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I believe @GalaXyHaXz did the math on this ~8 months back or something.

The boosted rates are due to the increased chance of unique roll that comes with racking in 1.08, as well.

ie 1/800 instead of 1/1000, iirc.

edit: I meant to submit this last night, apparently forgot to hit post.


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Haha, too much beer seems to have made me focus on max dmg only. Last craft of the night.
Don't drink'n craft folks, you're gonna end up selling the wrong godly craft to Charsi.
1/800 instead of 1/1000
Can confirm. It's really 1/799 and 1/999, not sure why they bothered subtracting 1. It's not the qlvl that is subtracted, it really just subtracts 1. (Oh so significant, these coders sure had crazy ideas eh.)

As for SoJ specifically, in 1.08 they drastically reduced the rarity of Nagelring (from 80 to 15) & Manald Heal (from 40 to 15). SoJ has a rarity of 1 in both patches, so in 1.08 it's 1 in 24,769 while in 1.07 it's 1 in 120,879. Almost 4.9* times more likely to happen. (This is assuming the ilvl of the craft is low enough to only include Nagelring, Manald Heal and SoJ as contenders.)

As I recall, Zod is on a completely different level, with numbers straight up causing PTSD. I don't have my drop notes anymore though -- was ATMA correct on rune drops?

Edit: *Silly censoring on the four point eighty-eight. :p
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hey now, subtracting 1 is even more significant in 1.08!

hmm do you mean that the total rarity value ("number" of options to choose from, 40 of which are manald heal I suppose) is lower for all rings and therefore SoJ is way more common than just the 25% value due to unique flag rarity?

Not sure how to best word all of that lol
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do you mean that the total rarity value is lower for all rings
If I understand you correctly; yes. :p

The way it works is simple, a bit like TreasureClass picks. A random roll is done of the sum of all rarity values of the contenders. In this case, in 1.07, 80 (Nagelring) + 40 (Manald Heal) + 1 (SoJ) = 121.

Then after the random roll of 121 has been done, one by one the rarity values of each unique entry are added together, while being evaluated after each addition. As soon as the random roll is lower than the added rarity values, the last added unique will be picked.

So let's say a random roll is done of 121, and it returns 64, then the function will start by evaluating that result against the rarity of the first entry, which is 80 from Nagelring. The random roll is already lower, so the the function immediately stops here and picks Nagelring. Or let's say the random roll ends up at 90, which is not lower than 80, then it will add the rarity of Manald Heal (40) to that of Nagelring and evaluate if the random roll is lower than 80+40=120, which it isn't, so it stops here and picks Manald Heal.

This means that only if the random roll ends up at the maximum value of 120, will SoJ be picked. (Random rolls include the number 0, while excluding the last number, so the range is 0-120 in stead of 1-121.)

So after the rarity of Nagelring and Manald Heal were both reduced to 15 in 1.08, the chance for SoJ went up from 1/121 to 1/31, on top of the chance for unique going up from 1/999 to 1/799.

Though, if the ilvl of the craft gets high enough (53+), it will also include Dwarf Star and Raven Frost, lowering the chance for SoJ. (Both of these rings have a rarity of 10.) So if you want SoJ specifically, you wanna be clvl 60-80 to exclude these 2 rings.

(If you already knew this stuff, well I don't mean to "school" anybody, I'm just trying to think about readers who aren't familiar yet with how things work behind the curtains. :D)
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I didn't know how it works but understood that it was a weighted probability, so yes I think you understood what I meant.

Interesting that they add to the random value until a match is found. I guess that's a smart way to program it such that you could add more items easily rather than hardcode ranges


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Pretty high rolls, yes. Jaw dropped a bit when I checked them.

EDIT: As you may have guessed, the mancave is up and running, and renovating is 90% finished. Running LK with a map that goes

Large campfire hut / Armor rack (100% troll belt) - Small campfire hut / Weapon rack (100% war pike)
Armor rack (20% wyrmhide boots, 20% spired helm, 20% balrog skin, 40% useless stuff) / Large campfire hut - Small campfire hut - Weapon Rack (20% Colossus Sword, 20% Colossus Blade, 10% Beserker Axe, 50% useless stuff) - Waypoint.

Stone Impaler
War Pike
Two-Hand Damage: 227 to 496
Durability: 15 of 25
Required Dexterity: 105
Required Strength: 165
Required Level: 70
Spear Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0x7d8886fd
+14 to Life
+15 to Mana
+322% Enhanced Damage
+49 to Maximum Damage
Adds 1-2 cold damage
4% Life stolen per hit

Veil of Steel
Spired Helm
Defense: 430
Required Strength: 192
Required Level: 73
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0xde2241c
+15 to Strength
+150% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense
All Resistances +35
+4 to Light Radius
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Apparently D2 wants to let you know it missed you while you were working ;)

That ring is sick...

Veil of Steel is kinda lame, but grailer is always nice!
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Prepping for the Travincal RFL round:
Any ideas to what to put into the 3rd socket? Berserk seems fast as is, but another Shae could be useful for some other build as well.


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wait but Lo gives DS iirc. Is that even useful if you hve maxed masteries? I can't remember if it's bugged or not