 58 max Jewelers Hellforge of the whale 95 life. Jewels were all legit.
Amulet was a +2 %4 ll 20 str 9% r/w 3x life crafted amulet I believe
Ik gaunts i believe..so forgetful
38/15max stormshield
war travs
8%ll/15% string
11%20 str 35 life 20 mana crafted ring
10%ll 14 dex 15 str 20 life ring.

Inventory chock full of small fine of vita charms. Lowest ones were 3 max dmg 18 life. Had a bunch of legit 3/20s.

This was my high lvl pride and joy. Got around 15 ears with him, 5 of them being ith barbarians. One was a noobish bugged charm barb. I forgot my hp/stats,but they were up there with the best of them.

Ill post my mid lvl dueler later if anyone is interested.


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I wasnt very godly in 1.09, even though i played alot. Maybe my best chars were a gosu novasorc (with shako, ss, wiz (allres jewl), skulders, and 2 sojs etc) and my hybrid zon with wf and titans. the hybrid was fun to play with untill i got trapped by a pack of fanacows and exited wearing wf, not ss. I went to chat just to see that nice invisible char @ lvl 98 :) those were the days.

edit: oh sry didnt notice this was to discuss dueling builds :D well, in the late 1.09 i made a TS/orb sorc with wf merc for dueling. she was wearing eth shaftstop and storm shako wizzy. dont think i got any ears with her and suecided in early 1.10 in a random nonladder game.


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my 61 cruel hydra of amp bow-zon
58 Nova/TS sorc that stomped any tppk/ith zon she saw
45 dragon claw asn with cruel scissor quhab of amp
29 sleeper leaper that took your buddies exo and sal and many more ;)
25 tosser LeapYourFace who was not the best tosser but brought in the most ears out of all my chars
23 TS asn who started out as lvl 18, but pkk'd for so long that she gained 5 levels in arcane from pkking alone :)
21 ichorzon who brought in the 2nd most ears of my chars next to the 25 tosser.

Those were my favourite builds, of course there were hundreds more, but those are the ones that don't really work anymore so its nice to remember the good times :)


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It would have to be my level 34 Riphooker, SlickRHB (RHB=Rip Hook *****):

45 Max Mask
15 Max Twitch
Shael Riphook

She collected many ears, to include a level 58 Barb named KhaloxTheUnjust or something like that. Man was she fun. She won all battles except her last, which was a level 28 or so Telecro. Ouch...


I liked my level 15 and level 20 tiger strike assasins.

Pretty standard Max jeweled items and blade talons.

Neither of them died, and i must have gotten hundreds of good duels


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Back in the day I had a nice dueling werebear, as well as some other ones that don't really deserve any mention. The bear was my pride and joy.. I'd jump on my dueling account and run off in search of fun, happiness, and ears. This is his gear..

Griswold's Caddy (Shael x 3) / eth Fury Cryptic on switch
Jalal's Mane
Highlord's Wrath
War Traveler or Gores, can't remember which at this time. I think Gores.
Stormshield / Stormshield on switch
String of Ears
10% ll ring with some strength

Tons of assorted sharps + vita charms.

.. A basic mauler with really high life. He really wasn't the greatest vs. barbs, wwers ripped me a new one, but I ate any other melee chars for lunch. He was a lot of fun and really safe.. I didn't have too many close calls, nor did I have many ears, though.



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DFA-FrstbyteOO said:
Wow Jim, you still posting around here too!? :D
Wow Chris, you three?! ;)

Jim took my marketplace virginity way back when ;) ....or did i steal yours? i cant remember it was too long ago! ^^


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I miss pre dupe pre bot pre mh scanning. My 1st serious dueler used scrub gear compared to the latter duelers but somehow was never beaten by someone the same lvl only draws. He had around 60+ zon ears who thought riphook or kuko was the best thing ever. Too bad he died in such an assanine way.
I also miss my lvl 15 zealot/charger, with eth azurewrath. I don't miss eth rune being itd, and mastery = 100% chance to land and piercing ga.