[1.07 SC FAM FTS] +35 max dmg Grand Charm


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[1.07 SC FAM FTS]

I was planning on keeping this, but hoping to track down a Ber for trade with @NamelessPenguin instead of cubing up all my runes. I can forward to any version, but I am in 1.13d. Asking for 2x Ber (~800 pgs, or equivalent).
Prefix 848 Grand Charm of Maiming
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 37
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0xa35caaa
+35 to Maximum Damage
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Sorry if spam. Are most people cool with upgrading these types of charms to the current patch? Like does anyone have a problem with it?


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Forum policy permits their usage. Some people do have problems with it, but they're free to dislike what they want.


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This charm is worth nearly x2 Bers? :O
Short answer: I hope so.. :p

Long answer: It is extremely rare. I've found several hundred +15-20 max charms in 1.07, and they are not all that common. There have been only a handful that have had both a dmg prefix and dmg suffix. +20 is maximum for prefix/suffix, this is a +17 and +18. I think the highest I'd seen before this one was a +28 max. @nulio had told me last 30+ he sold was for 1000+ pgs. Now, whether it's worth that much to anyone still visiting the SPTF remains to be seen.. I hope so.. :rolleyes: