1.08 - 6 of 7 - Matriarch Kung_Fette – MA Assassin


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Matriarch Kung_Fette, MA Assassin.

Level: 73

St – 79 (80)
Dx – 79 (89)
Vt – 277 (277)
En – 25 (25)

HP 1694
Mana 153


Phoenix Strike: 7192
Tiger Strike: 5363
Dragon Claw: 5485


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Phoenix Strike: 20 (25 or 29)
Tiger Strike: 20 (25 or 29)
Dragon Claw: 20 (25 or 29)
L. Sentry: 5 (9 or 13)

Psychic Hammer, Claw Mastery, BoS, CoS, S. Warrior, WB, Mind Blast 1 (4 or 8)
Fire Blast, D. Sentry, CB Sentry, Shock Web 1 (4 or 8)


Weapon 1:

Cruel Greater Talons with Shael & Ruby Jewel (34%)
Cruel Greater Talons with Shael & Ruby Jewel (34%)

Weapon 2:

Witch-hunter's Blade Talons
Witch-hunter's Blade Talons

Harlequin Crest with Um
Naj's Light Plate with Um
Greater Crafter Blood gloves with +2MA and 12%CB
Goblin Toe
Angelic Wings
Angelic Halo & Bugged MPK ring

Merc – Level 78 (Act 5)

Guillaume's Face
Duriel's Shell with Um
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge with Shael

Random musings:

I have not done a Martial Arts Assassin since 2008 and now I remember why. Back when I was doing my single-tree builds I described my Assassin Shadow tree build thusly; “I think I would have had more fun if I plucked of the hairs from my scrotum using a pair of tweezers”. I have finally found a build to surpass this Assassin in its craptitude. In fact, this is one of the few build I’ve ever completed that hasn’t done a full clear!! The big problem was hitting things. The LCS shows my Attack Rating to be fairly reasonable, but it took up to a dozen swings to get three charges up and having the charges time-out was not uncommon!!! I used the two piece Angelic set to give me the AR I had or else I simply wouldn’t have hit anything, I Shaeled my weapons so I could get the highest speed breakpoint and I even pumped up my Hit Recovery so I could recover better, but it was still slow. I had an Act 2 BA merc from the start and when BA was active she was fantastic, but at the end of Normal my merc started to flash between BA and Might and it was like having a switch flipped; BA hitting with ease, Might SFA. In the end I used MB, the merc, LS and DS to do most of my killing for me but I’d go in for a bit of a whack with TS/DC and sometimes it even seemed to work too. If not for the MB bug, I’d probably have put my fist through the screen. I could have pumped up Dexterity for the extra AR, but 1600+ HP was the route I took. I used the cruel claws for most of the adventuring and used my Witch-Hunter claws for casting MB, traps and the shadow; they did come in handy against PIs though. The damage to mana on both Nightsmoke and Naj’s armour meant that mana was not a problem in Act 5 Hell, and to some extent beforehand with just Nightsmoke and the MPK ring. In boss fights I just tended to the have the LS slowly whittling away the hit points as I frustratingly just kept chopping away, lots of HP and fat purples finally did the job. Luckily none of the Ancients were PI and only one was LI so there was no real problem there as well, it was just slow.

So, what can I say that’s good about this character? Nothing, I hated it from about late Normal onward. Only one more to go now and I still really don’t know which direction to take, but using War Cry to stun and Berserk to whack seems to be on the cards.