1.06 questions.


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Howdy! I have started playing 1.06, as I enjoyed playing 1.09 classic but have heard 1.06 is the best classic patch. I have a few questions though, and oddly I have had trouble finding much info on a 16 year old patch. First, I was wondering what a good build for a barb is. I started low level spear and mace class barbs. I figure maxing mastery (sad to see no crit strike though!) and ww, then maybe splitting between find item and BO. Is find item effective in 1.06? I figure if nothing else the extra gold it can produce would be good, but is it any good for items? Any other good skills to level? Which do you prefer of lance and mace? Also, what are the best spots to mf? Would it be worth having a portal opener (using the modified dll to mule and such) to do cow king runs? Is enchant any good? I have thought about making an enchant sorcy to cheese with, as I remember that was pretty useful in 1.09. Any other tips are much appreciated!


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Most Classic players here are in 1.00. I suggest starting with the info there, much will still be relevant. WW is fixed in 1.06 though.

Static / Orb sorc will also work in 1.06.


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Well... Almost true.

WW got nerfed, I believe with 1.04, the same patch which enabled Lances to drop, so no biggie. Before that, it was 25 attempted hits per second; once every frame, which is madness great enough to ignore AR and, to a certain extent, damage as well.

You can't gamble all uniques; "Rods" (wands, scepters, staves) never appear in the gamble window

+skills is pretty irrelevant for barbs; better use for rings/amulets is big leech, and (straight) +mana. Boost that mana with Frostburns, and you'll be able to max WW (big mana cost on that one).

Unless you have big life leech from weapon/ring/amulet, go for Undead Crown or Wormskull for helm.