1.08 - 7 of 7 - Patriarch Modis_Fist – Singing Berserker


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Patriarch Modis_Fist – Singing Berserker.

Level: 73

St – 100 (106)
Dx – 121 (121)
Vt – 228 (228)
En – 11 (11)

HP 1675 (after lvl10 BO 2417)
Mana 246 (after lvl10 BO 398)


Berserk: 4239


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Berserk: 20 (25)
War Cry: 20 (25)
Battle Cry: 20 (25)
Mace Mast: 10 (16)

Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, Iron Skin & Natural Resistances 1 (7)
Howl, Taunt, Shout, Battle Orders, Battle Command, Bash, Leap, Double Swing, Stun & Concentrate 1 (6)


Weapon 1:

Cruel Truncheon of Thunder (Shael, Shael)
Sigon’s Guard with pdiamond

Weapon 2:

Rare weapon with +2 Barb skills
Rare weapon with +2 Barb skills

Harlequin Crest with Um
Naj's Light Plate with Um
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
Caster Ammy with +1 Barb Skills
Rare ring with FCR, Mana + AR & Bugged MPK ring
Fanatic Skiller, AR, FHR and Mana charms

Merc – Level 79 (Act 5)

Guillaume's Face
Duriel's Shell with Um
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge with Shael

Random musings:

This build just kept getting better the longer I played. I started off using Double Swing with weapons socketed with Rubies and Sapphires. At clvl 18 I equipped two 5os War Sceptres each with 3 Prubies and 2 Psapphires and ploughed through everything with ease, saving the majority of my Skill Points along the way. At clvl 30 I started pumping up War Cry and Berserk, but the War Sceptres were still doing their job so well, especially backed up with Battle Cry, I just kept them going. Eventually I swapped them out for Hexfire and Sigon’s Guard until my cruel Truncheon became available at clvl43. I spent many hours shopping, gambling and rack-running trying to find a better weapon my trusty truncheon but to no avail, and in the end it did the job superbly. After I’d maxed Berserk and WC, I pumped up BC. The final few skillpoints I put into Mace Mastery, rather than BO; I had enough life and mana and AR always seems to help. I kept putting points into Dexterity to maintain 50% block and to drip feed the AR. I could have taken the vita route but most of the 1.08 characters were vita and I tend to prefer max block anyway.

The playing style was simple and effective; stun them with WC and whack them with Berserk. No finesse required. This worked all the way into Hell difficulty, were I found that I used BC more often, especially for Champions and Uniques. The stun on WC works on PIs, that was a pleasant surprise. Magic Immunes were hardly a problem either; I could WC them to death, just stun them and let the merc do the work or whack them with Concentrate. It wasn’t until Act 2 Hell that I started to use BO regularly, up until then it simple wasn’t necessary. It really looks like 1.08 really wants you to get a new merc each difficulty level. I’ve shown the screenie that shows the to get a NM Act 2 merc from level 55 to 56 requires him to double his XP from about 2mil to 4mil, but if you get a Hell Act 2 merc at level 58 you can get him to 63 by Act 5 Hell. Weird! Once I swapped my Act 2 merc for an Act 5 one, the game just speed along, not having to spoon-feed the merc fat purples or go back to town and resurrect him even few minutes was a dream come true. Berserk and BC took down the Ancients in less than a minute, and I used Leap to get to Baal quickly, so he was dead before the merc could join the fight. A great fun build with heaps of killing power to boot!!!

So, that’s it!!! All seven characters from each of the seven numbered LoD patches; is that a septevirate of septevirates?? It’s something that I never actually planned on doing when I started playing D2 13 or so years ago but somehow did anyway.



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Grats, that's a whole lot of pats there!

I've always wanted to try a berserker / singer build, as it seemed like a good safe build. Glad to see it worked well for you.

So what's next on the agenda?


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So what's next on the agenda?
Not really sure. I've got a few of 1.09 characters that I left unfinished (a daggermancer and a blender among them), I was going to do a 1.13 sept around my 1.07 eBOtDz (2 down and 2 started) and I'm still at Grail -7, but I've got a few MOOCs on the go and MrsNix has her surgery later this month so everything is still tight time wise.


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Great write-up, and congrats on your Sep-tuple Septumvirate!

Given my focus on big hurty sticks, I look forward to seeing 1.07 EBotD Pats. :D


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Fair enough. It didn't bother me too much as I normally had mules with me for /players 8


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Congrats for the Pat and even more for completing the last of the LoD septs ;)

Now after so many pats/mats in different patches;

What was your favorite patch?
Favorite class?
Favorite build?
Any all time favorite mat or pat?



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Now after so many pats/mats in different patches;

What was your favorite patch?
Favorite class?
Favorite build?
Any all time favorite mat or pat?

Favourite patch?

I have a soft spot for 1.09 (but that might just be for nostalgic reasons), you were able to but together just about any build and be able to complete the game with it. A FoH Thornadin anyone? I am in two minds about 1.13. The addition of the respecs and the removal of the IM curse really dumbed down the game, but did the changes improve it? Not sure about that at all. So, if no 1.09, perhaps 1.12. The synergy bug in 1.10 was fun though!

Favourite class?

There was a time when I would have said Assassin without a doubt, but the 1.07 Assassin was so bugged that it was a chore and the 1.08 MA Assassin was so painful that it was screamingly frustrating. Over all of the patches it would probably be the Necromancer, but it had some problems too. I'd rank the classes on three levels: Assassin, Druid & Necromancer at the top; Amazon and Sorceress in the middle; and Barbarian and Paladin following up the rear.

Favourite build?

Without question it would have to the Kicker/Trapper hybrid. It is often my go-to build as a starter character.

Favourite Mat/Pat?

It would have to be a Barbarian called The_Bard. I didn't do a write up on this forum, but on another forum I introduced him as:

"Here he comes, with a song in his heart and a smile on his lips, having taken on the armies of Hell armed only with his single stringed lute and his mighty voice. A voice so beautiful angels come down from the heavens to do his bidding. A voice so commanding the dead rise to fight by his side. A voice so powerful the very bones of the Earth come to protect him."

He was a "Harmony" bow wielding Singer wearing Morrowwalk. I had a Valkyrie and Revives by my side and used Bone Prison on a regular basis. Just the most fun build I've ever made, and not that shabby in the power stakes either!!!!!


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Thanks for a thorough answer!

The_Bard sounds really really awesome and unique!