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1.07 - 3 of 7 - Patriarch Necromunger, P&B

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by TheNix, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. TheNix

    TheNix Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    Patriarch Necromunger, the P&B Necro.
    Level: 75

    St – ** (89)
    Dx – 45 (49)
    Vt – 102 (102)
    En – 25 (53)

    Unused – 205

    HP 558
    Mana 427

    B.Spear: 208 – 218
    P. Nova: 481 – 515


    Fire: 75
    Cold: 75
    Ltning: 75
    Poison: 75



    B. Spear: 20/25
    P. Nova: 20/25
    CE: 1/6
    B. Armour: 1/6
    Teeth: 1/6
    P. Dagger: 1/6
    PE: 1/6

    Summoning: (on Switch)

    F. Golem: 1/11
    I. Golem: 1/8
    B. Golem: 1/8
    C. Golem: 1/8
    G. Mast: 1/10
    Resists: 1/10


    One in each

    Unused: 25


    Weapon 1:

    Ume's Lament
    Rare Demon Head with +1 Sills and Resist All

    Weapon 2:

    Golumlord’s Tomb wand +2 G. Mastery
    Rare Fetish Trophy with +2 Summoning, +3 F. Golem

    Rare Circlet with +1 Skills & Resists
    Skin of the Vipermagi
    Trang-Oul's Claws
    Rare Heavy Boots with FHR, FRW, Heal Stamina, Resists
    Magic ammy with +1 Skills & life
    Rare ring (mana & Resist) & bugged MPK ring

    Merc (Act 2 – BA/Might)

    Guillaume's Face
    Duriel's Shell
    eth Pierre Tombale Couant with fervour / 20% ED jewel

    Random musings:

    Okay, why the 205 unused stat points and 25 unused skill points? At some point I thought to myself “I wonder how far I can get without using any more points” and being a stubborn bastard I just when for it! I decided that I could get to Hell Ancients, but to kill them I’d need to do some spending. Late in Normal, before I took on this stupid task, I realised that the merc was useless alone, so I gave him a F. Golem to play with. Splitting the targets worked well and he survived quite well. I got though Nightmare just using a combination of LR/PN/Spear then Amp/CE and it was a killer. Bosses were a little more of a challenge, but if I could keep the merc going, the combination of curses and poison/magic damage wore them down effectively enough. I got into Hell and the same combinations were still rocking it big time. The merc was very brittle against anything that did elemental damage, but that was to be expected. It was during Hell that some of the other Curses came into use. DV is always great against missile attackers but Attract can be overridden by other Curses in 1.07, so it was rarely used. LR works in Magic Resistance in 1.07, so the Spear was always more effective than it would normally be, but Amp doesn’t seem to break PIs. A rethink is now going to have to take place for my Hunter. All in all it was very doable even up to the early part of Act 5 Hell. Then things got tricky. The mercs true stupidity would show itself in all the wilderness areas of Act 5. The number of times it would stand in the middle of a bunch of Imps, start to run toward one, change his mind and change direction and run toward another would have been comical if it wasn’t so frustrating. Gritting my teeth, I made it to the Ancients. I decided to give it a go and on the first attempt I got them down to one, but the leaper got me. It took two more attempts but I got them, so it was on. Kill Baal or go insane in the attempt. The usual routine cleared everything with relative ease and then it was Baal! I took about ten deaths to take Baal down, but it was a bug or something that was causing me the problem. I have noticed that holding down the “stand” button when using a left mouse button doesn’t mean the character doesn’t move. Usually this wasn’t a problem but it seemed that every time I tried to stand still and fire Spears at Baal, the stupid bastard would charge straight into a curly death. Yes, I nearly went insane (insainer?). So there it is, a patriarch necromancer in 1.07 while deliberately gimping myself; a testimate to me stubbornness and stupidity!!!!!
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  2. BlizzBallerSorc

    BlizzBallerSorc Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 27, 2014
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    Nice job! With the lack of leveling in 1.07, being stubborn with points is all the more crazy. I think I would have given in after one death @ Baal! Even though I play SC, for some reason deaths make me angrier than anything else in the game.

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