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Oh nice. Haven't checked the code myself to see if that's accurate, but it seems legible. If you need I can write a small program to calculate everything once the numbers are figured out.

Regarding ATMA--It pulls the potential item drops from ALL 4 TC tiers for a monster. It goes like this:
Tier 1 - Normal (Mephisto (H), Diablo(H))
Tier 2 - Champion [typo --> (Mephisto, Diablo)]
Tier 3 - Unique/Boss [typo --> (Mephisto, Diablo)]
Tier 4 - Reserved

Due to a typo, bosses only have the correct drop set in the "Normal" column. This means a boss would have to spawn as a regular monster instead of a unique/boss type to have correct drops. This bug affects all act bosses and several super uniques (council). ATMA will lie and tell you they can drop from the tier 1/2 TC which ISNT true. Do you see Champion/Ghostly Diablo's running around?

Sadly they didn't fix this bug until 1.09. So basically in both 1.07 and 1.08 you get stuck doing a ton of crappy boring rack runs to find a few items. The TC doesn't go high enough in 1.07 to be worth farming anywhere (even council); and in 1.08 the broken MF with super-rare TC makes it just as bad.


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Ah, thx for the explanations. Im doing Council right now with 375 MF because i just finished Hell Diff with literally total crap and have a use for almost anything.

But i will turn to racks pretty soon I guess.

In terms of crafting and therefore gambling bases: Is

ilvl = clvl - 5 + rnd(10)

true in 1.07 ?


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Each rack run applies 1 point of sanity damage. There's no way to increase your resistance to this type of damage. If sanity reaches 0, it will have fatal consequences. Beware.

For what it's worth, I've seen -5 and +4, but never +5. So it might be rnd(9) in 1.07.
But, as far as anyone knows, the ilvl of the base item isn't relevant in crafting; only mlvl, qlvl and clvl are.
Most here would probably recommend racking to get bases, though. It might take some time to get the right rack, but the bases will stack up very quickly once you find it.

As for mlvl, a small addition to the earlier posted formulas, this goes at the top:
 if mlvl > 0
    if qlvl < ilvl, then alvl = ilvl+mlvl
    else alvl = qlvl+mlvl
Not important, because who crafts orbs, but relevant nonetheless. :p

And I took a look at the bugged_ilvl crafts posted in this thread, there weren't many to go off of, but:
It does look like when the ilvl bugs out to be unusually high, alvl is affected.
For example a clvl87 character was used to craft Heavy Gloves, which bugged out to be ilvl99, and the gloves had spawned +3 to a tab. If it hadn't bugged out, ilvl would've been only 57, and in turn alvl would've been 54, which is 6 levels short of being able to spawn +3 to a tab. This is too little to be confirmation, but it's definitely suspicious. :)

All of the crafts with these bugged ilvls that I've seen were blood (ring and gloves) crafts. They are popular recipes of course, so it might not be related.

If anyone has made any new ilvl>65 crafts, don't forget to post'em! :p


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Sorry for the double post,

just thought I'd share this since I saw @Grape mention in his 99 thread that he was using Laying of Hands on his Furyzon:
+% Damage to Demons (and +% Damage to Undead) does not apply to thrown javelins, nor to arrows. Only physical melee damage benefits from these stats.

I'll add, though, that these stats are significantly more powerful than in later patches, because they are a separate multiplier.
To give an example, I'll assume a sword attack that rolls for 200 damage, swung by a character with 200 strength and a slvl 7 Might aura (+100%), wearing LoH:
  • 1.14: 200 * (100 + 200 + 100 + 350 / 100) = 1500 damage
  • 1.07: 200 * (100 + 200 + 100 / 100) * 350 / 100 = 2800 damage
The stat works with Berserk, and also with Deadly Strike. Note that when you're using Whirlwind, +%DtD and +%DtU from off-hand will not apply.
The Bul-Kathos' set adds +200% DtD, so (if it works) that might actually be the highest damage for Whirlwind?

Another small thing I might as well share:
In multiple threads I found a bunch of posts saying something about reaching a 4-frame hit recovery animation as a way of dealing with Baal's beam, but.. this really wouldn't do you any good.

Although it's true that the missile has a 4-frame delay, the skill is actually a regular one-shot. The only time you would really benefit from that delay is when both Baal and Baal Clone cast a beam within 4 frames of each-other, because in such a case, only one of them would apply damage.

It definitely looks like the plan all along was to make it a per-frame inferno-like skill, but I guess they just couldn't finish it in time.
Baal's beam on Hell does 512-544 (pure magic) damage, but because your magic resistance is -100 there, it will do 1024-1088. (You can not increase your magic resistance in 1.07, as far as I know.)
MDR does reduce the damage, but how much does the average character stack? 30? 50? 70?
Important to know is that this attack can crit like any other, which should be the reason for the reports of insanely damage (the most it can do is 2176).

(And if the beam actually functioned as a per-frame inferno, the moment you'd get out of a 4-frame hit recovery animation, you would most likely get put into a new one immediately after.)

As for the mana burn part of this attack: Whenever it hits, 50% of your current mana will be taken. MDR does not reduce this.
So if you'd have [3000/3000] mana, the attack will take 1500 of it. Or if you'd have [1000/2000] mana, the attack will take 500.
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I know for sure that the magic attack death thing by Baal can be survived by a sorc using energy shield. The full rejuv is only taken after the hit, as I'm usually drinking when playing.

Are you sure that magic and/or physical resistance is lowered in NM/H diffs? Because I don't think I should be able to survive in that case....


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Good point, I didn't think of ES. That lowers the damage indeed.

Just a quick example to cover the mentioned things:
Let's say the attack rolls for the lowest 512 damage, against a player using an slvl 5 ES (-40%), who has 50MDR and a full mana pool of 1000.

First, -100% magic resistance will boost applied damage to 1024.
MDR works after resistances, but before ES, so 1024-50=974.
Unfortunately, the mana burn part of the attack is applied first, so this will reduce mana from [1000/1000] to [500/1000].
Next, ES could absorb "only" 250 of the remaining damage before mana would be depleted, so the char would take (974-250=)724 damage.

(Small note: Energy Shield absorbs damage based on [slvl at the time of taking damage]. It won't even help to have ES on switch. It's actually possible to have an slvl 0 ES up that doesn't do anything, except for showing graphics.)

Physical resistance is not lowered on NM and Hell, but magic resistance definitely is. Not a lot of attacks deal magic damage, though. So far, I only know of Baal's beam, Diablo's "cold hand" (1/3 cold, 2/3 magic), and Bone Spirit from Oblivion Knights.
(According to the patch notes, the difficulty penalty to magic resistance was removed in 1.09.)


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Each rack run applies 1 point of sanity damage. There's no way to increase your resistance to this type of damage. If sanity reaches 0, it will have fatal consequences. Beware.
For a few days now, im trying to find some stable racks. I do have to say this is by far the most demotivating activity ive done so far in D2. It seems so illogical and confusing to try to find some kind of pattern on how to influence the rack drops. All i can say is, that the presence of nearby mobs seems to be influencing the stability of the rack drops greatly.

I use sorceress slaves for the racking which confused me even more in the beginning (1 Teleport makes/makes not a difference, popping with/w-o TK does/doesnt make a difference (wth?)).

It seems that a rack w/o nearby mobspawn is not being influenced by the count of Teleports nor using TK (or not). In most cases however it DOES make a difference to cast a Townportal nearby.

My pattern of alternation is right now: Directly tele to rack - pop (with or w/o casting TP). Directly run to the rack (with or w/o TP). Try to run a slightly different route. If that doesnt do it, i reroll the map. I found that doing some crazy swirled routes on the map was not effective and took too much time.

Yesterday i finally did find Grim Helm and Balrog Skin racks - both w/o nearby mobs. Maybe you could share some of your Rack-Find-Startegies :)

In this sense: GET RACK'D :D

E: Just found stable Bramble Mitts Rack, wheeee <3
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Yeah finding good racks is going through a lot of trial and error.

Though when I had more racks I wanted to find, it was far faster to find something to run.

Remember to try racks with Hydra casted (or any other minion) next to them also, they will drop a different item then. (Item will also change depending how many times you cast a Hydra/minion next to it). A map with lots of racks close by can be manipulated to drop a fair amount of different items, given that they are stable. Good luck! It's a cruel game in the racking world, but the relief is quite nice when the wanted item finally drops...


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I gotta try that out, thx.

Another question: Would the Set Boni work as intendend if I forward a Tals Armor to 1.13 ? (If i wear the full set)
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Hi everybody!

This is my first post on this forum but i've been reading posts here for years.

Anyway just had a quick question.

Recently started playing 1.07 to get my hands on some of those juicy items. Finally made it to LK hell and found a very stable balrog skin rack! Only 2 teles away from way point, I can do a run in under 10 sec so I thought it was a good occasion to go for an Arkaine's.

I was just wondering if someone could confirm that Arkaine's can drop from LK hell rack. According to what i've read it can.
I've done about 1.5k runs so far, have dropped 12 Sazabi's armor but still no Arkaine's. Guess I'm just getting paranoid, keep saying to myself "what if I do 10k runs only to realise Arkaine's can't drop at all here".


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I had around 30 green ones before I got a gold one. It's just randomness doing its thing.

Pre-1.10 expansion sets do not get their item specific bonuses (no 10FCR on tal armor) but they do count towards completing the set, so the bonus for the full set will work as usual.


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Alright. Im gonna use it anyway, until i find a 1.13 one.

Your hint with Hydra was freaking awesome btw. It gives so much more variety w/o taking too much extra time.

While rushing new Rack-Slaves i experienced a strange bug: Static Field seems to "instagib" Actbosses if one teleports to the boss and then instantly starts to cast static oO Did anyone experience the same ?


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Nice! Seeing that gold text is always really satisfying. Especially when you know your about to get 2x the life.

I still need to do a crafting grailer sometime. Haven't cubed any res rings or nice crafts yet...


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Good job!

Gives me some faith for my balrog skin rack. I've spent about 18-20 hours (more or less 10sec per run) on this rack over the past 2 weekends, 22 greens but still no arkaine's. No worries though moral is still up!


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Good job!

Gives me some faith for my balrog skin rack. I've spent about 18-20 hours (more or less 10sec per run) on this rack over the past 2 weekends, 22 greens but still no arkaine's. No worries though moral is still up!
Thank you

Hope you gonna find it soon ;)
Don´t forget to post here once it is found!


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Another question: Would the Set Boni work as intendend if I forward a Tals Armor to 1.13 ? (If i wear the full set)
I use full Tal’s is 1.10a with a 1.07 armour. You get the full and partial set bonuses, but not the item bonus, ie you lose 10FCR.
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Playing 1.07 with IQuitWoWForThis for some time now and thanks to the hints in this forum, I was finally able to get this:
Took about 3-4 h to get a stable rack and about 1150-1200 runs (~ 16 sec per run)
Beautiful! The stats are just so satisfying. :D

could anyone tell me where I can find the qlvls of Sets/Uniques, so I know which Items can be dropped by Council/Actbosses ?

Tyvm in advance !
Maybe it's no good for you, but I made a list of uniques somewhere last month. It's a bit messy, but it works (at least for me) as a quick reference :j

The file is attached to the post in case you care to check it out.
(The forum converts tabs into spaces, so the list is not very readable when posted here.)

Some info about it:
It's a basic list of:
item_code, [qlvl of item], item_name, [Qlvl of unique], unique_name

It's categorized as:
  • Must be racked [everything above qlvl66]
  • Can drop from monsters on hell [up to qlvl66]
  • Can drop from monsters on nightmare [up to qlvl54]
  • Can drop from monsters on normal [up to qlvl39]

Quick list of [mlvl] and [maximum qlvl] on Hell:
[78] Andariel [15]
[**] Duriel [24]
[90] Mephisto [33]
[90] Diablo [36]
[95] Baal [39]
[93] Council (Unique) [33]
[90] Council (Minion) [63]

It's impossible to obtain: Windforce, Eaglehorn and Stormspire.

A couple of names in the list might contain typos or even be (partly) incorrect, because they were taken from the files (which have a few mistakes).